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A "Reasonable Fantasy" Roster Projection for 2014-2015

For many a fan, the early stage of the off-season is a time to play Armchair GM with their favorite team, putting together fantasy rosters and imagining what their favorite team could look like if...

BREAKING NEWS - NHL amends 2010 "Kovalgate" sanctions and returns a 1st round pick to the Devils


The Devils get the 30th pick in the 2014 draft instead of one based on where they finish. They also get the fine money back.


Is Patrik Elias a Hall of Famer? A statistical comparison to a contemporary that might surprise you!

A common pastime among NHL fans is to look at a particular player and judge their Hall of Fame worthiness. On occasion, the topic has arisen in places such as ILWT regarding the case of Patrik...


The Solution to the Media-Driven "Tempest in a Teapot" that is Ilya Kovalchuk and the KHL

It seems to me that the major "subject of conversation" around the New Jersey Devils the last several days is Ilya Kovalchuk and the KHL. Whether or not he wants to come back to North America...


A Paean to Ilya Kovalchuk

Wander into many a thread here at In Lou We Trust and it's quite likely one will find a heated argument about one of the current New Jersey Devils with strong advocates on either side of the issue...

Raffi Torres suspended 25 games


Which guarantees that Torres will not play again in these playoffs and will miss at least Opening Night next season. .... Not that I'm upset by the severity of the suspension, but isn't the Wheel of Justice getting a little wobbly here? It's quite a leap from the previous high of five games to Torres' punishment.


Where has the Secondary Scoring gone? *or* Time to Change the Lines?

The Devils sport a gaudy 6-3-1 record since the calendar turned to March. They rank 10th in the League in goals scored. The offense has exploded to key several third period wins.... but they've...

TSN projects the NHL's Top 300 Scorers for next season


Someone seems to be expecting a BIG bounceback year from Zach Parise, Ilya Kovalchuk to have similar numbers to last season.... and not a whole lot of offense from anyone else on the club. If one factors in their projections for "Games Played", TSN also seems to think Sidney Crosby will once again be the best player on the planet.... but that doesn't mean much to the Devils.

David Steckel takes a verbal swing at Alex Semin


It was "news" about two weeks ago when Florida Panthers' forward (and recent ex-Washington Capital) Matt Bradley "made derogatory comments about former teammate Alexander Semin. Now another ex-Capital (and current Devil), David Steckel, has chimed in and echoed similar sentiments. Is there any truth to Bradley's and Steckel's comments? Is this the sort of thing we want David Steckel saying? Is this the sort of thing the Powers That Be in the New Jersey hierarchy really want their players saying?

Markov re-signs in Montreal


A lot of money for a guy who is terrific when he is healthy (but often is not). Did Montreal overpay, or is this the perceived market value of an offensive defenseman? Does this mean Tomas Kaberle and Joni Pitkanen are about to become very wealthy men, and could this end up pricing Andy Greene out of a Devils' uniform?


Who is the Worst Draft Pick in New Jersey Devils' History?

Many moons ago, with the Devils securely owning the NHL cellar, I wrote an article asking who the best draft pick in Devils' history was.  It seemed topical for the moment, considering we were all...

Bye Bye Thrashers


Toronto's "Globe and Mail" rpeorting the Thrashers are signed, sealed, and delivered to True North Sports and Entertainment, which means we've got a winner in the "Who plays in Winnipeg" sweepstakes.


Might Matt Cooke make a good Devil?

Considering the elbowing incident on Sunday combined with his past incident history, it doesn't come as much of a surprise that Pittsburgh Penguins winger Matt Cooke was suspended for the balance...

Another gratuitous Burnside shot


I shouldn't even justify Scott Burnside's existence with this link. I shouldn't do anything that might increase the number of hits on the article -- in turn making ESPN think he's a credible writer. But I'll do it anyhow. In his commentary on Kovalchuk and what it has done to the Devils, he mentions Zubrus being placed on waivers on Tuesday. Since I haven't seen a sniff of this "story" anywhere else on the internet, is Burnside simply inventing facts again to fit his narrative.... or did I simply miss something?


Who is the Best Draft Pick in New Jersey Devils' History?

  With nearly half the season behind us, and the 2010-2011 New Jersey Devils mired in last place in the NHL, there's been considerable chatter on this site about the upcoming draft.  What the team...

Rolston clears waivers, in lineup tonight


So much for the hopes that the Islanders would claim him.... or any other team for that matter.


Are We Looking At the 2006-2007 Flyers?

Over the last fifteen seasons (going back to 1993-1994), the New Jersey Devils have been one of the elite franchises of the National Hockey League.  With three Stanley Cups, five appearances in the...

Isles' Wisniewski suspended


Two completely unrelated thoughts on this one: 1. Doesn't Sean Avery deserve whatever he gets? Shouldn't we be buying Wisniewski a drink as our way of saying "thank you"? 2. How is it that Wisniewski is already suspended, but they haven't gotten around to a hearing for the Blackhawks' Niklas Hjalmarsson yet? Just wondering.


How I see the East

  Everyone else has their views on how the season will go, from pundits to average fans and back again.  Here's how I see things breaking down, and why:15.  Florida PanthersThe Panthers are in the...

Penn State starting a Division I Hockey Program


Always good to see growth in the collegiate game in the United States. And as a Wisconsin alum, I'm thrilled to see another Big Ten school adding ice hockey to their offerings.

Belanger off the board


For those of you hoping that Eric Belanger might be the third-line center, looks like it is back to Square One....

Bye Bye Bill Guerin


Anyone hoping to see the Devils bring back Bill Guerin for a second stint similar to past returns of Holik, Shanahan, Rolston, et al, will be disappointed. He's on his way to Philly, instead.

One last comic "fluff" piece on the Kovalchuk saga


Given the past several days have been a circus, why not get a chuckle at someone else's satirical take on the whole affair?

Kovalchuk mess creates another unhappy agent?


Not that Savard's agent isn't saying anything we haven't about Ringmaster Gary and the Great Toronto/New York Circus.... but it's always nice to see such warmhearted sentiments.

Burnside thinking positive?


Hate to cite Twitter, and hate to cite Burnside even more.... but there you have it, Scotty's opinion.

Looking at the Richard Bloch Fiasco


You'll have to scroll past the first story (Roger Clemens and his big mouth), but ESPN's legal analyst looks at just where the arbitration hearing went wrong and why the NHLPA was at fault. Considering he also wrote the analysis two weeks earlier on why the Devils/NHLPA/Kovy had something close to a slam-dunk case, it makes for an interesting read.

Training the next generation of goons!


Hey, I guess someone has to teach the Flyers' tykes how to swing the fists and take cheap shots at players before they reach the NHL where it is expected of them....

Devils, Fraser agree to deal


Pretty much what the link title says. Reportedly, one year and half a million dollars.


Memo to Scott Burnside

Well, folks, in light of the Ilya Kovalchuk signing, the ESPN hockey writer we all love to hate is back at it again.  As we've all noted for quite some time, now, Scott Burnside likes to paint the D...

Simon Gagne, the ex-Flyer


While everyone is watching the red cape that is the Kovy re-signing, the matador that is the Flyers just whacked their salary cap problems over the head.

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