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I'm a 30 year old guy from Budapest, who really discovered the Jaguars around 2004/5 and slowly fall in love with them. Since then I try to read/listen/watch everything about my favourite team.

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Gene Smith's take on (mostly defensive) players and Tebow at the Senior Bowl


Here is Jagurs GM Gene Smith Talking about which players caught his eyes this week in Alabama at the Senior Bowl. He pointed out several defensive lineman in the article (Start to look for DE Austen Lane from Murray State-I think he is more then just a "good looking player type of" guy for he Jaguars! ) He also spoke about the spotlight of the whole game-Tim Tebow. Next stop for Gene and the scouts: Texas vs. the nation game next week. The Jaguars found Terrance Knighton in that game a year ago and Smith said the talent pool for that game has been strengthened.

Top 25 player salaries of '09 - 2 Jaguars on the list!!!!


OK; I would pay that much money without any regret for Maurice Jones-Drew. But Derrick Harvey???? WOW; the league must do something with the rookie contracts...

Official 2010 Combine Invitee List


I think Collin will go to the combine to make an extended coverage over there. Now you can read in this list which players will be there!

News from Jerry Porter (in case you interested)


If you need a reminder why it was neccesary to throw out the junk last offseason; just check this article out. Why I can't wonder that only THESE kind of articles being published lately from our (luckly ex) wide receiver? By the way don't you think that the Jaguars might file a lawsuit for robbery against him (= what he did for 10 million $ for a yer for the Jaguars..)?

Podlesh is at the worst punters list


We have a position where the Jaguars are quite weak; and we not speak about that often as the passrush; passcoverage; passprotection failures. But exept 2-3 games (where the Jaguars losing; and losing big) Adam Podlesh is everything but good. He was a 4th round draft pick-now it seems that was another Shack Harris draft bust...The Jaguars (and Gene Smith) made a big mistake letting Steven Weatherford go to the New York Jets. Maybe the Jaguars will look after a new punter-maybe Gene will address that in the draft with another Zoltan; Zoltan Mesko from Michigan... Interesting note: former Jaguars/current Patriots punter Chris Hanson is also among the worse punters of the NFL....

Fred Taylor's son, Kelvin, named National Freshman of the Year


I hope Gene Smith will keep on eye on this kid. If he is just half that good tlike his father I wanna see play as a Jaguar. I'M sure Freddie T is very proud of him already!


Mike Tice is signed with the Bears

After Kennedy Pola is looks like leaving Jacksonville; the Jaguars offensive coaching staff suffered another blow. Mike Tice will be the offensive line (?!) coach of the Chicago Bears. The Bears...

Senior Bowl can help calm down the Tebow talk even in Jacksonville


Tim Tebow at the Senior Bowl might can help Gene Smith and the Jaguars can take out the wind from "the Tebow talk" sails before it sparks out in Jacksonville(it will be a hot topic anyway; but this might help the rational people out in the TT case).Let's face it the topic of the Senior Bowl will be Tim Tebow; every coverage will feature him in the middle of the spotlights. And if something miracle not happen; everyone will see; his poor passing mechanics, and his inaccuracy. Plus it will show every (good) scout; that his footwork is everything but great. Yeah his is a leader; his is a good guy; he has major success as a college player(to say the least); but what is good for college is not sure good for the NFL...

Kennedy Pola will most likely not returning back as the RB coach of the Jagauars


Kennedy Pola will most likely not returning back as the RB coach of the Jagauars

Kennedy Pola will most likely not returning back as the RB coach of the Jaguars- Jack Del Rio just told in "Jaguars This Week" Pola not sign his contract extentision and looking forward to become an offensive coordinator somewhere else!

BCC's popularity skyrocketing this month!!!!


BCC is getting attention; no question to that. We are in the 12th day of the new year; but the page has more hits then in the whole month of February '08; and already 4000 more visits then '08 January in 31 days! Thanks very m,onch to everyone for that; and for every page reader; writer; and of course editor to make the site of the fastest growing Jaguars related site of the world wide web!

Click for Cans update-Jags in the semis but need help


Until you wait the next twist in te J"ack Del Rio staying or leaving" saga; make sure you spent the time right. Jaguars are in the semifinal in the "Clicks for cans" competition against the Bills; but they have a 2400 vote gap right now. Let's help them going into the finals!!!!!


