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One of the bluest fans you will find. I am a life-long card carrying member of the BBN taught to love blue by my Grandmother (my namesake) and Mother. My Dad wasn't a sports fan of any kind and my three brothers will watch UK games but none of them make plans around games like I do.
Did I mention that I love, love, love football?!?!?!
I was born in the midst of basketball season and I'm sure the radio would have been tuned to Cawood when I entered this world had there been a game that specific day (there wasn't, I've checked.)
I'll be cheering for the Cats 'til the end and I wouldn't have it any other way.

A Fan Of...

  • NCAAF Kentucky Wildcats
  • NCAAB Kentucky Wildcats
  • NFL Green Bay Packers
User Blog

Kentucky Football 2014 Poster - Behind The Scenes


KY Wildcats TV takes us behind the scenes of the new UK Football poster. I'm feeling the fall chill in the air already..



SB Nation unveiled exciting news for many users.

My Wife Calls it Strawberry Blond, Bobby.


Let's finally play Caption Corner again!

Fun Times at 'Versity Drive


Wildcat fans love a sunny, blue-filled, spring day with a Cat Walk. Come share the experience we felt at the spring Blue/White game.

The Cats are On


Hold that thought, the things we do for the love of blue.

I Spy Another Tweak


Come, let's play Caption Corner, facing the Cards in the tourney style.

A Video Trip Through UK's Last Four Championships


Are you ready for 7+ minutes of swagger? A great tribute to our past championship teams. Look for the early cameo by a very young John Calipari plus many more familiar, much younger faces. Watch it full screen and turn it up. You will smile, trust me.

Top-Secret Tweak?


Come join me in a search for the super-secret of the tweak, because Cat fans need to know.

We're Going to Kentucky

Gameday open thread.

It Will Get Done Here


The Why Kentucky? Why Not video that was shown at halftime of the Super Bowl. Is it Signing Day yet?

Little Do They Know ...


Dakari certainly looks like he is up to something. Come, let's play Caption Corner?

Hippity Hoppity


Let's play Caption Corner ladies and gentlemen.

Kentucky Wildcats Top Ten Clutch Plays


Need to feel the thrill? Six minutes of your time will bring it. Note: I'm not sure why he added the babes, I think it would have been better with just #1. Regardless, enjoy the ride.

She Sells Sea Shells


Say that three times fast, then let's play Caption Corner, A Sea of Blue style.

Second Half Game Thread -- New Mojo


Asked and answered. Discuss the Cleveland State Vikings vs. our Kentucky Wildcats, Part Two

Football, Food, and More


Join us for today's virtual tailgate. Come on in.

In a Far, Far Away Land


It's Caption Corner Time and you know the Ol' Ball Coach always has something to say.

Kentucky Fans Want Video

Video highlights of Big Blue Madness.

It Was All Lou's Fault


I drop in on an old friend, looking for insight on Kentucky vs. Alabama game. Come visit with me.

Hand Jive


Let's play the Caption Corner basketball style.

Kentucky Wildcats: Post Game Thread


We came, we played, but we did not conquer.

Coach Stoops' Pre-game Presser


Gettin' ready for the Gators!

Chit, Chat ... I Was Taking a Bath


Yes, the Caption Corner if finally back!

The Day of Lesser Red


The red ones tried to tell me they would outnumber blue ones this year. They failed. Blue is greater.

Fill CWS


Yes, Stevie still got loose!

Thursday Basketball Fix


I'm in football mode, but this made my eyes light up.

Cat Scratch Fever


Mother Nature mostly cooperated for Mark Stoops' first Fan Day.

What's in a Name?


ASoB discusses the new name for the adjacent venue to Rupp Arena.

The Visits Return


I'm granted permission to visit The Bear and his friends again this year. Fun, fun.

High Performance Training 101


Erik Korem explains the new training program in this 12 minute video. Very informative. I like the ideas behind this training. I know Wild Weasel linked it earlier, but I thought it needed it's own post on the front page.

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