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Cool Article about pitching velocity and a little bit about Trout


This article explains Trout's perceived game plan and I think gives some explanation about Weaver's success.

Positive Run Differential


While it is true that the Angels have been bad this year, they have also been unlucky. They now have a positive run differential of +4 despite a record 5 games below .500. Even though it does seem that the Angels seem to have not been able to get the bounces this year, something that can skew the predictions of record based on run differential is the performance of the bullpen. The Orioles by contrast are only +18 in runs, but I would say this is at least partly cause they have an excellent bullpen and the Angels bullpen sucked for most of the first part of the year.

Arte Moreno is a Star **ucker


Arte Moreno busting out the wig, dress and knee pads for star players is especially irritating when you consider he really only does this for OTHER TEAM's stars. The Yankees', Rangers' and Cardinals' stars. He doesn't even appear to realize that the biggest star the Angels have ever really had (at least since the 1980s) plays LF and garners tons of All Star game votes. Of course, what really makes a big star is success in the postseason and poor Trout will never get there, with the Angels, because Arte has effectively handicapped the team for the next 10 years from being able to effectively compete. I hate Arte. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Mike Trout is a horrible fielder


According to bref defensive WAR measure, Mike Trout is a -0.8 WAR fielder (Cabrera is -0.5). He hasn't appeared to be as good this year as last year, but I wouldn't have thought he was actually negative. It makes you wonder about his weight gain if we take this to be an accurate assessment of his fielding. If it is not an accurate measurement, then what should we think about last season? Is there some other reason why his fielding has been bad this year?

Will Trumbo walk across the street?


I am wondering if Trumbo will walk across the street to see his Alma Mater play in the CIF championship game at Angel Stadium.


Mark Saxon now covering the Dodgers

That's a shame. I enjoyed reading his comments on the team and he has been covering the Angels for quite a while.

Joe Saunders: potential FA signing after 2012?


I know this is way early and out of left field, but Joe Saunders looks like he might be a good pick up this offseason if we can't keep Greinke (or maybe even if we do, who knows what Arte will do!?). I doubt he will be bank breakingly expensive and all his peripheral numbers are at the top range of his career. I used to advocate dumping Saunders cause he couldn't strike anyone out, gave up too many homers and walked too many but he's improved every single one of those categories. I really like Haren, but I would have to think Saunders is probably due to make about the same and at this point appears to be the more reliable and better option. (A sentence I never thought I would write, think or say.)

Pujols = Morales


After tonight's game, Pujols' OB% is exactly .001 and his SLG% is exactly .020 better than Morales'. I think it's obvious that Pujols has been more valuable because of his study defense....but offensively that slight edge by Pujols is basically nothing. Morales has been better than I thought and Pujols is still not hitting even as well as you might expect given changes in league and aging and so on... Hopefully, both of them improve on these numbers: both hit some 2Bs and HRs and Pujols drawing some walks so they can become what I think most of us thought they might be able to be going into the season.

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