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The Hero Speaks


Eric Williams at the TNT had a chance to talk with Brian Russell regarding the defense. He actually posted the audio from the exchange. He seems like a genuinely nice guy and he seems like he will...


The Miguel Batista Memorial Book cLLub: Genesis

The Lookout Landing community is saturated with intellectual curiosity and a healthy quest for knowledge. As such, we are starting a book club. This will not be some shoddy assemblage of retired...

Hawks Sign Tony Taylor


This is the day everyone has been waiting for. Excitement levels, having previously reached a fever pitch, have finally bubbled over. The Seahawks inked former University of Georgia linebacker Tony...

The Screen Package


Football news in general is unusually slow this week, so I've been on the hunt for something of interest. Lo and behold, I stumbled across a neat section of Football Outsiders that details and...

Speculation and Vick


Michael Vick gets his release from prison today. As you might imagine, columns speculating about Vick's return are popping up like dandelions. John Clayton wrote one such article, and for some...

Should a Rookie QB Start?


Carson Palmer sat. David Carr didn't. Risk Mirer started. Drew Brees didn't. For every highly-drafted rookie quarterback, there is a  debate about whether they should get the keys to the offense or...

Gruden Joins MNF


The combination of Tony Kornheiser, Mike Tirico, and Ron Jaworski did not work for Monday Night Football. It clearly wasn't Tirico's fault, as he provided the same caliber of vanilla that he can...

Shaun Alexander is an Interesting Guy


Shaun Alexander had an interesting career with Seattle. His physical decline is well documented, but he was quite the character as well. I always found Shaun to be a strange mix of humility and...

FO Previews the NFC West


Today's post is sort of a hit and run. The always wonderful Football Outsiders has a series of division previews, and here is their look at the NFC West. The Seahawks portion won't be anything...

More on Teel


While some of the information in the latest Seattle Times piece on Mike Teel is nothing new, the article brings up a few interseting points. Had I seen anyTeel interviews before the draft, it...

Et Tu, Holmgren?


The news broke this morning that Mike Holmgren apparently wants back into football in some capacity and The Washington Post has the story. Luckily for you, KSK got into the story before I could (as...

You Can't Put a Pricetag on Happiness


For most of us, it's probably true that happiness has no price. There actually are, however, circumstances in which it's easy to figure out what happiness is worth to someone. In the words of...

Sims and Spencer Return, and Hasselbeck's Guns


First comes a piece from the Times on the recovery of Rob Sims and Chris Spencer. Apparently, torn pectoral muscles and bulging disks make it difficult to play football. The article is pretty short...

The Bucket Brigade


Why did Champ Bailey have a quiet year in 2008 while Cortland Finnegan erupted onto the scene? Tennessee built a better dam. While the Seahawks have one of the best linebacking corps in all of...

Another Look at Draft Success


This time, from Advanced NFL Stats. The study put together by Brian Burke may remind you of the one that LantermanC put together a ways back, using Pro Bowl Selections and years as a starter as...



Red Bryant is a large man. His development is also potentially a large part of the Hawks defensive tackle rotation. According to Dave Boling at the TNT, he likes sushi. Sure, there are a lot of...

Early Word from Minicamp


Actual football activities! Players in uniform! A bunch of guys you've never heard of, most of whom will likely be cut! Danny O'Neil of the Seattle Times got some quotes and put together an early...

Made for Seattle


Over the last few days we've taken a look at Aaron Curry, Nick Reed, and Mike Teel. Because I can hear everyone clamoring to find out a little about Deon Butler, I suppose I'll allow it. One...

Only Time Will Teel*


*Forgive me. Please forgive me. Leading up to the draft, there was a reasonable quantity of verbiage spent talking about the quarterback drafting process. Not only did we learn that first round...

Meet Nick Reed


Nick Reed was one of the three 7th round compensatory picks for the Hawks on Sunday. Since Reed may make the roster, it is certainly a good idea to learn a little about him. The Oregonian has a...

Meet Aaron Curry


Yesterday, John put together draft grades for Curry, Unger, and Butler. Today, let's comb through an article on Aaron Curry the human, as opposed to Aaron Curry the soon-to-be nouveau riche 254...



The undrafted free agents are quickly disappearing from the ranks of free agency as teams snatch them up. While I have yet to come across a proper list of the entire undrafted group and their...

Some Pre-Draft Reading Material


Here are a few interesting pieces that you may want to read before the draft starts tomorrow: In case you haven't read The Blind Side, here is a USA Today piece on Michael Oher. The Hawks are...

Drafting Linebackers


Advanced NFL Stats has continued their series on draft scarcity, this time focusing on linebackers. We've certainly seen the Seahawks build a linebacking corps out of guys drafted after the first...

Hooray for More Fluff


If we were to compile every rumor or opinion on the upcoming draft, things would get fairly confusing. In the interest of furthering your confusion, here's one more sprinkle of fairy dust. Jim Mora...

More Boldin Talk


I'll be brief today as work beckons. According to ESPN via the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens are unlikely to participate in a trade for Anquan Boldin due to both financial reasons and a pick scarcity. ...

Organizational Change via ctrl+i


Hey, it worked for the Devil Rays.

Expect the #4 Pick to Wear Blue


After what feels like an absolute eternity, we're now 5 days away from the draft. As speculation and hype reach a fever pitch, I always find myself tuning out the various talking heads so as to...

Eagles to trade for Jason Peters


Instead of trading both first rounders to move up for a left tackle, the Eagles will spend a 1st and a 4th to get someone with experience.

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