The situation is critical-what Jack Del Rio's possible leaving could mean to the Jaguars

Sorry if I sounds like a bit overreacting; but I think the Jaguars fate in Jacksonville could be on the line within the next few days! I think every Jaguars fans already knows that Jack Del Rio...

Jaguars, Bills will be first targets of L.A. stadium builder


Okay; no reason the hit the panic button (yet) after team owner Wayne Weaver disputed reports surfacing over the weekend that said the team could be purchased by the highest bidder. "We’re not for sale," said Weaver, clearly irritated. "We’re trying to re-energize this fan base and get them excited about the team." But from now (I hope temporary ) the Jaguars on the Edge with Jacksonville. Every mistake and error count double off and on the field!


Quick shots about events happened of this weekend -not just with the Jaguars

  I made it like Brian used to do it lately. I have no big story this time just couple of things which made me mad or make me optimistic. They all connected with event happened on this weekend....

Fred Taylor Q&A about EVERYTHING


Fred talks about his chances to play on Sunday; how he is touched with other ex-jaguars; comparing Belichick to Jack Del Rio. About the '09 Jaguars; Maurice and more! A MUST READ FOR EVERY TRUE JAGUARS FAN!!!!

2 games in England next year


BCC reports that 2 games will be played in England next year. I think the Jaguars have good chance to go there; against the Eagles or the Redskins. I think the eagles game has more chance to that...


Linemens on the rise/fall in the last 2 weeks - according to Pro Football Focus

Not so long ago John showed us statistics from the site profootballfocus.com to show how our lineman are improving/falling back. Well I kept my eye on these stats; and I have some news (not just...

Gene Smith talks about EVERYTHINg with Paul Kuharsky


ESPN's Paul Kuharsky talks with Gene about the draft class; Jack Del Rio; ticketsales; playoffs and even Tim Tebow!!!! VERY RECOMMENDED STUFF!!!!

Durant named "AFC Defensive Player Of The Week"


It is very good that Justin gets a little respect from the league. He is still one of the most underrated players of the NFL. Is that happened because he playing in Jacksonville?

Mo Williams is in Detroit-Harris did it again?


It seems James "Shack" Harris continuing collecting ex-Jaguars players in his new team/workplace. We should use this link again to Detroit; and try to trade players for picks (or if they have Gerald Alexander type players who still can play-then players).


The Weird Season

Thoughts about schizophrenic things about the Jaguars; a possible unholy alliance in the making and very surprising pick for this year's AFC Championship title   I don't know how you guys think...


The X-factor for the 49ers game; other quick thoughts about the season

The Jaguars facing another very tough road game this weekend in San Fransisco against the 49ers. We all know how the last trip ended on week 5 against the Seahawks in Seattle (0-41). I think this...


Explanation of my bold prediction

I made a bold prediction before the game started. I not counted for a win. But I back my words; so I explain why  made that (veeeery bold) prediction. You can call it unrealistic; stupid or else....


Being the Devil's advocate-my view on the Jack Del Rio watch

OK; compared the head coach to the Devil is a bit too strong-in many; many ways; but after the loss against the Titans many Jaguars fans including here on this place called for his head on a...


Marc Bulger will start on Sunday; news from the Jags locker room

This just in. The St. Louis Rams announced that Marc Bulger will be their starting QB on Sunday against us: The QB question has been answered. The St. Louis Rams will start QB Marc Bulger against...

He is (one of) our problem now...


Field Gulls feature a play to show, how "good" ex-Seahawk now-Jaguar played yesterday...

Torry Holt's bizarre hand looks even more bizarre in ESPN Magazine


Torry Holt's hand in ESPN Magazine Man this looks here more ugly then how we saw it. I cannot imagine how he can play with this still.


Preventive action: Why the London Jaguars will be not a success story

Before some commentators and columnists will switch to full throttle of the "Jaguars moving toward" kind of stories, here is a reminder for them, that the Jaguars are pretty safe within the next...


"Patience not playoffs"-Season opening thoughts

We are only a few days away from the kickoff of the 2009 season. The offseason now it officially over, we know who made the final roster and who was sent to clean his stuff from the locker room. I...

Roger Goodell expects many blackouts from Jacksonville, others


It seems the ticketselling situation is this time much more serious issue than usally. Although the Jaguars are not alone wih this, I hope not every game will be blacked out. That first 5 game will be important than everyone might think...

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