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Devils 2014-15 Marketing Campaigns & Ideas Open MEGA Thread!

Marketeeng? Deffils? Vat isss thees? via static.foxsports.com We all know this is the best spot on the interwebz for anything and everything relating to our favorite team. And while John and the...


Lou Get His Man... For Advanced Stats That Is!

So looks like they've filled that advanced stats and analytics position they were hiring for with a former Edmonton Oilers blogger/professional poker player by the name of Sunny Mehta. His old...


Serious Question: So, Why Aren't You Working In Hockey?

With the amount of second guessing of the coach, GM and scouting staff's decisions that I read here (comments and FanPosts) on a regular basis, it leads me to believe that some of you clearly must...


NHL's Because It's The Cup Devils Video

I also assume because it's The Devils that's why all the footage is washed out too! Conspiracy!!!! Anyway look how exciting they look! Actually i'm sure all of the teams "Because It's the Cup"...


One and Done Vs. Cup Bound

Just trying to get the room's temperature. Just follow your gut, don't try and over-rationalize it. Since we have almost a week before the start of the playoffs, lets all get ourselve sinto...


Who of You Actually Remember the '95, '00 & '03 Seasons

And by remember, i mean you actually watched and followed the team then. I ask this because I'm curious of those of you who do remember those years if you at any point in the regular season...


Nelson Peltz (Wendy's Owner) & The NY Post Conspiracy!

I love when Gulitti undoes his collar a bit in the comments section of Fire & Ice. Always priceless stuff that's way more intersting than his and most other devil's articles. Today's is a real gem....

Jon Merrill Refuses to Show Up For Practice


Alright let's get this out of the way first... this is a Hockeybuzz link. Yeah, yeah, I know. But this isn't an Eklund report. Brian Huddle seems to strictly cover NHL prospects. But I guess you can all decide for yourself how much stock you want to put into the article. JUST SAY WHAT HE DID ALREADY!!!!!!!

Yes!!! We Got 2 of the Top 10 Untradable Contracts


Maybe it's me but I think Proteau's list is a bit flawed when some of these "untradables" (like Elias & Kovalchuk) have never had either the fans or the media clamoring for them to actually be traded.

Petr Sykora Officially a Devil Again!


Now let all the official "Ughh, why did Lou do this move? AT THAT PRICE!??" begin...

#11 In the East Baby!!! Oh Yeah!


Oh yeah! Back to form... oh drat, that's #11 not #1. Well The Hockey News is the first of the big media outlets to start their regular season predictions and the future hey see ain't that bright. "Which Devils team will start the 2011-12 season? Will it be the one that broke out of the gate at a snail's pace last season and ultimately forced the team short of a playoff spot for the first time since 1996? Or will it be the one that caught fire down the stretch and played as the NHL's best second-half team? The Devils defense isn't what it was in their championship days and Martin Brodeur is only a year older. The offense has to find a way to click and new coach Peter DeBoer, who didn't win anything in Florida, has a difficult task ahead. In the end, the Devils are somewhere in between a basement-dweller and a playoff team." I sometimes wonder if we as Devils fans just really overvalue the team and some of the guys on the roster OR if majority of Hockey Journalists don't really pay much attention or know what's going on in the organization beyond the marquee players.

Devils Place White & Hunter On Waivers


What the eff is going on!?? Seriously White? I guess some of our less astute fans will be cheering.


Wow! Tom Gulitti Really Digs Into Lou's Treatment of Parise

I often wish Tom Gulitti would write his articles with the sort of candor he uses to respond to his commenters over at Fire and Ice. Today he was in rare form going into the prolonged negotiations...

Lou Trying to Woo Lemaire Back? Therrien Plan B?


Mark Everson is reporting today that the hold up on the Devils coaching vacancy is Lou is still trying to woo Lemaire back to the job and that Therrien is plan B if he is unsuccessful. Lemaire denied last week yet again he would come back and Therrien is the only person that's been confirmed to have interviewed for the position albeit a very long time ago. Lou's gotten Lemaire to unretire twice now, so who knows? Maybe this is really the hold up, Neverson or not.


JovoCop, Ian White & Babchuk... Will One Be a Devil?

