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I'm a husband and a daddy, a user interface designer, and a baseball saberhistorian.

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The Sabermetrics of Little League


Occasionally, saber nerds come out of their basements long enough to make children. And sometimes, those children play Little League baseball. Little League may only vaguely resemble "real"...

The Hall of Stats… for Hockey?


The creator of the Hall of Stats takes a look at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Earl Weaver 1930–2013


Earl Weaver passed away early this morning. Weaver was one of the most entertaining and innovative managers in the history of the game.

The "If There's Room" Hall of Famer


Forget "First Ballot" Hall of Famer—it's time to add another term to your baseball lexicon: The "If There's Room" Hall of Famer.

There are Two Halls of Fame


The subset of Hall of Famers selected by the BBWAA make a de facto Inner Circle Hall of Fame. How should this adjust our Hall voting expectations?

Teaching the Mainstream about Sabermetrics


What concepts do you use to explain sabermetrics to your uninitiated friends? I'd start with Sky Kalkman's list.

2014 Hall of Fame Ballot


You thought this year was bad? Let's add another handful of worthy candidates!

How Should the Hall's Voting Process Change?


Nobody's getting in this year. How can the Hall fix that? Should the Hall fix that?

What Makes a Hall of Fame Umpire?


Hank O'Day is now a Hall of Famer. But how did he get there?

Vote: 50 Best Players Not in the Hall of Fame


Feeling bad that you don't have a Hall of Fame vote this year? Once again, Graham Womack of Baseball: Past and Present helps us voice our opinion.

2013 Hall of Fame Ballot Features 14 Worthy Stars


Use this visualization based on Wins Above Replacement and Wins Above Average to help you decide who to support in this year's Hall of Fame voting.

Dahlen & Deacon Headline Pre-Integration Ballot


The Hall of Fame's Pre-Integration Ballot features candidates active before 1947. Let's breakdown the finalists (and those who were overlooked).

The Best Lineups to be Perfect Gamed

Where does Felix Hernandez's perfect game rank in history? Forget game score—let's look at how good each lineup was when they fell victim to a perfect game.

Johnny Pesky, 1919–2012

Johnny Pesky passed away yesterday. How might his career look if he hadn't lost three key seasons to World War II?

Should the Number of Hall of Fame Inductees Increase as the League Size Increases?

We recently established that the Hall of Fame Percentage (percentage of times at bat and innings pitched performed by a Hall of Famer) isn't constant over time. But should it be? Should league...

Francona's Red Sox


Feeling nostalgic about the old Francona Red Sox? This infographic shows the Red Sox players who provided the most value during his glorious, glorious tenure as Red Sox manager.

The Hall of Nearly Great eBook - Available for Purchase!


I've been reading it (as an original Kickstarter backer) and now the rest of you mere mortals can, too. Basically, I write about baseball because of Sky Kalkman. He and Marc Normandin (both former managing editors for Beyond the Box Score) built an incredible roster of writers for this ebook project. Go take a look at the site. Go buy the book (you finally can today!). You won't regret it.

There's a Hall of Famer in Every Lineup


One percent of all Major League players become Hall of Famers. But not all Major Leaguers are equal. In terms of playing time, Hall of Famers actually account for closer to 10% of all playing time.

The Hall of wWAR: Updated for Baseball-Reference's WAR


Now that Baseball-Reference updated its WAR framework, the Hall of wWAR follows suit. Twenty players were bumped from the Hall to make room for twenty new players.

Vote: The Hall of Fame Inner Circle Project


While my own research lately has been slow and sporadic, friend of BtB Graham Womack is back with another wisdom-of-crowds project. This time, he's looking for the top 50 players of all time to make up an Inner Circle Hall of Fame. The ballot contains all current players in the Hall of Fame, regardless of how they were inducted (BBWAA, Veterans, Negro League Committee, etc.). The ballot does not contain managers and those inducted because of other non-playing roles. Also, since it only features current Hall of Famers, you can't vote for Bob Caruthers. I know you were planning to, but you can't. Let's vote! I'm very curious what Graham finds with this project.

Their Iconic Season was not their Most Valuable


Many players have posted "iconic" seasons—the season you think of when you think of them (like Roger Maris in 1961 or Lefty Grove in 1931). But in many cases, these were not necessarily their most...

Using Wins Above Average to Identify Compilers


One nice thing about Wins Above Average (which I first posted about last week) is that it makes it easier to identify "compilers".

Wins Above Average: Taking the "Replacement" out of WAR


What would happen if we pulled the "replacement" out of WAR? We'd get Wins Above Average, an interesting way to measure peak value for Hall of Fame cases.

BPP's All-Dream Project and B-R's EloRater: 100% Agreement


Baseball: Past and Present's All-Dream Team may lean heavily on the side of nostalgia, but so do the voting results in Baseball-Reference's EloRater.

The Angels from 2005 to 2009: Was Mike Scioscia That Good?


We all know Mike Scioscia's Angels have a knack for out-performing their Pythagorean Record. But wait until you see how much they out-perform their win expectancy based on WAR.

Manager Wins Above Expectancy


Enough people have asked me if a "WAR for managers" exists that it's time to share some ideas I've been kicking around. I'll say up front—in this article I'm going to present more questions than...

The Red Sox Hall of wWAR: A Baseball Hack Day Project


At the first Baseball Hack Day in Boston over the weekend, my team built a Red Sox Hall of wWAR—The Red Sox Hall of Fame repopulated by a single statistic.

Mel Parnell (1922–2012)


I'm in the midst of pulling a ton of Red Sox historical data in preparation for the first Boston Baseball Hack Day on Saturday. I was saddened to see one of the best pitchers in team history has passed away. Parnell pitched ten seasons for the Red Sox, accumulating impressive traditional numbers (123-75, .621 WPCT, 3.50 ERA, 125 ERA+). He also did well by Baseball-Reference's WAR, posting seasons of 8.0 and 5.6 WAR (and three more seasons over 4.0). RIP, Mel.

Put Them in the Hall of Fame: Part 7, Dick Allen (and a Recap)


The "Put Them in the Hall of Fame" series concludes today with the controversial Dick Allen. Twelve players in all were listed, though many more deserving candidates are out there.

Put Them in the Hall of Fame: Part 6, Bobby Grich


The list of players with flawless Hall of Fame cases continues with Bobby Grich. His combination of on base skills, patience, defensive ability, and playing era make him the perfect storm of...

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