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Harbaugh has a baby boy!


Good thing he came early, or else Harbaugh would have missed the birth being in GB and all!


Madden 2013 Impressions and Thoughts thread

So I picked up Madden 2013, last Madden I played was the 2006 one. Thought I'd start up a thread to write how I felt about it and what other's thought as well.General Thoughts- I love the...

Suggs tears Achilles, out for the year.


He tore his Achilles tendon playing recreational basketball. Derrick Rose, Iman Shumpert and now Suggs. Thou art too cruel basketball gods! But seriously, that sucks. Balled Too Hard University!

Saints GM could be in more trouble over illegal eavesdropping device


Loomis is accused of using a listening device to record and listen to opposing team's play calls during games. If the allegations are true, The NFL is the least of Loomis' problems. The Feds are going to come knocking. Edit: Actually reading that the statute of limitation protects Loomis from any criminal charges

Morris Claiborne scores 4/50 on Wonderlic


Wow and I thought Vince Young scored badly. I suppose it's not as crucial for a CB since he just has to stick on a guy like glue. PP also scored pretty horribly last year but played well.

Hue Jackson fired!


Don't agree with the move. They were 7-4 at one point in the season and injuries derailed everything with their star RB and starting QB going down with injuries.

Rolando McClain arrested for assault with a fire arm


"The victim told police who had responded to the call that he crawled to his car after the fight, and then McClain put a gun to his head while he was lying on the ground, police said. "The victim reported that he begged McClain not to shoot him," a police news release said, "and that McClain took the gun away from his head, held it next to his ear and fired it." McClain was in Alabama for his grandfather's funeral when this incident occurred. This is his second Alabama and gun related mishap, last year his car was pulled over because it had bullet holes around it.

Donovan McNabb released!


He requested a release and was granted one. Perhaps he makes his way to a playoff contender who is short on QBs like Chicago or Houston. Or there could be the possibility that no one picks him up at all, then again Kentwan Balmer is still in the NFL so I think McNabb finds a new team! Talk about being lucky if he goes from the terrible Vikings to competing for a starting spot on a play off bound team that needs a QB.

Joe Paterno fired


University President Spanier was also fired. All of this could have been avoided and no more children had to be molested. Not the way Joe was supposed to leave the game or behave by doing nothing. This stuff should not happen at a university that prides itself on being "clean" and should not happen period. Note to Fooch, I linked this because Joe Paterno is a big football figure. A lot of this is definitely not "family appropriate" so if you feel the need to take it down, please do so. Thanks.

Bucs pick up Haynesworth


Makes sense because McCoy is out for the rest of the year I believe. If not rest of the year, a very long time. Hey who knows, maybe he'll work out here and a line of McCoy, Haynesworth and Clayborn could be special!

Justin Smith 3rd on Yahoo's MVP chase


Given that this is a Yahoo article and doesn't hold any water let alone air, Justin Smith is 3rd behind Aaron Rodgers and Calvin Johnson and is the first defensive player to appear on the list. My favorite line has to be, "If there's a unit out there as dominant as the Packers offense, it's the 49ers defense, and Smith is as much of a force as anybody."

Steve Young's 50th Bday Flash Dance!!!


This is pretty cool. The dancing goes on for a while but he seemed pretty emotional by the end of it all :P

49ers vs. Bengals game make NFL history


First ever 13-8 game in league history. Not a big deal since there can be all sorts of score combinations to make history but hey, we made history baby!

Adrian Peterson gets $100 million 7 year deal


Highest paid RB in NFL history. Troy Polomalu also got a multi-year extension. I'd say Peterson did it the right way compared to how CJ got his new contract.

Torrey Smith running from the earthquake!


This is pretty dam funny haha. I wished the video panned to him running away but seriously, where was he running?


Where has the respect gone?

I'm a 49er fan, and I am completely embarrassed by the recent incidents during the 49ers vs. Raiders game this past Saturday.  I am also completely baffled by the lack of respect between these two...

Miami Hurricane probe. This is looking really really bad.


Jesus this is looking so bad for Miami. Lots of names implicated and the picture of Shalala grinning at that check just says it all. If USC had a 2 year ban just because of Reggie Bush, I don't know what's going to happen to Miami.

Trouble with Ninersnation


So I've basically had this problem for a week now. I am unable to access Ninersnation but every other SBnation blog works fine for me. I am on Google Chrome as well and this is the first time I have ever had this problem. Any ideas? [IMG][/IMG]

Nate Montana DUI! >.<


Guilty or not, and most likely guilty, I have no sympathy for anyone behind the wheel under the influence.

Ron Artest's new music video "Go Loco"


Yup our RonRon made a music video featuring George Lopez, Fat Joe and some other people haha!

Very funny interview featuring both Harbaughs


I found this interview to be very uplifting and just outright hilarious at times. When seeing the two bro's side by side, the resemblance isn't as great as I thought it was haha.

Would you trade up for either the 10th overall pick or the 25th overall?


This is an article about the Redskins wanting to trade down from the 10th pick;_ylt=Aj3Ka4.H.LOGH4AlWcsvxERDubYF?slug=nfp-20110418_trading_down_could_give_redskins_depth_they_need This is an article on the Seahawks wanting to move down from the 25th pick.;_ylt=Aq_MgzJK35T2NRC3tl18ghtDubYF?slug=ap-seahawks-schneider For the 10th pick (1300 points), we would have to give our 2nd (450) 3rd (210) 4th (80) 4th (66) and so forth. