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Cartilage Free Captain Viscount of GIMP Imagery (I take requests)
I do the artwork for Spooky's website
Also the English member of the Masthead Free Podcast quartet.

I have EUPD, so please be understanding and warn me if I'm getting overemotional. I don't like confrontation or arguments and I get carried away. People with mental illness are people too, though, and I hope that I can do my part in fighting stigma by being public with this.

I also write music: and I'm a 23 year old medical student.

A Fan Of...

  • EPL Tottenham Hotspur Football Club; Sunderland Association Football Club
  • General England & Wales International Cricket Team; Ronnie O'Sullivan (snooker player)
  • FIFA England
User Blog

King's Testimonial FanPost: Videos and Updates

God Save The King n.b. this post was previously an appeal for people to get together and share coverage as Spurs' official communication was that there would be no coverage. There will be...


MFP Mailbag for Episode 5: Plus iTunes Announcement!

Hi guys! We're on iTunes! Permanent shortlink for convenience: And Twitter! You can now ask us questions if you...

Spurs with bird heads

Put a bird on it.


Spurs Background Archive & Requests 6

Link to previous archives: Archive 1 Archive 2 Archive 3 Archive 4 Archive 5 Same set up as previously; requests for any backgrounds or edits below, I'll do them as soon as I can. Please as a...

The Crime of the Andre Marriner, ft. Danny Albatrose


I felt that this was a very ambitious pun, and I feel now that it was worthwhile.


Why Sacking AVB Would Be Wrong (Or "Was Wrong", Depending On The Next Week)

So, here's how it feels. We just lost a game with absolutely no arguments about validity. It was pretty painful, and there were very few bright spots. Ok, Holtby looked like it was breaking his...


Hey Ed here's those pictures you wanted uploaded

So I developed them and scanned them in. Here we are at the Spurs game against Anzhi's C team, where Soldado scored that hattrick and we kept having to stand up and sit down because of 1882 (STAND...


Aperture Free Captain: Still Online

n.b. this is intended as a bit of fun, nothing more... hard to get the right lyrics. This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. It's hard to overstate my...



Lately I feel like there has been something going on. Maybe it's the Australians taking people out, maybe the new culture of fear of antipodean authoritarianism. Maybe it's the lack of...


The Spurs Initiations (via Kyle Walker's Instagram Videos)

Hi, everybody! As many of you will know, Spurs have an initiation protocol where the players must sing a song. Here are our new recruits being painfully blooded... The videos (links) Eriksen,...

Spurs Crossbar-Volley Challenge


"Crossbar-Volley (#crolley) Challenge at the Spurs Training Centre featuring Christian, Lewis and Harry. It's a crossbar challenge with a difference!" Sweet.



Submit your predictions now, please. This text is the link. Last week, the following submitted predictions: a_numbers_gamea01chtraAslan the MelonATLantanham BravospurBenoit's Smart CarBrett...


CFCFPLPL Week 2/38

Last week Participants First up, thanks to: a01chtraAslan the MelonATLantanham BravospurBenoit's Smart CarBrendan DarrBrett RainbowBrixton17CotillionCousin_DrewD_trainDanny BlanchflowerD...


CFCFPLPL Week 1/38

Dear all, Sorry that the previous post got a bit involved. I've now separated the instructions for datamonkeys and everyone else. ALL PARTICIPANTS: PLEASE FILL OUT THIS GOOGLE FORM WITH YOUR...

How to width="300" on Cartilage Free Captain


How to width=300 on Cartilage Free Captain (via Ayohone Chetra)


CFCFPLPL datamonkey instructions and spreadsheet - for datamonkey eyes only

Heyo CFCPLPLers, and welcome to CFCFPLPL! What is this?! Here's the original post. It's a prediction league for every result in the season, head-to-head against your fellow commentariate...


Tapping Up That Bale - A Tribute To Real Madrid

(play this) It doesn’t hurt me. Do you wanna feel how it feels? Do you wanna know? Know that it doesn’t hurt me? You tell the press about some "deal" we’re making? Bale It’s AVB… ...


Spurs Background Archive & Requests 5

Link to previous archives: Archive 1Archive 2Archive 3Archive 4 Same set up as previously; requests for any backgrounds or edits below, I'll do them as soon as I can. Please as a general rule...

Caulker 1 Minute Defending In The Penalty Area Explanation


Steven Caulker provides his own insight into the nature of defending the danger area. Kind of lol.


Full Premier League Prediction League: Sign Up

Yo, like I said ages ago I was willing to put in the time for having a bunch of separate predicted Premier League tables for different commentariate members. I'm going to see how many people...


Trial Post: Spurs Animation Archive & Requests Thread

News: In light of getting a few new plugins (I have yet to use) and reflecting on the fact that gifs now only take a couple of hours tops (rather than originally when they could take 5-6 hours on...


Spurs Background Archive & Requests 4

Link to previous archives: Archive 1Archive 2Archive 3 Same set up as previously; requests for any backgrounds or edits below, I'll do them as soon as I can. Please as a general rule either be...


What's Holding Up Baldini's Appointment?

This isn't going to be a detailed FanPost; rather a space for discussion of a niggling concern. Where the hell is Franco Baldini, and if he isn't in North London... why isn't he, and where is he? A...


Behind The Parker Stats: A Theory of AVB

Hey all, A1 here. Quickly becoming the site's Parker-apologist, after having slated him in the early season... Context So MCofA recently did an analysis of the Parkerbele pivot and a number of...


Spurs Background Archive & Requests 3

Sorry, this post is now an archive only (comments disable automatically after 1 month). Please check my sig or the FanPosts section for the current requests thread! -...


Spurs Background Archive & Requests 2

Link to Archive 1: (Please vote on which were best if you have time) I've been notified that comments have expired on my previous post... tarnation. So, until somebody suggests another better way...


A potential Q&A with Spurs youngsters

Heya Cartilage Free! A1 here, hope you're all well. So, my news: A friend of mine from primary school, Takura "Tak" Mtandari (links: 1 2 3), was snapped up into the Spurs academy at a young...


Spurs & Football Manager: Discussion and Nostalgia

Ahoy again, my manifold internet friends and acquaintances. Welcome! I'd like to create a space to talk about Football Manager, specifically with a view to players and stories to do with Spurs....


Spurs Background Archive & Requests

Edit 23/04/13: comments are closed, post is an archive. Please check my profile for latest requests thread. Please vote below to give me an indication of successful and unsuccessful...

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