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Having Patience with Justin Smoak

If you're here on Lookout Landing reading these words right now, odds are you've already read Dave Cameron's piece on USS Mariner entitled Giving Up on Justin Smoak. In that post, Dave provides a...

Just one more angle from which we are boned


New Astros GM chats with season ticket holders. aandycfb: Do you have any favorite baseball blogs? Jeff Luhnow: Hardball Times, Baseball Prospectus, The Book, among others. There are so many smart people writing about baseball ... it's great for the game


A Bit More On Carlos Peguero's Swinging Ways

While chatting with a fellow LLer on the topic of Carlos Peguero, I wondered aloud if Carlos Peguero was the least disciplined hitter in baseball. Sure he swings at everything, but how does his...


OFFTOP 7/6/10: Fireworks and Stubbornness

The last Offtop is getting thick and you all are a lazy bunch of hyenas, so I'll take on the burden. This 4th of July was the first time that I didn't go to a specific fireworks show and instead...

2009 Season Retrospective: Me


I don't remember exactly when it was that I got into sports. I certainly enjoyed playing them from an early age, but it took me a while to develop an identity as a Seattle sports fan. Blaming your...


The Impact of Seattle's Run Environment

Note: Edited to reflect a more accurate coefficient. The net result is still crazy.  I commented in today's Game Chart thread that I was quite interested in the combined effects of the Mariners...

Jets Get Holmes for a Pittance


We've now learned that allegations of rape don't matter but throwing a drink at a woman gets you the axe.


Managing Our Manager

I like Don Wakamatsu. He comes off as an intelligent and level-headed guy with a good feel for people. Those are certainly useful traits when you are in charge of handling 25 people of various...

Seahawks Sign Ruvell Martin


According to the Seattle PI (and several other sources), the Seahawks signed Ruvell Martin to a one-year deal.. You've all been waiting for a tall receiver and the Queen and Prime Minister have...

Peace Out, Seneca


The beautiful Matt Pittman delivers the beautiful news that Seneca Wallace has been traded to the beautiful Browns for a beautiful undisclosed pick. Beautiful.

Remain Calm, Proceed to the Nearest Exit


The transition between winter and spring does not come linearly. 55 degrees one day, snowing the next. I don't know whether to walk out of the house each morning in gloves and a hat or short...

Seahawks use franchise tag on Olindo Mare

Via Matt Pitman's Twitter. The new front office continues in their quest to make their kickers wealthy.


It's late as hell in Chicago. Why am I awake? BECAUSE IT'S CURLING. Curling is awesome, and so awesome that I shall stay awake through the tenth end of this match. Why should you watch? The...

Neat Breakdown on Hitting Zones


Who are the best and worst five pitchers in each of the 9 zones?

Jim Mora Fired


Jay Glazer is reporting that the Seahawks have sent Jim Mora Jr. back from whence he came. After a season in which the Seahawks failed on nearly every level, Mora is out of a job. I'm not...

Saturday Evening College Bowl Thread


Arkansas / East Carolina and Michigan State / Texas Tech. Endless football marches on. Enjoy it, because the long hiatus approaches. 

Popular Opinion is Just That


If you look to assign blame for the crumbling of the Seahawks, the potential targets are plentiful. Perhaps when everything falls apart this markedly, there's enough blame to hand out to each and...

MNF Open Game Thread


Brady. Brees. Maroney. Thomas. Moss. Colston. Sharper. Applebee's commercials starring Chris Berman, and of course, Ron Jaworski's incredulous chin wagging. Talk about appointment television!

Selig to Step Down in 2012


Selig finally falling on his sword for allowing a tie in a meaningless baseball game.

More brain damage for Roethlisberger


Your brain is important. Concussions are bad. Four concussions in 3+ years is even worse.

Sunday Early Gamethread


No Seahawks this week. Instead, we have the privilege of watching Favre and Big Ben challenge the limits of pocket protection. 

Public Service Announcement


This is why we love football, after all. Anything can and will happen in any given play, game, or season. Anything except Seattle winning, of course. Doormats turn around and wear the crown and the...


Seahawks at Colts Open Thread

The Colts are going to score. Given the health of the defense and the Manning across the line of scrimmage, the Seahawks offense had better put together a strong performance against an indy...

Tatupu to donate brain to science


Concussions in athletes are generally brushed off as fairly insignificant. Seeing as how cells in your brain don't regenerate well (or at all), brain trauma is nothing to ignore. Lofa Tatupu is making a pretty generous gift.

Quick Friday Editorial: LeGarrette Blount and the Ruskell Code


A week and a half ago, John brought up an open thread for the public lusting after college running backs. Not only were we all looking at backs that caught our fancy, but: So to head off every...

Bedard not going anywhere


Also, both Don Wakamatsu and Rob Johnson think that Bedard may be hurt. I wonder what Bedard thinks?

Goodbye Field Gulls


113 posts. That is the extent of my career at Field Gulls. While I've had a good time over the last six months, I am sad to say that I am moving on from this wonderful site after having just been...

Now With More Home Field Advantage


Last week we talked about the validation of the Advanced NFL Stats WP model, and Brian Burke noted in his writeup that WP still failed to account for home field advantage. Now it does. Although...

Top 20


It really is that sparse, so here's new blogger Jason La Canfora's top 20 NFL players, in no particular order. Note that Walter Jones made the cut, which is fairly questionable at this...

Goodell and Mora Reach Summit



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