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Assessing the Accuracy of WP


Between John and I, there have been a couple of posts at FG related to the Advanced NFL Stats Win Probability charts. If you've paid any attention, you know just how neat they are. If you are a...

Still Unsigned


It's not easy to keep track of every single roster move by every team in the NFL, especially when your vested interest lies with one team. That's why I was somewhat surprised when I saw this list...

Five Year Salary Numbers


Here's a quick hit and run, as I left for SF several hours before this piece automatically published. Being the magnanimous soul that I am, I didn't want to leave you without something to read just...

The Yellow Line


Let's try a little game. I'm going to pose a series of three questions, and you will answer them one by one in your head. Don't follow the link until you've answered all three. In your head,...

See the Seahawks for Free


at training camp. Well, sort of free. Transportation to and from the facilities will cost $5 a head. Details courtesy of the PI. The team announced Tuesday that fans can attend practices at the S...

Carlson on 2009


While rarely informative, I always enjoy hearing athletes talk*. While some of that stems from the entertainment value inherent in watching someone like Chris "Birdman" Anderson try to deliver...

Over and Under


I'll keep it brief as I'm limited on time this morning. Football Outsiders (Aaron Schatz, specifically) assembled a list of the 25 most overrated and 25 most underrated players of the last decade....

When Should You Hold?


Probability is neat. Brian Burke, the wizard behind the Advanced NFL Stats studies, strikes again. If you don't know the drill by now (follow the link!), you probably voted "13-14" on the poll...

How Many Wins?


It's too early in the offseason to have a serious go at looking at schedules in the attempt to figure out how many games the Seahawks can expect to realistically win. Sure, part of that is the...

Excitement Index and Comeback Factor


Over the last couple of weeks, John has occasionally put up a FanShot with a Win Probability graph from Advanced NFL Stats. As cool as those charts are, Advanced NFL Stats has taken it to another...

Roster Spots


Every so often, Eric Williams puts together a look at the Seahawk roster and how the various positions shake out. He provides the average number of players kept at each position in the past, and...

A Friday Editorial: Stallworth and Goodell


Stallworth's suspension shows inconsistency from the Commissioner.

More Cap Learnin'


Two weeks ago, we looked at how teams manage their salary cap. Since the Hawks have not yet signed all of their players, let's take a look at how teams generally structure deals for players taken...

Curry on the Radio


For those who didn't catch the KJR interview yesterday, here's Aaron Curry with Mitch. Aaron Curry is genuinely nice.

NFC Building Blocks


Football Outsiders has a two part series going over at ESPN regarding potential key pieces for the 2009 season. You will likely need to be an Insider to read all of it. In the NFL, the ascension...

The End of Minicamp


Now that minicamp is over, the Seahawks have about seven weeks until training camp. For a wrap up of the minicamp, here's USA Today. How did Jim Mora feel about the work to date? "We had an...

An Interview with Forsett


Thanks to Eric Williams and his access to training camp, you all get the privilege of listening to his interview with Justin Forsett. Unlike the Brian Russell interview from earlier that was...

Branch and his Knee


Most post-injury player articles look the same. When asked about their injury and subsequent recovery, players invariably say something along the lines of, "I'm stronger than ever and feel better...

Tour the Facility with Matthew


Light news week? No problem! has a video tour of the Seahawks facilities, guided by Matt Hasselbeck. Always wondered what the Seahawk facilities looked like? Here's your chance.

One Down


The Seahawks yesterday agreed to terms with 7th round pick Courtney Greene. Just what were those terms? Four years, $1.75 million (with $43,000 as a signing bonus). If you take a look around the...

Does Payroll Matter?


Is there a relationship between NFL team payroll and success?

Cap Efficiency


Any NFL GM could probably spend the entirety of their salary cap before the bathroom mirror steams up; how they spend it is another story all together. This isn't baseball, where the Yankee pay...

Ken Lucas Via KJR Via TNT


Ken Lucas had a chat with KJR which the always intrepid Eric Williams wrote up. Lucas answered questions about his return to Seattle, the Steve Smith incident, and the state of Ken Lucas at age 30. ...

Down Goes Roehl


As a follow up to yesterday's discussion on injuries with respect to an extended season, undrafted free agent Tyler Roehl tore the ACL in his left knee. "I just planted my foot, my foot stayed...

More Games, More Injuries


If you've paid any attention to general NFL news lately, you know that there are more than a handful of parties pushing for an 18 game NFL schedule. To that end, the NFL even produced a study...

More Plays: Hackett Bunch Skinny Post


When we last left the Football Outsiders playbook, the focus was on goal line deception. Today we look at the bunch formation, specifically from the 2007 2006 Seahawks.  The situation: first...

Tight End Usage on the Goal Line


As is par for the course in Southern California this time of year, the early indicators point to another drought over the summer. Water rationing will kick in sooner or later, and that means being...

Editorial: Quiet Time


Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton went on a radio show in Atlanta on Tuesday and offered his thoughts on Brett Favre. Ordinarily, players and former players alike think of themselves as part of a...

Underdogs and Risk


More from Advanced NFL Stats, this time an analysis of game strategy for underdogs.When facing a team of superior talent, should an NFL team play more conservatively and hope for mistakes from the...

Talk Amongst Yourselves

35's Rob Rang chimes in with his thoughts on some of the most impressive looking rookies so far. Seeing as how I'm currently enjoying flu-like symptoms, go ahead and discuss the...

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