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USA Today Review of Georgia Tech Football


This is probably the best national review of Georgia Tech football I've seen...ever. The author of this article, Paul Myerberg, actually did some research. He also provides a link to FTRS, so bring on the pageviews!

T.J. Barnes Making Noise at Jaguars Training Camp


T.J. Barnes has made some noise at Jaguars training camp, impressing in pass rush drills (albeit against back up players). The head coach would like to see how well he can keep it up at that size, but notes that he carries his weight well and is showing his skill.

Perception or Reality?

I'm thinking about how this recruiting class has been received and how much of that depends on seemingly arbitrary decisions made by the recruiting sites.

Report: Kelly Leaving for FSU, Will Not Be DC


Ken Suguira from the AJC has reported that Charles Kelly will leave Georgia Tech to become the linebacker coach at FSU. After a strong showing as the interim defensive coordinator in the ACC Championship Game and the Sun Bowl, many wanted Kelly to become the permanent defensive coordinator. It looks like that won't happen now.

Whether You Like It or Not, It Starts


Let's face it, quarterback is the most important position in football, regardless of the scheme. He handles the ball on (nearly) every snap, makes decisions on protection, decides who to throw the...

Bold Prediction Part The Third: More than Half of Tech’s Starting Lineup Will Play on Sundays


Many people claim that Paul Johnson cannot recruit Division I talent, but the fact of the matter is that many players on the roster will get a legitimate shot at playing in the NFL. While I...

Stephen Hill Interview with SB Nation


Amy K. Nelson sits down with New York Jets second round draft pick Stephen Hill at the 2012 NFLPA Rookie Premiere in Hollywood, CA. Hill mentions how he's proud of his physicality that he developed while blocking for Georgia Tech, among other things.

Tech's Quarterback Situation


Straight from the horse's mouth. Paul Johnson gives some good insight into the upcoming quarterback position battle.

Derek Dooley On Why Over-Signing is Good


I'll agree that putting the 25 player limit on each class won't necessarily end over-signing. Everything else...well, I'll let you read why Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley says over-signing is good for players.

With the 30th Selection of the 2012 NFL Draft, the 49ers select....


Stephen Hill, WR, Georgia Tech? According to DraftTek's computer simulation of the NFL draft, that's one possibility. At least the computers are on Hill's side.

Smart Football Looks at the Interplay of Recruiting, Schemes, and Greatness


"For the truly elite-level recruiting teams, I think the agnosticism of pro-style treats them well because they basically recruit incredible players and then figure out the system and scheme later..." "For everyone else having an identity and being somewhat contrarian helps a lot because it allows you to focus your recruiting on guys that can help you...It also means the traditional scouting services may overrated or underrate your recruiting class — you may have gotten a bunch of guys who will contribute but get a low ranking, or you may have missed a lot of guys you needed but wind up with a disproportionately high ranking because you got one or two guys who, while helpful, may not even be your most productive guys." Interesting read if you guys have time.

Georgia Tech v. Miami: The Aftermath


After seeing Georgia Tech drop its second straight game, I can't help but ask myself two things: what happened, and what should we do about it?  This isn't anything new either.  The offense has...

Offense Was Cruising Early In the Season, Are They On Cruise Control Now?


What do we think when we hear 2011 Georgia Tech Offense? How about record setting?...explosive? game-esque?  Perhaps if you've been asleep for a few weeks, that's what you'd say.  With the...

Broken 'Backers Bring Challenges


Now that we're approaching the bulk of ACC play this season, it's helpful to look at how we're doing on both sides of the ball.  What can we expect from the different position groups from this...

Tech Releases Depth Chart for WCU Game


After an offseason of turmoil and uncertainty, Paul Johnson has made a decision.  Georgia Tech released their depth chart for the game against Western Carolina on Thursday night.  I'm sure the...

Paul Johnson talks to NCAA Football 2012 about the Georgia Tech offense in the game.


Paul Johnson talks to NCAA Football 2012 about the Georgia Tech offense in the game.

Aycock Calls It Quits


We all know about Paul Johnson's definition of "commit" because of one person: Dontae Aycock. Well, sometimes the best moves are the ones you don't make. Aycock hasn't amounted to much after his eventful recruiting a few years ago.

Secondary is Primary Uncertainty


Youth will be served on the Yellow Jackets' defense in 2011. This season, we will witness the beginning of potentially the best secondary Tech has ever had, and certainly the best since I started...


Who's "The Man" at Tech?

Editor's Note: Front Paged from the FanShots earlier this afternoon.   Today, in order to get away from the talks of NCAA sanctions and whatnot, I'd like to turn your attention to the upcoming...

Coaches By The Numbers: Paul Johnson Recruiting Myths


For all of us who hear how Coach Johnson doesn't recruit someone unless that player receives an offer from some Community College too, here's some information that shows how CPJ has had more success recruiting than Chan Gailey.

Declining Fundamentals in American Basketball


Because Tech is looking for a new basketball coach, and I believe that acquiring someone who can teach the game of basketball should be Priority #1, this article by the AJC is pertinent. No one teaches players how to actually play basketball anymore: how to get open without the ball, how to cooperate as a team, and the fundamentals of the game.

Morgan Burnett Honored by Georgia Senate


Don't these guys have something better to do with their time?

The Death of College Basketball?


Here's an interesting article from Wes Durham about the declining popularity of college basketball nationally, and the reasons for this decline.

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