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Eric Berry posts on his Facebook to expect news.


Desean Jackson maybe? I hope he hasn't been traded.


Stepping back from the ledge.....

ARE YOU KIDDING ME.......Thats all I could yell, over, and over, and OVER at my tv this Saturday. What happened. This was suppose to be the year! The year the pieces were there, the coaching was...

More teams for manning? Freeman thinks so.


Here's the twist. A source stated that there are at least two teams ready to jump into the fray and the Manning camp has spoken to them. To repeat: there may indeed be other teams who could sneak into the fray at the last minute and throw this entire process for a loop. How much of this is Manning camp posturing is unclear. I also don't know which teams are circling but I do believe this to be true.

Peter King says Todd Haley interview with Steelers was a courtesy.


"8. Pittsburgh (12-5). The interview with Todd Haley for offensive coordinator was a courtesy interview. There's a sense Haley's too tough to get along with. That plus the fact that on his way out of Kansas City, he implied to the Kansas City Star that the team was bugging his phone. Leveling unfounded accusations against your employer (and if there is anything to them, then let's have the proof) to the media is not a very good way to get a job in a league where other teams think those who own and run the Chiefs are good men. Read more:" Hate to say it, but I completely agree with this viewpoint.

Rolando McClain Arrested on Assault Charges


Ouch for the raiders. This sounds very serious, probably will be without him for awhile.

NFL Gets its permanent stay....


So we know the lockout will stay in place at least until they rule on the appeal. I donno why but I think this round is leaning towards the owners.

Matt Cassell & Thomas Jones Present award this morning at high school


Could this be why he was missing from practice? What time was practice?

Broncos' Mays Sent to IR


Karma? Or were the Chiefs gunning for him? To refresh memory, Mays sent Moeaki home with a concussion on a questionable hit, and also had that late bad one against Charles in their first meeting.

Johnson showed little burst of speed, struggled picking up blitzes - he said the offense was...


Johnson showed little burst of speed, struggled picking up blitzes - he said the offense was surprised how much the Ravens blitzed -- and botched the only pass that was thrown his way. Late in the first quarter, Washington was pinned near its own goal line. On 1st-and-10 from the three-yard line, McNabb threw a short pass to Johnson out of the backfield. Johnson had space around him and seemed to notice it. He took his eye off the ball and he bobbled the pass a couple of times before it bounced away. "That Baltimore defense, I'm not facing that every day in practice," said Johnson. "You kind of just go back to the drawing board and keep moving."

....what did we expect?

There is no magic want to waive and make this team better.  Chiefs fans.....look at yourself and your chiefs in the mirror and accept that your team is not as good as you want them to be.  Get it...


Slow news day....lets make up our own!

Its easy......come up with some fictitious headlines...funny or serious....about our beloved Chiefs to get us through the day.  Mine are after the jump!


The energy is back!

Wow......what can I say besides GREATEST...OFFSEASON...EVER!!!! I sit here at the end of my shift here at work and am at a loss of words from everything that has happened since the preseason game...


Arrowhead Pride Wolf Pack DECALS!

Hey guys, big thanks to Chris and the rest of the AP guys for giving me their blessing to do this! I have created an AP Wolf Pack decal and am offering them for sale on my website.  More details...

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