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Shabazz saying the right things, doing the right things


A nice little piece behind the activity leading up to the game last night. I like that he admits his disappointment with being sent down. And all the more so that he says he wants to use this to build his confidence and ability. The point that seems lost here is that he does not mention what the front office said to him, if at all. What is the communication going on between the players looking to find their spot on the team and in the league with the front office that has brought them to this team? I admit that I do not listen regularly to Adelman's and Flip's comments, so maybe they have said things that would frame things for team members and do a good job at that. On the other hand, it seems DWill never found his spot, and that is either on him or on the team. Were they not talking so he could understand them, or was he not capable of hearing and responding to what they said? My point here is that I do want Shabazz to go through a similar experience with the Twolves. It is bad enough that we draft players that cannot become important parts of the team. It would be worse that this is due to the team not doing what it should to get them to succeed.

How good was JR Rider, he could do this


Ok, the article isn't about JR Rider, just some Kentucky freshman making a knucklehead play. Coach always said, 'don't save balls going out of bounds by your basket, it leaves your team short handed on defense'. He said nothing about putting it in the basket for the other team. Then there's JR Rider. He saves the ball on offense, and puts it in the right basket. He'll always have that going for him.

Twolves can't win nothing


Jimmy Kimmel doing his Lie Witness News finds someone new to pick on the Wolves while they are down. Another reason to hate LA.

2 Wolves' dunks make Top 10


Maybe it wasn't the best of weeks, but the team is represented well in the highlight reel of history. Then again, we're on the wrong end of the Steal of the Week.

Some nasty dunking


A great compilation of 'disrepectful' dunks. Includes the classic Olympic moment, and a few surprise appearances by Timberwolves. Maybe you can guess which dunks are in here, but try to predict them and report how many you remembered before watching.

Draft Previews as they should have been


A little levity about the draft. Before and after shoots of a 'Strengths' and 'Weaknesses' profile of well-known NBA types, including Garnet and Sprewell. Hilarious!

Get your Shane Mack memorabilia while it lasts


They are auctioning off some items from the Shane Mack collection. My favorite is the Scott Erickson No Hitter game used ball. Anyone want to go halfsies with me?

Great article about Penny giving back


A nice example of the good side of giving millions of dollars to these guys and what they can accomplish.

Romney-Christie, Gingrich-Rubio are most likely ticket pairings


I know Obama plays some hoops, and there's always Bill Bradley, but I never expected these former and current NBA basketball players to figure into the upcoming presidential elections. Maybe it's tickets for some 2-on-2 tournament to determine the GOP candidate? Romney must really have an inflated sense of his handles to take on Doug Christie. On the other hand, even if Gingrich could give Pek issues down low, can he throw down the alley-oop from Rubio?

Top Ten Plays for 12/26/11


Spoiler alert: a little Rubio to Williams for the slam action. But where in the count will they land? Love to see the Wolves getting this kind of noteriety!

Cancel those lunch plans for Monday


* The Wolves will hold a free public scrimmage over the lunch hour on Monday at Target Center. The one-hour event starts at noon. I hope they include a 5x5 scrimmage with zest and a dunk contest with the requirement that the dunker cannot begin his move with the ball in his hands.

Lazar and Rambis show up in OKC


In one article, I've learned more about Hayward than from all the time he was on the Twolves. Day one at OKC and he has a defined role that he is focused on and embraces. There's a wrinkle at the end of the article. "Hayward said he worked out some with Durant and James Harden in California during the offseason and chatted then that there could "possibly be a chance for me to come here."" Hmm, makes me think there was some trade talk happening during the lockout. And Rambis makes a special guest appearance!

Beasley siting in Seattle


Any CHers here in Seattle able to attend? The H206 Charity Basketball Classic will take place Saturday, featuring NBA players from the Seattle area against a few others from around the league. The Seattle team is headed by Brandon Roy(notes), Jamal Crawford(notes) and Spencer Hawes(notes), while the "League" team features Brandon Jennings(notes) and Michael Beasley(notes), among others. More details here.

What McHale brings to Houston


Mr. 'NBA Playbook' here again. Did I say I just love that site? Here, they analyze several sets McHale used with the Twolves to see how they would benefit the Rockets. Who doesn't recall past favorites like the Dribble Handoff Clearout, Wing PNR, and Flex? Come to think of it, how would the past two years have been different running these sets? Love is still here. But could you see Beasley, Martell, and Wes filling the Mike Miller role? It sure would have minimized the touches of the PG and C, and that's not a bad thing. Looking forward, despite the glut of talent on the forward wings, these sets would be less effective at utilizing Rubio's skills. What do the rest of you basketball geniuses think? (why not resort to some 'what could have been' while we cannot think about 'what is' or 'what should be'.

Raptors hire Casey: Another one gone, and another one gone


I admit some disappointment that Casey is going to another team, but there was no chance he would be coaching in Minnesota. All the best, Mr. Casey! Gotta love this quote: "Defensively, I’m going to be a hands-on control freak, so to speak," he said. "Offensively, I’m going to trust and give them freedom."

Using Cardinal Effectively


Nice little article from a personal favorite, NBA Playbook. He shows how Dallas manufactured points using BC instead of Dirk on the floor. A bonus for getting to the end of the page is the nice quote on what a difference having a head coach that knows how to his players and how to adjust plays to winning games. Gee, that's insane talk right there.

Fun with Phil Jackson and Haiku


Wolves related - not so much. But it does yank on Bynam and it's a fun read. We could always try something like this to amuse ourselves from time to time.

Barkley comments on McHale as Rockets coach


After listing Casey and McHale as finalists for the Rockets position, EJ knocks Kenny's consideration for the position. Barkley footnotes the sequence saying McHale would be back broadcasting soon after taking the position. Really? Is he talking about McHale as coach, the Rockets as a team and what state they're in, or is it a fit thing? I don't see McHale being excited across the whole season as head coach, even with a team with better players and winning more games. And how come 2 of 3 finalists for the position are former Wolves coaches? Is this team so awful at evaluating basketball talent? Don't answer that. Tell me why we are so awful at it, other than salary considerations. What sold the FO on Rambis in the first place, and will that still be a factor in the next search?

Brewer isn't the answer for Knick (NYT)


Here's an article that breaks down Brewer's stats to see if the Knicks should keep him. Unfortunately for CB, it zooms in on his poor shooting stats and does not touch his advanced stats that would factor in his defense and steals. What do you know, the Knicks released him, and CB is likely on to a better team. All the best to you, Corey Brewer.


Why Love is great for Kahn's plan

A little Love for K-Love from NBA Playbook - How to: Fast Break


What could have been - 2009 Draft version

An interesting article goes through 5 picks from 2009, and with a little hindsight declares what should have been. Out of 5, 2 of the critiqued picks are by our beloves Wolves. Guess which ones......


Why does Pavlovic shoot FT's so poorly?

Reading in another thread about our need for 3pt shooters, I looked at Pavlovic's stats. Wasn't he supposed to be a sharp shooter? He was over 40% behind the arc last year. This year he's under...


Flynn already #2 in ROY voting

Just noticed the GMs of the league had their annual pre-season voting, and our Mr. Flynn came in second as the most likely to win the ROY award this year. Other newsworthy tidbits are in the 'which...

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