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An absolutely fascinating interview between Paul Kimmage and Chris Froome


This is well worth reading. It is a very human interview, and much more informed and informative than any amount of doping screeds. Kimmage is a sceptic, and never met a punch he wanted to pull. Froome seems to want to Front Up. All in all, fascinating


O/T: Looking for potential Rhino Savers

Hello via scontent-a-lhr.xx.fbcdn.net Sorry, yes indeed, this is a begging post. It is also massively off thread, in that it involves only a very minimal amount of cycling, so please feel free...


Techs-Mechs: the case of the slipping chain

I cannot be the only person who finds the maintenance of bicycles to be a mystery. Some people are able to speak gaily of popping open the inner crank to massage the bottom bracket. Me, I can...


Cycling teams through the ages

via farm8.staticflickr.com First of all, please forgive my complete technical uselessness. It is entirely possible that the above image is completely unreadable. If it is, please accept my...

The UCI: it had to be done.


Sort of amazed it wasn't done already. But since it hasn't...


What we talk about when we talk about Chris

So we know the winner of the Tour de France. For the moment. That, at least, everyone can agree with. And, to be honest, that is about all that is agreed in the conversations about Chris Froome,...

Bradley puts in his bid: both Giro and Tour, please


Wiggo goes on the record stating he is gearing up to try for the Giro / Tour double. With the caveat that a certain Mr Froome of the canine persuasion may have a view, although "we both want to win". The classic two leader strategy, with an added dose of "the road will decide". I genuinely cannot work out whether this is: (a) irrelevant since the last time I checked the calendar it said April; (b) the normal media blather you hear before a big stage race; (c) sensible tactics from Sky to have a fall back plan; (d) scary to the rest of the peloton to have to work against two subtly different but highly dangerous riders on the same team; (e) the worst idea since Hinault was delegated to give Lemond some tactical tutorials; (f) Twitter's wet dream; (g) all of the above. Discuss amongst yourselves. Do please keep the schadenfreude down at the back.


Slightly bizarre techs / mechs question to do with Bibs...

The title says it all really. Have recently purchased a new bike (Specialized Roubaix, if that helps). On it is a perfectly normal saddle - the standard OEM fit. So far so good. The issue is...

Wiggins speaks out...


The DDIFP have given bike riders in general and Wiggo in particular a hard time for mealy mouthed nothing answers on the great topic of the day. Well, Wiggo finally commented in detail, in his own inimitable way.


A ride in the cold south of England anyone? 9th or 10th February?

The title pretty much says it all, actually, but I am sans children for that weekend. As a result I thought it would be nice - weather permitting - to go for a bike ride, but inspecting my fitness...

The UCI... A new low.


this is via the ever informative inner ring (inner ring, nah, never use it myself...) but even for the UCI this is particularly Brezhnevian. the bar is high, but one has to say they cleared it with aplomb. I would recommend reading the statement for the full WTF effect (and or slap yourself upside the head with a ten pound salmon, whichever is more convenient) but it can be roughly summarised as "the past is a different country, we did things differently there. And by the way, we ROCK"? Combination of LP Hartley, surfer dude, and Beria. Only in Aigle, believe me. Which begs the question, is there ANY way these self elected, corrupt, blind, arrogant, self obsessed apparatchiks can be levered out of place? Answers on a postcard please.


London Calling... Anyone up for a ride?

Very very short notice i know... Given the weather, I am planning a ride tomorrow and just wondering if any of the London PDCers want to join me. Vitalstatistix: I was going to start earlyish in...


Fisking Phil Liggett

This is on You-Tube I'm sorry, I really am sorry, but I have finally lost it with Phil Liggett. I try to avoid getting into the Lance gutter, but this one has got me, fully and finally. It's not...


Addict's grand tour of... Lincolnshire.

So, August is holiday month. This is good. Various PdC denizens have been spreading their wings and going to beautiful and unlikely places to either watch people ride bikes or ride bikes...


A public information broadcast on behalf of British Cycling Fans

Ahem. Hmmm. Ah. We have a little problem. A problem that is likely to get worse rather than better. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the British press.

Spartacus and Goss riding together?


This is a quote from the BBC live text feed. It may be a misquote, it may be something I just misunderstand, or it may mean that Cance has signed with Greenedge. Can anyone explain it? "1510: Swiss cyclist Fabian Cancellara, who left the Tour de France early to be at the birth of his child, has been looking ahead to Saturday's cycling road race. On Britain's Mark Cavendish, he said: "Mark is the sprinter who came out in the best condition at the Tour, better than Andre Greipel and the other specialists. We'll try to avoid a bunch sprint, but in that case, I hope my professional team-mate Matthew Goss can finish in front of him."


Cycling teams through the ages

cycling teams (via qjnmh)

Calling all Londoners...


