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That sound you hear is every sprinter in the world crying gently to themselves... bar one


Mr Cavendish is spending September in Spain. Guess it is not a shit small race. And will he stay for the duration and try to win a jersey?

Director Sportifs, your emergency checkbook is under your seat... Contador leaves Astana


Slightly to my surprise, Contador is leaving Astana. Wheels within wheels for sure. So which team gets to win the Tour for the next three years?

Some seriously bright people debate dope, or lack thereof


So the dust has settle somewhat, which leads us to the logical question as to whether this was a dope free tour. How's it hanging: Optimist, pessimist or realist? What I do know is that the Tour is an uncontrolled environment so that it is quite hard to know what you are watching, even when you are watching it. However, the guys who write this blog "The Science of Sport" also know it. And they are a hell of a lot smarter than me. So have a read and see what you think. My glass is definitely half full.


Hail to the Gods

It may not have been the closest Tour ever - Lemond's eight seconds are safe for another year - but since the emergence of Lance only 2003 rivals it for drama.  But the tension and the closeness of...

A big long dose of Jens!


I am sure most of you guys have spotted this, but Jens! is doing a blog over at Bicyling.com. Really excellent stuff and much better than the usual "I was lucky enough to be on a good day" mularkey. The money quote "Hey, I might be human after all". No Jens!, you're definitely not... :) Anyway, fun read from a fun guy - who has a sense of how to tell a story.

Six foot three, 73 kilos, no beer. Brad Wiggins pre tour.


Four percent body fat, too. Really brings home how extreme you have to go if you are serious about racing uphill on two unpowered wheels. Interesting little article from the London Evening Standard (of all places) on Wiggo and his diet. Training is apparently gym free, which is also a surprise to me.


Addict's list of significant others

In every Grand Tour – but particularly in the Tour de France – there are always a fascinating range of "significant others".  By that I mean the guys who might, at a pinch, win the whole race, but...


An acceptable level of violence

Over the last few days, we seem to have seen more than our fair share of broken bikes, shredded lycra, and anguished gentlemen hopping around in a variety of agonies.  Fortunately and happily,...

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