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User Blog

The Ins(ide) and Outs(ide) of Zone Blocking

There appears to be some confusion around here about zone blocking, how it’s implemented at various levels and in various programs, and the experience players may have with it. I’m going to try...


In Defense of Objectivity

This is inspired by an increased level of subjective analysis in recent months, dating back at least to the end of last season and probably long before that. I mean it really goes back to...


State of the Chargers: "Looks Like We're Screwed" Edition

The occasion of the Chargers losing the most and probably last important game of the year seems a good time to review the state of the roster and to some extent the team as a whole. If you attended...


Defense 101: The 34 Defense

I've always wanted to write an article on the Chargers' defensive secondary scheme. Unfortunately, we haven't had access to enough film to make it a worthwhile effort (though that should change...


On the nature of the game

by aesimpleton, Bolts From The Blue Aug 19 2012, 9:42p

Here's this again, the whole first half this time. Not nearly as fun as the last one, but it was worth a re-watch to moderate my disappointment with the poor first-string play. I added the time to...


Preseason Game 1 First Quarter Review

I re-watched the first quarter at super-slow speed. Here are my notes. This is based on the TV broadcast, so my focus is on what I could see on the screen. Offense First Possession 1 Pass H...

Bears trade for Marshall


Bears trade for Brandon Marshall. Out of the running for VJ?

Russel Arrested on Drug Charge


Jamarcus Russel has been arrested in Alabama on a drug charge.


So what now?

So that was some BS. Once again, the Chargers have failed to execute in the playoffs. We fans are left disappointed at the least and with a quickening nausea at the mention of football for a short...

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