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2012 NBA Free Agency

Our season is pretty much lost. It looks like when our roster is at 100% we'll win a few games here and there, but certainly not enough to even begin thinking about playoffs or anything. Quite...



I have an extra ticket for the Bobcats vs Bulls game at 7 pm tonight. If you don't mind sitting with total strangers (myself, my brother in law and his brother), then feel free. You will also get...


a few reminders as to why we should be optimistic about the Charlotte Bobcats future

This season has been woeful. It's been hard to stomach, even. Injuries, a lock-out shortened season, lack of training camp and simply having subpar talent have sent us careening to the worst...

Bobcats' Higgins preaching patience


Dunno why anyone hasn't posted this yet, but... this is the first time I ever thought about amnestying Tyrus. That'd get his four years off our books.


Another letter to Michael Jordan

Dear Mr. Jordan, Before I begin I would like to emphasize that this season I decided not to renew my season tickets. At the time, it was more because I wasn't sure how the lockout would run its...

Hornets Looking to Trade Kaman


What do you guys think? Do we want him? If we did, what would it take to get him?

Accuser alleges Monta Ellis and the Warriors of sexual harrassment


If this is true, it's sad. However, I can't understand why in cases like these, the "accusers" take so long to come out. I mean, if I got fired because I reported sexual harrassment, I'd be on friggan CNN the next day. This is one of the times, though, that I don't really believe the accuser's story.

Dear Michael Jordan - My Bobcats Christmas List

  1. Please sign Big Fez
  2. Please sign R Will
  3. Please give Kemba minutes, but not too many minutes
  4. Please smack Tyrus Thomas in the head at least once
  5. Please secretly switch all of Boris' food with nutrisystem meals.

Derrick Brown Returns to Charlotte


some of you guys will be very excited about this SpearsNBAYahoo: Knicks free agent forward Derrick Brown signs a 1-year minimum deal with Charlotte Bobcats, source tells @YahooSports. Kemba approves!/RS_Kemba1/status/145272503735037952

for those wondering about where has dj been


D.J. Augustin back in town with #Bobcats Looks in fantastic shape, particularly upper-body. (cont.)


Chris Paul trade could still positively affect Bobcats

I know some of you still had that lingering twinkle of hope that Chris Paul might land in Charlotte somehow. I even posted an fanpost recently of how it was financially within the realm of...


some fun wishful thinking

I posted this in the forums, but... Charlotte trades - Boris Diaw, DJ Augustin, Desagana Diop, future draft pick Orlando trades - Dwight Howard, Hedo Turkoglu Bobcats waive Hedo Turkgolu 2012...

West will test free agency


He's 31 and somewhat injury prone (has never played a full 82 games. My money is on NJ taking him since he's from there, but what do ya'll think about him in a Bobcats uniform? More importantly, what impact do you think this has on the Hornets trading CP3 early?


Free Agency and Salaries

None of us can predict what is going to happen with the CBA, but by all accounts, the salary cap is certainly going to lower.  I cannot picture the salary cap decreasing below the 2006 mark of 53...


Another letter from Michael Jordan

I didn't see this posted elsewhere, so here goes.  After the jump, a link to the video interview.  Transcript of the meeting with ticket holders will be coming soon.   April 14, 2011Dear Bobcats...


A letter from Michael Jordan

Got this letter in my email yesterday.  Figured I'd share it with you loyal Bobcats fans.  If I felt that Michael Jordan actually was sending it, I'd respond back and let him know what I really...



An analysis by of the most "clutch" players in the NBA. As most may have guessed, Tyrus Thomas, not Jax or Wallace is our most clutch player (by far), and is in fact one of the league leaders.


Soooo, the Bulls want Stephen Jackson do they?

That's fine.  They can have him.  I haven't been a fan of his very much, especially his decision making.  In what is probably the Bobcats most uplifting win of the whole season, he had 9 turnovers. ...


am i the only one who thinks that bobcats should stand pat?

Or, rather, I think they should keep their core of players.  It seemed pretty obvious to me that Larry Brown gave up after the first week of the season when he started all of the convoluted line...


Scottie Pippen doing the radio tours in North Caroline

Scottie Pippen joined Triad morning radio show Two Guys Named Chris this morning, somewhat unexpectedly.  There was no announcement about this whatsoever, and apparently the interview was...


Broussard says Paul wants out, Lakers not in contention

  According to Chris Broussard, Paul wants to go to the Knicks, Magic, Mavs or Blazers. Nothing about Charlotte. The Lakers are NOT in the mix. Blazers are his most likely destination. So it...


Gerald "God" Henderson takes flight

  Gerald Henderson was awarded the! Dunk Of The Night for last night's game against the New Jersey Nets. h...

Gerald "God" Henderson is awarded the! Dunk Of The Night for last night's game.


Gerald "God" Henderson is awarded the! Dunk Of The Night for last night's game.

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