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Congrats to Smo!

I didn't see this posted anywhere yesterday. And there is no maryland minute today, so I guess I need to do a fanpost! Evan Smotrycz graduated yesterday! VERY COOL. He probably could transfer and...


Chuck, Roddy or E-Smo?! Poll Question!

Everybody is expecting Dez to have a great season (including me). There is also an expectation that Jake has a breakout year (again, including me!). Taking these two guys out of the equation, who...


BBALL Koolaid Poll

SEVENTH PLACE?!?! Are the sportswriters serious? This is not a seventh place team. (NOTE: Reminds me of the Leo Durocher story where he took over as manager of the Cubs after they finished in last...


Men's bball players ceilings this year

Preaching to the choir....drinking the same koolaide....we all love our TERPS. So I am sure we are all looking forward to this year's basketball season. We probably all think the terps will be...


This year vs. next year (mens hoops)

This year's team was primarily played out with the following players: 1-5 positions Pe/Seth/Dez/Nick Dez/Nick/Seth/Logan Nick/Jake/Dez Padge/Chuck Len/Cleare NEXT SEASON, we will have these...


Where will the Terps finish in the ACC?

On the ESPN college basketball blog, the conference power rankings are posted today for all the major conferences. They rank MARYLAND as the number three team ahead of UNC and Virginia! While at...


Which team will have a higher ceiling? This year or NEXT?

I think we ALL see the writing on the wall: Alex Len is too good to stick around another year at MARYLAND. Rather than whine, cry, have false hope, cross my fingers and/or hold my breath, I want...


The Hate Index Once Removed---and the ACC/Big 10 Challenge

There are teams in "our" conference that we love to hate. There are teams in 'other' conferences that we don't like either. Many of us know what its like to fight with a sibling. But outside the...


What is your favorite ACC moment?

Without question the greatest achievement of the MARYLAND men's basketball team is the Natty of 2002. While this is the pinnacle of the sport, it is not my personal favorite moment for the team...


Two months until MIDNIGHT MADNESS!

Its rally time here at Testudo Times! Down day for all of us here. But chin up! Two months until BBall practice starts. (I don't know the exact day, it used to be 10/15 way back its...


Nice article about Devon Hall

This guy looks really good. And I love how he and his family have a real liking for the terps! Doesn't seem like we can have too many point guard prospects (or point guards for that matter). The...

Terps 3rd best coaching gig in ACC


We already knew this...but its nice to see someone else say it.


Are we going to make 20 wins this season?

We are 16-11 right now. We play @GT, @UNC and UVA at home. After that, we play at least one game in the ACCT. Hopefully, we get some post season action, maybe even the NIT (and not something like...


Maryland Pride

I know you all saw the new uniforms of the TERPS at the game last night... but this is still a cool video that Under Armour posted on youtube last night: C...


Recruit visited campus this week....

Martins Abele visited the MARYLAND campus this week....anybody heard of him? (Basketball player)

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