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Prospect Bracketology or:

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Waste Time in the Middle of the Night I was comparing college players and I came up with the idea of treating it like a single elimination tournament. It...


Way too early draft talk

Plot Twist: It's never too early to talk about the draft. Well, it is somewhat early. But let's have some casual draft discussion anyway. I don't think much is truly settled in 2013. There is no...

Jacque Vaughn interviewed at Wednesday's practice


Nice stuff on Harkless. Interesting comments regarding the offense and "long twos". Seems like the shot is intentionally a part of the Magic's offense. Seemingly this means that Davis and Vucevic are being told to take those shots when available.


Scoring Efficiency

I created a new advanced stat because I (like most people) hate TS%. So I made a stat that measured what TS% is supposed to measure only it kind of works. I call it "Scoring Efficiency" and it is a...

Howard still has an agent, won't extend with LA, according to report.


Report out of Howard's camp says that he is not going to extend with any club and this comes from Fegan who is apparently still Howard's agent.


2012 NBA Mock Draft

I thought we might do a community Mock Draft / Consensus Draft.The rules are simple. Just comment with your picks (if anyone knows a good Mock Draft creator site that you can link to that would be...


Rocket Plan

Hearing of the Houston Rocket's interest in Howard I took a look at their roster and assets and ran some spreadsheets. This is an idea I had for a team building plan based on the Rockets. I will...


2012 NBA Draft Primer (★Magic Edition★)

guide to the upcoming draft from the Orlando Magic's perspective. The Orlando Magic own the 19th and 49th picks in the 2012 draft. This piece will focus only on the first round selection. Taking...

Grant Hill (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


According to this article Otis Smith ran Grant Hill out of town for no real reason. Meaning Magic fans have been booing Otis Smith by proxy for years now. Accepted.


★ ★ Magic ★ Images ★ ★

Hey guys. So. I have a couple Magic graphics/pics that I made. And I know that you have a birthday coming up. So I thought I might share them. Yay!(?) Hedo for President of Turkish Michael...

Penny Hardaway article!


Because you can never have enough Penny Hardaway articles.


Roster ★ Tweaks ★

The Magic are winning games right now, but, I still see a lot of room for improvement. I have a couple ideas on some small moves that I think would pay huge dividends. The overwhelming theme...

Neil Paine compares Ryan Anderson to Peja Stojakovic


Not a bad comparison to those of us that remember how good Peja was in his prime.


The Myth of Market Size

(Or rather the myth of Orlando market size. I don't have time to debunk every market out there.) I was reading one of those Dwight Howard trade articles and there was some poor commenter that...


★ Official ROTATION Thread ★

(officially I do not have the power to make official threads, I don't think) There have been many disparate discussions going on in several different threads revolving around the player rotations....

Magic battling fatigue and identity crisis


"It seems like the Magic have manufactured upside from a roster that seemingly had none, and could coalesce into an efficient squad that features the contributions from its youngest players while veterans fill in the gaps. These seem like mundane observations, but when you consider the players who are giving the Magic a spark right now, you realize the organizational rift that will have to be repaired if the Magic want a shot at contending now or keeping Dwight Howard in pinstripes. Put simply: the players giving the Magic a prayer right now are players developed by Stan Van Gundy and the Magic organization, while the players who seem stuck in molasses are endemic of the strategy the team has pursued the past two seasons and has said it will pursue in the future. If the Magic continue to devote resources to veteran retreads who don’t fit their team, then the fresh legs and minds which might otherwise have weathered the upcoming fatigue will fail just the same."

Tracy McGrady, welcome back to the family.


"I can’t see him coming here," McGrady told Yahoo! Sports while playing a road game in the Nets arena. "If it’s just Dwight and D-Will, he’s better off just staying in Orlando. You want to go to a team that’s championship caliber, and just him and D-Will won’t get it done. There’s got to be other pieces around to make it look sweet." - T-Mac Tracy, displaying a keen basketball intellect and winning back the hearts of Orlandoans.

Darwinian Post Play: The evolution of a Superman


Well written article on Dwight Howard and how NBA rules changes have changed the way dominant big men approach the game.

Hoopsworld: Magic season preview


It's actually kind of depressing. If you'd prefer something cheerful here is a link to puppies!


$Dwight's Contract$

I thought it might be helpful to show how much money Dwight stands to lose by not re-signing / maintaining his Bird Rights. Essentially, by losing his Bird Rights he forfeits 3% of his salary over...

Mavs give Corey Brewer and Rudy Fernandez to the Nuggets.


Hmmm... I mean I know a major part of this is that the Nuggets has the cap space to take on those contracts. But if the Mavs were just giving them away I wouldn't have minded making a play for either of those players. Otis. Do things.

Nets delusional, set deadline anyway.


The Nets have set a deadline for the Magic. One week to trade Dwight Howard for Brook Lopez or else. Or else what? Or else they sign Nene using up all of their cap space making it so they can't absorb Hedo Turkoglu's contract and also can't sign Howard next summer. I guess. In related news the Nets are kind of dumb.


Heart and Hustle

A lot of people seem to want to trade Howard for Gasol & Bynum and make a go of it in the East with that team. My opinion of this is that if Gasol & Bynum playing with Bryant and Odom and being...


Ripped from the headlines!

This is actually a comment I left on an article about Paul/Williams/Howard free agency (because I am a crazy person). It is obviously insanely long for that format and they most likely won't...

Justin Harper Diary


Justin Harper talking about his experience playing in France.


BOOM goes the dynamite

NBA Player's Union to decertify. 2011-2012 season very likely never to be played. All pre-existing contracts possibly to be voided.


The proposed "Carmelo Anthony Rule"; a blessing, or a curse, or a curse or... a blessing?

  One of the more fascinating caveats coming out of the recent NBA labor talks is the proposed "Carmel Anthony Rule". This rule is designed to hinder superstar movement and to help put a stop to...


Crazy fan trades? Crazy fan trades.

I got bored and started playing around with some trade ideas. Now there is nothing in the internet sports landscape more irrelevant than fan created sports trades. I mean, no matter how great the...

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