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Giants and A's fan since 1971. Giants first, A's second... sorry!

49ers since 1972, Warriors since 1973. Can't really claim to be a big fan of any non-Bay Area team.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB San Francisco Giants
  • NBA Golden State Warriors
  • NFL San Francisco 49ers
  • Golf Tiger Woods
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Unambiguous support for the Lincecum signing - an old school fan's take

I posted this to one of the Timmy threads late last night and it was suggested to me that I was late to that thread and more people would like to see it. So I am re-posting verbatim. For context,...

2012 Parade photos

Fanshot to post parade photos from ourselves or anyone else's. Mine is linked.


Rebroadcasts of 1975 Warriors Championship run - awesome!

Don't know how many of you have been watching the CSNBA rebroadcasts of the 1975 championship run, but they are a total treat. Every Friday night they've been showing these, starting with Games 6...


A Year (or Two) at the Top

No, this isn't a tribute to a sitcom starring Paul Shaffer and Greg Evigan that was DOA, but a recognition that a World Series title creates two great years: The one you win The one you get to play...


Vogelsong rejects the Dodgers, goes on win the Willie McCovey Award

One of the highlights of the season was Ryan Vogelsong's performance, which not only capped up with a fully-expected win of the Willie McCovey award for the most inspirational Giant yesterday, but...


"The Franchise" wraps up

This week was the last episode of Showtime's series on the San Francisco Giants.  "The Franchise" covered a lot of ground, gave us a great set of up-close profiles and behind-the-scenes moments. ...

Giants signed memorabilia auction to benefit Rocket Dog, June 18

There is such cool stuff in this one that I hate to even tell other people about it. These items are donated by the Giants via Mike Murphy, a Rocket Dog supporter. Rocket Dog Rescue is a San Francisco Bay Area dog rescue organization run by a group of dedicated volunteers. We save dogs from death at over-crowded shelters and find them loving, happy homes. Now into our tenth year, RDR is stronger than ever, and has saved the lives of over 4,000 animals. Are you looking to adopt a dog in the San Francisco Bay Area? Look no further!

I finally put together a collage from my parade pix. Enjoy, fellow fans. Here's the link.


I finally put together a collage from my parade pix. Enjoy, fellow fans. Here's the link.

Kung Fu Panda's own Rocky training montage

Pablo Sandoval's offseason regimen. Very nice, both his work and the video. No more speculation about what went on and how much he lost.

Best CF in baseball in 2011?

Dayn Perry, not particularly a Giants booster, predicts Andres Torres. Amazing.


Hey San Francisco, who do you love?

Question:  Did the City go crazier for the Giants or the 49ers when each won their rings?


Electronic files - where do I find the games?

I'd appreciate any pointers anyone has about where to get copies of the season-ender and the playoff games.  (I don't mean highlights, I mean the full games.)  Or maybe you DVR'd them and...

Randy Moss wearing a Giants cap, WTF?

After today's Patriots game, Randy Moss holds his press conference time wearing a Giants cap (over a red bandanna, and with red sponge paint on it) and says this is probably his last year with the Patriots because he senses that New England doesn't like him that much.


A Fond Farewell to Bengie

OK, Bengie Molina's gone now, and it seems only right that after the blistering he's gotten around here this year (albeit deserved), that we still give the man a tip of the cap for what he did...


OT: Photoshop CS5

Have any of you fellow Photoshoppers seen the context-aware features in CS5?  You can fill in entire freakin' backgrounds automatically, and set motion capture points before moving things...


No African-American Giants

Sunday's Chronicle had a print-only article that made the interesting observation:  With the departure of Fred Lewis (along with Randy Winn in the offseason), the Giants' 25-man opening day roster...


Giants (Sabean) claim to use modern statistical metrics

The SF Chronicle, in an attempt to hold on to subscribers like me, has been running some articles "Exclusive to the Print Edition" in recent months.  Go figure, even content providers don't know...


All-time favorite SF Giants: Exceptions

I thought of this topic a while ago, but I was going to let StickRat finish all the positions.  I think he just didn't bother with the outfield.  Basically, I couldn't help but notice that under...


I just met Joe Montana!

I'll post my story after the jump.  But maybe this can be a topic for everyone's stories of meeting Niners, if you want to share.


New stadium seating priority - ugh!

I got a call from my "season ticket account manager" yesterday, asking if I wanted help with anything.  I know they've been pushing this relationship thing this year, but seriously, what help is...


Giants memorabilia auction this Saturday to benefit Rocket Dog Rescue

Giants fans might be interested in the following auction of Giants memorabilia this Saturday.  Rocket Dog is a great non-profit that saves dogs from kill situations (often shelters) and places...


MCC exerts its power

There is a lot of considered thought and consensus fan will on this site that seems to me should be heard by Giants ownership.  Today's entry on what Bengie represents is a good example.  Those...


The value of this virtual community to you

I am amused by the sheer volume and energy of tangents taken in the conversations on this blog.  Without actively trying to do so, Grant and the other mods have built this site into a genuine...


The Giants should retire jersey #22

Every time I see Eli Whiteside wearing #22, I think about how wrong that is.  Jack Clark and Will Clark were the faces of their teams.  Both of them were Giant All-Stars on the strength of their...

The Case Against the Case Against Barry Bonds

Dayn Perry talks about why he thinks the case against Bonds is dead in the water.


Plummeting free agent prices

It figures that *this* is the season that Sabean decides to run out ahead of the pack and sign free agents early. This, the year of plummeting free agent prices.h...


Liriano sent down to AAA

Francisco Liriano was sent back down to the minors following both Tommy John surgery and an 11.32 ERA start.  "He could be there for awhile." http://www.startribune.com/sports/twins/18220564.html ...


The career HR record: A-Rod's chase

We've all read about how A-Rod's now the favorite to get Barry's career HR record.  But in addition to the fact that he'll have to age as "well" as Barry did, I just looked up this interesting...

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