The Halfords Tour Series is pitching up at Canary Wharf this Thursday. Since it is directly outside my office, and because anything to do with cycling is vastly better than working, I thought - work, weather and wife permitting - I might pitch up and take a dekko. I may even let Halfords try to tell me that they are interested in cycling as opposed to being box shaped retailers of interesting plastic car clutter with no customer service and less knowledge of biycles. The weather forecasters are promising us Cats, Dogs and everything short of a plague of frogs, frankly, so it may be that I decide that a detailed investigation of the submarine performance of high end road bikes isn't strictly what the doctor ordered, but assuming Noah keeps his family dingy on the stocks for another day I was wondering if there were any PdCers were thinking of doing the same. I will probably be wandering round in decidedly unflattering skin tight, orange, PdC lycra to show the flag, so should be reasonably identifiable if you want to come say hello (and / or avoid like the plague). Alternatively we can nominate a place to meet / avoid and meet up. The course sadly has a gross climb of about 5 vertical metres so will presumably be a combination of sprinting and shouting, but could be good fun anyway.

The from the other side of the DDIFP divide


This story is by a rugby player, but I would think the sentiments translate across most sports. Sometimes I wonder if we fall into some of these traps occasionally. We blend rapidly from comments on race tactics to comments on personality... sometimes I wonder if we know what we are talking about, and know how we (occasionally) sound. This especially resonates with me: "But a minority see the sites as a forum to share their views in an abusive manner. They write off someone's career, assassinate the character of the men who have come up short, then press send and nip off for a cup of tea. No thought." Ipso dixit, we can all look at ourselves. Anyway, food for thought


Techs / Mechs - a cheap sense of direction

As part of my annual delusion that I will eventually manage to spend more time on my bike and less time getting fat, drunk and stupid, I am thinking of getting myself a decent bike computer. By...

BMC, Ballan and Santambrogio - doing the hokey cokey


The story so far: B&S were banned by the team for suspicion of being involved in a Gazetta dello Sport article. Then they were unbanned, after BMC cleared them on no particular evidence apart from a general feeling that you should never believe what you read in the newspapers. Then they were banned again, as the Italian police were investigating activities at Lampre and possibly leaked new information to BMC, for purposes unclear (are you keeping up at the back?) Well, the left leg is out again (for the moment) as BMC reverse their reversal and have reactivated the two riders, just in time for Ballan to have missed the Giro and not be selected for a Tour squad which is all in for Cadel. Which is fine, because doping scandals are not particularly high up the agenda right at this moment. Anyone with any good ideas, please send them to the Clue Department, BMC racing team, as soon as possible. Either these two stink to high heaven and are getting a free pass, or they are seriously getting screwed around by a management which has no idea what it is doing. Either way, it ain't great

It's a beautiful, lovely, wonderful sport


Given all the doom and gloom around cycling at the moment, it is sometimes remembering the sheer, unadulterated beauty that is our sport. So, to anyone who needs cheering up, may I suggest they mosey over to Cyclingtips and balm their eyes in a parage of beautiful photos. Bliss.

We'll be seeing him in July (perhaps)


Whichever way you want the result to come out, a delay (if true) is really, REALLY, bad news.


Question: so who are the best sprinters in cycling history?

At the back end ot today's stage, I fell into an interesting conversation with tgsgirl about Mark Cavendish and how good he is.  I think he is phenomenal ... but then I would, because (a) I am...

"That" flat tyre


The power of the "storyline"... I am sure the tyre was soft and deflating, but it still looks pretty well operational in this shot of JVS coming into the velodrome. Try as I might, it is tough to see much difference between front and back tyres here

Did someone mention doping? Some Science wallahs discuss the biopassport


Clever chaps, science wallahs. Too clever for a history grad like me. But the guys in white coats seem broadly supportive of the Passport, and have some graphs to illustrate progress. I will simply link to the bright lads at the Science of Sport, and let others have their say I am sure that at best it is two steps forward, one back - but that is still a net one step forward. Which is a start.

Go read Cyclocosm - Floyd versus the UCI, circa 2001


I'm not sure of the rules in cross linking - so Gav/Chris feel free to do what you like to the post. But for those with the time and sympathy, hop across to Cyclocosm who has the written evidence that the UCI are the most ******** ******* ******* who **** ***** a ******. The ****. Floyd 1, detractors 0

It begs the question... where the heck is the money coming from?


More middling to big names head over the the Schleck love- fest that is the Luxembourg cycling team. Which confirms the underlying story - that CrashFrank and Schlecklet are the two best loved cyclists in the Peloton, because in the absence of any title sponsor (or indeed any sponsor at all), we have to assume all these guys are doing it for love. Seriously, wtf is going on here? There's more salary signed up than can be found in the average investment bank, and nary a sign of anyone who can actually cut a cheque...

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