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My thoughts on the State of the Nuggets after 2012-13.

After seeing how the team came out to play at the beginning of this series, I came to a bunch of quick conclusions. At the end of the series, those opinions haven't changed. First, as much as...


Luff Rumblings, "Quit yer' Whinin'!" Edition

Another week, another victory. Another victory, more grumbling from Broncos fans. Come on people! Get it together! The majority of comments I've seen on this very site consist of more whining...

Von Miller #52 in NFL's Top 100 of '12


Y'all might have seen this already, I had not, and randomly found it on the Youtubes. Fun video with some funny stuff from Clady, and Champ being awesome as usual. It is easy to forget that he was a rookie last season. Seeing Champ coach him up by getting after him to turn it up or letting him know that penalties are bad was fun to see.

JR Smith gets it now... Great.


Apparently JR Smith is working hard and not playing like a bonehead anymore. Too bad he was a few years late on that one... He credits the coaching staff for constantly being on his case and spurring him to be more professional. Can we place some blame on GK for this?


Luff Rumblings, Version 8

Howdy, folks! Been a while! As usual, I miss you all dearly. Feel free to call me a front-runner as it seems I only post after we do something awesome. This is only coincidence, however, as...


Luff Rumblings, VVVVV.

As in, the Flying V's. As in, five Dubbyas in a row. Victorious? Yep, lined up five of em', knocked em' all down. In this edition, we're going to gag on some Goodman, dig on some Dawkins, and...


Luff Rumblings, the Ill Edition

As in, I am extremely sick and feel like Phyllis Rivers did after the game. Awful. So there's my built-in excuse; if I sound even more discombobulated and random than usual, it's because I feel...


Luff Rumblings, The Return

Hey folks!  It's been way too long.... I miss you guys.  I know my return coincides with our best win in years, apparently that's what it takes for a Luff to find the strength to write a fan-post. ...


Luff Rumblings IV

First off, condolences to the McKinley family.  Regardless of the circumstances, it is a sad and tragic thing that happened, and one we all wish never did.  RIP Kenny.  This time around, it's gonna...


Luff Rumblings, The Third

In Part 3 of Luff Rumblings, I want to start by saying:  I miss you guys.  Between working way more than my lazy behind is accustomed to, buying a house, buying a car (a more tedious process than I...


Luff Rumblings, part deux.

In the first edition of Luff Rumblings, I harped on some Haggan, blogged on some Branson, threw down a snippet on Samoans, and dabbled in some other random stuff too.  In this edition, you're going...


Luff Rumblings

At this point, I think most of you around here might have seen me around and are at least reasonably familiar with me.  You also might have asked yourselves at one point or another, what the heck...

Sure as hell don't miss this...


Brandon Marshall sits out Dolphins OTA practice. Sound familiar? Even though it's really not that big of a deal, it sure is nice we don't have to worry about this guy any more.


Doom Vs. Vroom

This post was made in the interest of conversation, debate, and for the purpose of learning something.  It wasn't made to point fingers at anyone's opinions, and I don't expect it to devolve into...


LOST (with blitzing and eye-rolling)

I, your local, tame, bronco-loving Luffabo, recently lucked into the (seemingly) trip of a lifetime.  You see, I happened to run into Coach Josh McDaniels in the mountains whilst going on a...

Lawrence Taylor Arrested on Rape Charges


LT has been arrested for the suspected rape of a 15 year old girl. He's not guilty yet, so let's try not to pass too much judgment. Unfortunate situation all around, though. I know LT has had his problems, I think we all do, but I was under the impression he was cleaning himself up as a person. I hope there is a misunderstanding in here somewhere.

Wes Bunting from NFP loves our first rounders


Wes Bunting from National Football Post loves the Thomas and Tebow picks. He thinks they are a perfect fit for our system, as their strengths and weaknesses are tailored perfectly for our system. Interesting, I hadn't thought of it that way yet... Here's the part about the Broncos:


The New Blood (picture-book style)

Our own Emmett "Doc" Smith puts amazing time, effort, and skill into his work here for us, bringing an insight and levity rarely seen elsewhere, even within the ranks of professional sports...


M.R.M.D.E.M.E - Most Realistic Mock Draft Ever Made Ever

That's right, I'm calling it now, this mock draft is the official "Holy crap, that guy called every move and pick we made!" mock draft.   Every pick and thought I have in here is going to come to...

Spoon over McClain


While this article has some misguided opinions, I agree with what he's saying, which is also in agreement with what I've been saying for the last 3 weeks or so: We want Sean Weatherspoon, not Rolando McClain. He eludes to the obvious, that McClain's sickness makes him a big risk. But he also talks about what I've been saying for a while now, and that's that McClain will struggle slightly at the next level with his lack of ideal foot speed. Spoon is a little smaller, but also a little faster, and still hits hard enough and reads the running game well enough to be considered an elite run-thumper at the position. Here's to hoping we get Spoon at 11...


Bend the flutes, silence the Jazz

Thanks to the very surprising juggernaut that is the Phoenix Suns, we don't have to play those same Suns in the first round, and get home court against the men with flutes.   While I had a rough...

Banks stanks...


Seriously Banks? Really? I might be in the minority here, but am I the only one who thinks there's no chance we draft Dez based on the melodrama that was the BM era? We brought him in for a visit as a smokescreen. That's not what really kills me though, it's the fact that Banks goes on to say (stupidly) that we will target a safety with one of our second-rounders. I just love that he completely ignored the fact that we have McBath and Bruton on the roster already. Terrific stuff! It seems like these front-page draft gurus are "experts" in the first round, and since they have no need to make second round or later mocks, know nothing else about it. It kills me.


The Consequences (with Voodoo)

We all know what just happened, love it or hate it, there will be some consequences and repercussions because of the trade.  Follow below the fold to see a few...

Suh-pendous! This is why I (almost) think it's a good idea to trade our whole darn draft to move...


Suh-pendous! This is why I (almost) think it's a good idea to trade our whole darn draft to move up and get this guy. I would cry like a little girl if we got Kong Suh on draft day.


"P" is for "Pathetic".

And "S" is for "Steam".  As in, this post is how I'm going to blow off some steam.   Follow below the fold for my take on tonight's game and the state of our beloved maddening Nuggets, "Sesame...


Drafting Warriors with flying hair

I have made it no secret around here that I happen to love any player that: 1. Rocks wicked, primal tattoos. 2. Sports flowing, curly hair flying out the back of his helmet. 3. Has more likely than...


Eagles release Westbrook!!! Apparently, it was a money move.  If we could get this guy on the cheap, I would LOVE this...


How a couple Cowboys can make us feel warm inside.

Don't worry, despite the title,  there's no funny business in here... I was going to post this in the comments section of Bfree2Broncs' excellent post about our outside linebacker situation.  His...


More Simmons Love...

From an unabashed Bill Simmons fan, I figured I would post what he said about the Broncos in his Week 9 NFL picks and post the link as well.   "BRONCOS (+3) over Steelers I am not buying the whole...


Lovin' the Nugs.

I am an avid MHR reader, and just found out about this blog a few days ago and joined up.  I'm glad to be here!  It's nice to have a place to talk Nuggets with fellow fans being as I'm stuck in...

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