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Romo And The Best Deep Passers in the NFL


Terrific chartalysis of QB throws between '08-'13 counting deep throws as those going 20+ yds downfield. Disappointing to note that while Romo ranks 8th in ypa on deep throws and 10th in accuracy, he only ranks 22nd in deep throw %age.

Romo Discussion is plagerized


How did Arnold plagiarize Kacsmar’s previous work? He has a personal blog where he has posted the similarities. I’ll just point out a few, but rest assured, this is only a sampling.

Sturm gushes about Tyron Smith (Matchup vs. Robert Quinn)


Every game this season, the Cowboys leave Smith on an island with the best pass rusher on the opposing team and expect him to handle his business. As Sturm states: "I can't stress enough how little help Tyron gets from anyone - which is the greatest compliment ever."

Great Primer on Defending the Read-Option


With multi-faceted QBs now attaining great success in the NFL, especially the ex-Baylor Bear now in the NFC East, this article looks at some of the strategies DCs can use to stop this potent offense. Will defenses adapt fast enough to ensure the success of the read-option is remembered as a mere flash in the pan, or will offenses managed by these dual-threat QBs have it as a staple in their playbook for years to come?

Rank Your Top 3 Choices at Pick 18!

Here are the RulesRank your top 3 prospects from the following players that are realistic for the Cowboys at pick 18: Warmack, Cooper, Vaccaro, Richardson, Werner, Other (please specify). Rank your top 3 in order of preference. No 1a, 1b or anything of that sort -- man up and make a decision. Here's mine: 1. Warmack2. Richardson3. Cooper At the end of this exercise, I will tally the votes.

Draft Production Ratio (DPR): The First Component of DPI [updated]

[Update at end of post] Thank you everyone that took some time to read the introduction to DPI, in which I talked about what this new metric is meant to represent and the principles that I tried...


Introducing a New Draft Metric, Drafting Proficiency Index (DPI)

Over a series of upcoming posts, I would like to present Drafting Proficiency Index (DPI), a player score that represents his value to his drafting team in the first five years of his career. How...

Kawann Short Pro Day


Short was bothered by a nagging hamstring and was unable to perform at the Combine or the Purdue Pro Day. Results: 40 yd 5.08 s Bench 29 reps Vertical 27" Broad jump 8' 4" 3 Cone 7.55 s Shuttle 4.65 s To see how he compares with the stats from Indianapolis, please check OCC's excellent post on participating DTs here:

Romo Extension Close


Nothing necessarily super exciting, but I wanted to point out that the two sides are talking, so if anyone's holding on to the daydream that Romo will not be extended, they ought to let that go.

Jerry Richardson: Carolina Panthers Owner and Entitled Old Prat


Deadspin reveals some leaked documents that show the Panthers turning a healthy profit of $100m in the years they were readying for the lockout, and subsequently crying financial hardship at the bargaining table. This was going on as the Panthers went 2-14 and Richardson claimed negative cashflow of $200m. All the while NFL owners were sitting on a brand new TV deal that starts in 2014 and is expected to generate even greater revenue. Of course, now Richardson wants to renovate the stadium for $300m and expects the city of Charlotte and the state of N. Carolina to pick up 2/3rds of the tab. Ugh. Anyway, it's a fascinating read and rare peek behind the NFL's financial iron curtain -- the same one that even the NFLPA could not breach. Just like the Cowboys draft board in 2010, it's one of those things you may never see again.

Cowboys have had only 14 picks in rds 1-3 since 2007


This number, from Vela, came via a discussion with Sturm of the Ticket. In the same period, the Pats have 25 (!!). Giants and Iggles tied at 19 and Redskins are league-worst at 13. Relevant quote: You can't keep pace with guys like Newsome, Reece and Belichick when they get one to two more early round picks than your team every year unless you hit it big in free agency. It's a vicious cycle towards mediocrity.

Are Sack stats overrated?


PFF analyzes why sack #s can grossly misrepresent a player's value, and how the stats themselves are subject to great variation.

Cowboys too good for RB screens or playaction pass On the season, the Cowboys have run only 10...

Cowboys too good for RB screens or playaction pass On the season, the Cowboys have run only 10 screens—four of which were quick screens to receivers. Thus, in seven games, we’ve seen six true running back screens from Dallas. The Cowboys have never been a big screen team under Garrett—the most they’ve ever run in a season is just under four per game. Still, to attempt just over a single screen pass per game—and not even one screen per game to a running back—is mind-boggling. Read full article here Pro Football Focus recently published stats on playaction passes for quarterbacks around the NFL, and their results fit with what we’ve seen from the Cowboys—Romo is asked to throw fewer playaction passes than any quarterback in the NFL. The lack of playaction looks is so dramatic that, using PFF’s numbers, the difference between Romo and the 31st-ranked quarterback—Philip Rivers—is greater than between Rivers and the next 11 quarterbacks. Read full article here

Always two there are. No more, no less. A master and an apprentice Thought the caption and the pic...