Just speculating here but I get the sense these three may be NJs targets come Friday IF (and that's the key word here) Greene is let go and Lou is planning on stashing Salvador in Albany if he...


The Devils and Their Crazy Post-Combine Testing

After the combine, I did extra testing with the New Jersey Devils. It was one of the craziest fitness tests I've ever done. They had me and few other guys running on treadmills for as long as...


Are We Giving Up Too Soon On Anssi Salmela?

Anssi, poor Anssi. You have become synonymous 'round these parts for "bad defenseman." And while you've had your blatant lapses, I for one Anssi didn't think you were that horrible. I actually...


And a Checking Line Comes Together

via freezethepuck.files.wordpress.com Not sure about some you, but after the trade I thought to myself: "There's no way Steckel can keep up or help out with Tedenby's development and Tedenby's...


So Was it Langenbrunner or MacLean? You Decide!

Something I've been pondering lately. Ultimately I don't think it was either of them alone that sunk the 2010-2011 Devils (salary cap issues, injuries, distractions due to Kovy's contract, etc,...


And the Fire MacLean Chants Begin...

via cdn.msg.com The "Fire MacLean" Choir has grown loud and in-sync (read through the comments). I don't really know what to think. I honestly still feel it's 8 games and way too early to call...


Lets Look on the Bright Side... Matt Taormina

Yeah, yeah we all know the season hasn't started off the way we hoped. Parise is in a slump, Clarkson may as well not be playing, Volechnkov is injured, Arnott's and Langenbrunner's +/- are in...

Latest proposal between Ilya Kovalcuk, the New Jersey Devils and the NHL will be approved


Everson broke it first... kind of like the whole 17 year/ 100+ mill deal. So say what you will about "Neverson" and the Post but the Post has a source. People forget or just don't realize that Larry Brooks used to be part of the Devils organization. Chesnokov now has multiple tweets alluding to the same. Still no official word and TG and Chere have not chimed in.

Ilya Kovalchuk exploring KHL options


Disheartening news. It looks like the NHL wants it's cake and eat it too. It isn't enough that we're almost guaranteed a lockout in two years, but that the league may also lose one of it's marquee stars. Great job! On the positive note I get the feeling that maybe by Monday of next week we'll at least know finally, 100% for certain if Kovalchuk is a Devil or is going to the KHL. KHL season starts on Sept 8th.


Let Us Toast to Dainius Zubrus!

via assets.nydailynews.com   I see the writing on the wall and I know that one of the likely casualties of Kovalchuk being a NJ Devil may be Dainius Zubrus. I'm sure that probably comes to the...

Mark Everson Report: Kovy to Devs for 7 years/60 mill


Mark Everson is not my favorite Devils reporter but he isn't Eklund. He floated this out there today from what one "source" of his has suggested. Looks like Pierre LeBrun is also getting in on this. Also a very interesting tweet from Larry Brooks. If true, Marty seems very happy. Editor's Note: I'm front paging this for all Kovalchuk related discussion. I'm not saying anything unless it's official. Editor's Note Pt. 2: Jay Grossman says nothing's happening today. Lesson: Don't always buy into speculation, or at least not from Everson.

Stan Fischler Comes Down Hard on Martin!


Wow! A lot of vitriol in this article by Fischler directed towards Martin. Now I know Fischler is basically a paid cheerleader for the team (via MSG), but still. All he needed to do was say "So we lost Martin, big deal? We got Volchenkov and Tallinder!" But NOOOOOO! He digs in about Martin's shortcomings, not living up to his potential and he honestly seems ecstatic to see Martin gone.


Interesting Observation: NJ Doesn't Have a Single Contract That Runs Past 2012/13 Season.

I caught this observation over here and well I just really found it intriguing. No guaranteed contracts whatsoever one year past Marty's contract and there are only 3 players (Elias, Zajac and...


Thoughts on Trading Clarkson?

Good or Bad, my Thoughts on Trading Parise? post proved pretty popular in generating some talk on the site, so why not a little sequel? Please know i'm not just doing these for the sake of doing...


Thoughts on Trading Parise?

tI'm really curious what some of you on here think about trading Zach Parise? Ever since the Pens were eliminated they have been subjected to loads of people, blogs and reporters questioning if...

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