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Suns fan since 1988-1989.

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Hello NBA, the Lakers are not poor.

Stop donating your talent to the Lakers, please. They are not the Goodwill, the Red Cross or the Salvation Army. Pau Gasol, Steve Nash, Dwight Howard. It's embarrassing. Give to the needy, not...


Letting Them Walk

Much internet angst has been spilt on the myopic squandering of draft picks during the D’Antoni era, but that isn’t the only evaporation of talent that plagues the current Phoenix Suns. In the past...

Coach's brother takes pride in Knicks' defense


Ho ho ho! You don't need a punchline when you got a title like that!

Insert "Amare Stoudemire" for "Vince Carter"


It's a month old screed by Bethlehem Shoals, but that makes it no less relevant as we try to make sense of the mercurial power forward in all our thoughts, Amare Stoudemire and his free agency.

10 Reasons Why I Am Rooting For the Celtics In The Finals


Why Suns fans are rooting for the Celtics

WCF Game 4 Preview - Deep in the Cut


Lakers-Suns Game 4 Preview: Sometimes games are not won on 94 feet of hardwood in 48 minutes of regulation. Sometimes they are won before the teams step out onto the court.



      ALL HOPE IS LOST!       All hope of a Suns sweep, that is.  Feel the despair.  Wallow in it. The Lakers got the rebounds, the Suns couldn't hit their shots.  The Lakers were everywhere...


The Suns Unquantifiable

A much different look at the Phoenix Suns playoff hopes


For the Phoenix Suns, It's the End of the World as We Know It. (And I feel fine).

Putting the Phoenix Suns amazing sweep of the San Antonio Spurs into context of expectations


Goran Dragic vs. the Titans

Zeus: Perseus has won. My son has triumphed. Hera: A fortunate young man. Zeus: Fortune is ally to the brave. Thetis: What a dangerous precedent. What if there more heroes like him? What if...

Going home, down 0-2, winless in Phoenix, courtesy Getty Images


Going home, down 0-2, winless in Phoenix, courtesy Getty Images

I updated this nice Manu Logo here. This is how the NBA logo would have to change if Manu's unique...


I updated this nice Manu Logo here. This is how the NBA logo would have to change if Manu's unique flopability characterized the league.


Farewell to the Vanquished, Worthy Fuckin' Adversary

  It is spectacularly bad form, almost as bad as it is to trot out the millions of cliches we substitute in for true communication, to turn our attention to the GOLIATH that is the Spurs before us...


Phoenix Suns: I want my scalps!

  As we dawn on this new playoff day, there are many reasons why the Phoenix Suns stand to lose tonight's game.  There's home court and the Rose Garden of Rabid Fans.  There's the conspiracy that...


Why I disrespect the Blazers and their fans

If you don't put on The Gourds' cover of Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice" (ty Mike) you should just go ahead and skip this post - it's not for you and you will not be able to even comprehend the...

Yes, I want to write on his wall...


Yes, I want to write on his wall...

At 11% TRB%, Grant Hill is a top 25 NBA rebounder


If Amare plays, he is 14.8% on his career, with a shocking 9% on the offensive glass. In his best year, 2006-07, Amare got 13.6% of his offensive rebounds and 21.7% of his defensive ones for 17.8% TRB% overall. Don't tell me Amare can't rebound if he wants to. Lou Amundson rebounds at a 15.2% clip. Frye only 13.6% and with -3.3 PER compared to Amundson.


A Tale of Two GMs or a Tale of Two O'Neal

A tale of Two GMs or a Tale of Two O'Neal This retrospective has nothing to do with current events, but carries on with my morbid fascination about might-have-beens regarding the pieces of the...

Suns 2009-10 Season Preview Part II: Assessing the Offseason


In part 2 of our 5 post preview series, I review the off-season moves of the Phoenix Suns. Although the Suns have lost ground to the elite teams, the front office had a very successful off-season....

Introducing the SuperLuxury Tax because the Free Markets Don't Work and Democracy is Dead


I consider possible changes in the luxury tax in the wake of Mikhail Prokhorov's bid to join the nets. The luxury tax, instituted to provide some semblance of fairness, is actually...

Typsy Tweets!


As bad as "Drunk Dialing" is, only one person would know about your bad habits. But thanks to Twitter and social media, "Typsy Tweeting" informs your 30,000 followers about every stupid move you make. In this case, its Mike Beasley tweeting when possibly high, or Stephon Marbury youtubing when clearly high.

Kobe Bryant: 5th most disliked person in sports


Kobe Bryant: 5th most disliked person in sports, hated by 42%, leads NBA with Allen Iverson, Isaiah Thomas and Stephon Marbury in spots 6, 7 and 8. I can't believe John McEnroe comes in 10% with 31% hating on him. John McEnroe was simply great TV!

Just like Michael Jackson!!


Just like Michael Jackson!!

Girlfriend, after making a layup during a game of (W)HORSE.

News Flash: the Blog War is on


  We've been quite polite these past weeks as we have endured the infestation of a number of Dubs trolls.  Some of them have been polite and interesting.  Some have been so obnoxious that they've...


Question for GSOMers

  Let's get beyond the Amar'e / Biedrins trade.  It just ain't gonna happen.  So, what can we get for J Rich?  We're motivated to move him.  =D

The Year of the Yo-Yo Trade


With so many expiring contracts, this will be the Year of the Yo-Yo trade. Expect to see Bruce Bowen and many other NBA fossils back in their team's original jerseys before the end of the season.

Through the lens of 2010


A look at this season's Free Agency through the lens of 2010, who's really in the bidding war and who will try to avoid it by taking care of business this year. A look at the causes of 2010, the...

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