Always two there are. No more, no less. A master and an apprentice Thought the caption and the pic were pretty funny. From the Cowboys entry in Yahoo's Fantasy Football Juggernaut Index.

Dez Bryant has a midnight curfew


Here are some of the other "guidelines" from the Cowboys: • A midnight curfew. If he's going to miss curfew, team officials must know in advance • No drinking alcohol • He can't attend any strip clubs and can only attend nightclubs if they are approved by the team and he has a security team with him • He must attend counseling sessions twice a week • A rotating three-man security team will leave one man with Bryant at all times • Members of the security team will drive Bryant to practices, games and team functions Tough love from the Cowboys, and I know Bryant will chafe a bit. Hopefully, he gets some more leeway soon due to good behavior.

The new Odd Couple. Next time: matching hats!


The new Odd Couple. Next time: matching hats!

Look who just pulled in.!/dallascowboys/status/195936180854980608/photo/1


Look who just pulled in.!/dallascowboys/status/195936180854980608/photo/1

Sturm LOVES him some Fletcher Cox


I respect Sturm a lot because in addition to being a media type, his writing also has the perspective of a fan. Here, he strongly advocates for Cox at #14: When you watch all of the defensive line prospects year after year, you quickly are able to eliminate players who do not seem to back up their workouts with game tape. For instance, it is great to hear you can bench press 225 25 or 30 times, but how come you don't look that strong on the field when you are playing? Your quickness is intriguing, but where was it when your team needed it last fall? That is not the problem with Fletcher Cox. I think of all of the defensive line prospects in this draft, Cox's game film is the most impressive. He demands double teams, and he often splits them. He is a destructive force against the run, seldom being pushed back, but often working his way into the backfield. He beats most single-team match ups. He anchors well against the run and yet gets to the Quarterback with sacks and pressures. 5.5 sacks may not sound like much, but if you watch him on film, there are plenty of plays where he is running at the QB and forcing him into the waiting arms of a team-mate. Read the whole thing, and tell me you won't be psyched if Cox dons the Star on draft day.

Only $17m under the cap in 2012?


The link goes to Tim McMahon's plan to fix the Cowboys by signing Nicks and drafting Kirkpatrick. I say both unlikely, but whatever. Anyway, the interesting part was the following quote -- That would eat up a major chunk of the estimated $17 million the Cowboys are expected to have under the salary cap after they take care of housekeeping issues such as cutting Newman. Does anyone have more information on that particular figure? From that other fanpost recently (here), a number of folks were convinced the team had $30m to play with.

Romo wants to right the ship in Dallas


Fantastic post-game interview of Romo from the NFLN with Deion Sanders and Marshall Faulk. Very candid and open on both sides, and tons of great little details. Also, interesting to see how Romo and Cowboys value their offensive possessions.

Anatomy of a Sack (Starring DeMarcus Ware)


A glimpse into the mind of DeMarcus Ware in the 3 seconds it takes him to get to the QB.

Thanksgiving Memories: Romo romp


After seeing Romo play at all-world level on Sunday, I thought back to the Thanksgiving game vs the Bucs in 2006. Romo's 5 TDs (Edit: link is to NFL videos)

Thought: Felix as kick-returner I have seen a few posts now calling for Felix to reclaim his spot...

Thought: Felix as kick-returner I have seen a few posts now calling for Felix to reclaim his spot as kick-returner. And I wanted to say this is a great idea. The main reason, I felt, that Felix has not done this since his rookie year is the fear of injury as his carries started to increase. However, now that Murray has proven to be the main back, there is no reason that Felix should not play KR. I think we can all agree that he has been electric in this capacity, and this can only add to his value on the Cowboys as well as give the ST a very potent weapon.

Gosselin's crystal ball predicts a time of woe

Ok, maybe I overstate, but we had zero fun in free agency. You cannot deny this! And now, an excerpt: Is this a quieter, less-spending version of Jerry Jones? This is a Jerry Jones that has to get his salary cap fixed. I mean, this team has been a financial mess. Like I said, next year they already have $20 million in dead money on the books and the cap doesn’t figure to go over the $120 million it is right now. I wouldn’t expect him to be very active next year either. I think this team has to get younger and has to get it’s cap fixed. And I think you’re going to see a year and a half of rebuilding. I think 2013 is the year you’ll see the Cowboys make their run. Those older guys in Philadelphia will have lost a step. They have to get younger. I think they have to overhaul this offensive line. Next year you could see four guys under the age of 28 on the offensive line. This team has got a salary cap issue and they have to get younger as a result. Two years of rebuilding! Say it ain't so, Goose, say it ain't so...

