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OT: NBA Draft/FA Thread

Time for a dedicated NBA thread where hopes get voiced, then dashed. All NBA talk welcome.

Joe Posnanski: Natural Lee

The best way to savor Game 3 that I've seen yet.

Crasnick: Jon Daniels quietly fueled Rangers' rise

Pretty good writeup on our great GM. Nice to see some recognition, even if it does come at the expense of a Mets reference


Spokane Roster

I know this was brought up a little in the last minors thread but just wanted to get some more opinions about it.   From Scott Lucas: 2010 Picks:LHP Justin Earls (31st round)LHP Kevin Johnson...

Hamilton Has Root Canal Infection

This is...odd. But seems temporary


OT: USA vs. CAN Gold Medal Game Discussion Thread

Might as well put this up.  I think we have enough casual interest where this will get populated.    Players Statistics UNITED STATES NO.PLAYERPOSGOALSASSISTSPOINTSPENALTIESPIMSOGPLUS/MINUS 28 ...

Marlins have to increase payroll

Not sure how they can enforce this in a meaningful way. The Marling have to go overpay for a FA? Or just pay their existing guys more?


OT: NBC kicking Conan to the curb?   TMZ suggested Leno at 11:30 might be a half-hour show, with Conan sliding back to midnight. But it's...


OT: Mavs vs. Bucks

!!!!   I shouldn't be this excited for the Mavs beating such a crappy Bucks team but that whole game was such a clusterf starting with the third quarter. And while Drew Gooden has done much to...


OT: Ignore Script

I fixed the ignore script that I had working (briefly) on the last board.  For those that don't know, you can enter in the users that you want to ignore and then all of their posts automatically...

Evan Grant Chat

This is not the official chat link but just be on the look out at around 2


T.O. Just Released

Just announced on Sportscenter Michael W. Smith reporting (he has 2 sources).  Will post links if I get them Wow.  Did not see it coming     words words words words words words words words...


Baseball and the Recession

Link Pretty good article about what the Diamondbacks are trying to do to cope with the recession.  Some Moneyball stuff but more interesting is the focus on what the business side is doing N...

Boys Will Be Boys - Rundown of the 90's Cowboys Antics

Must read. Jeff Pearlman wrote a book about the 90's cowboys and Kissing Suzy Kolber runs down the highlights. So much more respect for that team.

Boys Will Be Boys

Hopefully this hasn't been posted but Jeff Pearlman just wrote a book about the 90's Cowboys and it is chalk full of amazing stories. Kissing Suzy Kolber runs down the high lights. Cannot miss this. I gotta say, makes me love the team even more.


The Mark Connor Myth

It seems to me that on this blog, there is this pervasive idea that once Mark Connor comes for a mound visit, only bad things happen. I have never thought of Mark Connor as good for anything and I...

Best places to live 2008 - Top 100: 1-25 - from MONEY Magazine

Metroplex with some major pwnage (10 cities). Minnesota and New Jersey up there too. Go team!


McCarthy Projection

really, Longhorn - think he'll be injured for the entire season?   BTW - in case you forgot, there's not supposed to be discussion in those projection threads.  thats why we have these.   as...


Botts Projection FanPost

people are going nuts so far with incredibly optimistic projections.  I didn't realize so many people were so high on him


OT: Dirk Goes Down

Almost like a mercy killing for this season.  In some ways, this is more palatable than another 7 game series playoff loss

MLB Transactions Primer

I find myself referring to these a lot


OT: Troll Script

Ok, so I went ahead and made a GreaseMonkey script where you can prevent the posts and diaries of certain users from showing up on your screen.  Obviously, nobody has to use this and I'm probably...


Top 50 Free Agents

Keith Law did a pretty good rundown of the top 50 free agents.  I couldn't actually tell if the rankings reflected his thoughts or what the market valued them as (he ranks eckstein 15 but bashes...


Going to Frisco tonight

Anybody have any advice, things I need to see, stuff I should look out for?Sitting first base side so won't have the opportunity of sitting by scouts which I kind of wanted to do.  


Utley has broken hand

just saw it on Baseball Tonight/Sportscenter whatever I'm watching.  Not sure this really affects anything in terms of trades but I'm not an expert on these things.


Fabio Castillo

What the hell?  Any articles about him being bad at taking instruction or having nagging injuries, or not having as good of stuff as previously seen?ERA:7.04 WHIP: 2.04 BAA: .353 K/9: 6.65 BB/9:...


OT: Joey Chestnutt wins

66-63 beating kobayashi.  Adam will be happy.I actually couldn't care less but felt it should be mentioned.


Hicks says Juan Gone Used Steroids

(Sharky weeps)I really don't care but this is front page on ESPN and its ranger related and it hasn't been reported here so thought I would post ith...

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