Dan Snyder -- Czar of Douchedom


Just an A through Z chronicling of the rare kind of scumbag that is Dan Snyder. There really is no other way to say it -- what a d!ck. Enjoy a small sample... Market Segments: How Snyder viewed cancer patients and diabetics during his marketing days. In a 2000 interview for a PBS show called CEO Exchange, Snyder told host Jeff Greenfield that his business depended on coming up with "$5 million niches" that he could sell goods and services to. Asked for examples of his methodology, Snyder said, "We were looking at trend lines. We saw that the aging baby boomer demographics were coming on strong. That meant there’s going to be a lot more diabetic patients, a lot more cancer patients, etc. How do we capture those market segments?"

Best Summation of the Cowboys from an Opposing Fan TXTTN wrote: "Ya - the Cowboys are a really bad...


Best Summation of the Cowboys from an Opposing Fan TXTTN wrote: "Ya - the Cowboys are a really bad matchup for us. They're defense is a physcial pressure defense that plays the run well and they have big, athletic recievers and a QB who is not afraid to press the ball down the field and over the middle - our defense is set-up to funnel the ball to the middle of the field, especially in the passing game. They are a lot like th Chargers, who we have well documented problems with. The only hope is that they have some of the mental lapses they are prone to or that Jason Garrett outsmarts himself like he does many times and puts in too many cute wrinkles and rhythm-killing plays. It is unfortunate that we really need to open our offesne up, but we don't take the chances against mediocre defenses, like Denver's. Now against the Cowboys pressure front, we probably do need to be somewhat careful, but our offense has no confidence or rhythm - looks like a tough week." Emphasis is mine -- in one line, his analysis of our faults is better than anyone's on ESPN.

Your Cowboys 2010 Season -- Here We GO!!

Ah yes, it's almost time...this morning was spent looking at highlights from every single Cowboys game of the 2009 season, and it was totally worth it. So, without much ado, follow me after the...

Do the Cowboys have too many WRs?


I'm going to let Bob Sturm speak for himself: COWBOYS ---------------------------------- One thing that will be extremely interesting to see this season is how the Cowboys decide to spend most of their snaps on offense based on personnel groupings. I absolutely think the Cowboys had an effective offense in 2009, but there were certain things it did far better than others. For instance, there is no question that they were a better power running team than they were a wide open "Shotgun 3-wide" passing attack. And they knew it. Take those final 2 games against Philadelphia in consecutive weeks – 1 to win the division title, and 1 more to advance in the playoffs. In those 2 games to finish the season where the Cowboys offense looked wonderful in 2 blowout victories over the hated Eagles, the Cowboys went 3-wide on exactly 37 of 138 plays (26%). That may sound like quite a bit to you, unless you consider that 101 of 138 plays (74%), the Cowboys had only 1 or 2 WR on the field at the same time. So, with all of this conjecture in the off season about which WR is #2 (Bryant or Williams?) and which is #3 (Bryant or Williams or Crayton?) you can understand a small amount of consternation from the players involved. They know that last year, when the game was in great doubt, aside from the 2-minute offense, Jason Garrett and the offense preferred power-run looks that had both Jason Witten and Martellus Bennett on the field plowing run paths and setting up play-action passes. And that simply means that many times, WRs were standing on the sideline watching. Based on the numbers from we see that of the 1247 snaps that the Cowboys took last season, Jason Witten took 99% of the snaps. Roy Williams 73%, Miles Austin 69% (remember his limited role in the first 4 weeks), Patrick Crayton 50%, Sam Hurd 9%, and Kevin Ogletree 5% of the snaps. Martellus Bennett, whose numbers are very important – because when he is on the field, a WR must step off it – was on the field 46% of the time last year because of his ability to run block (Obviously not his ability to make catches last season). And young blocking TE was out there 19% of the time, demonstrating their love for power football. Where do you go in 2010? Dez Bryant has everyone so excited with the options and the possibilities. But, in 2009, the bread and butter of the team in base down and distance situations was to only have 2 Wideouts on the field at the same time. Remember, in 2008, the Cowboys had so many weapons and so many possibilities that during the week, we all wondered what aerial attack was going to have the opponent begging for mercy on Sunday. But, when the game arrived, Garrett, Tony Romo, and the gang could not figure out how to use Terrell Owens, Williams, Witten, Crayton, and the gang all together. It just didn’t compute to moving the ball. So, slowly, the transition to "Romo-Friendly" began. That was code for "more run plays out of more run-based formations". And, it worked. The Cowboys had a progress-filled 2009. They showed that simplifying was the key to their success. Create confusion for the defense about whether the play was a run or a pass. This will allow more room in the secondary. With Dez Bryant, it appears the idea is to go back to 2008. More WRs on the field. More pass declarations before the snap. More aerial attack! Will it work? They have plenty of work to do. And now, you can understand why the Cowboys take work in May and June so seriously. I suspect the offense is attempting to figure this riddle out now so it makes sense in September.

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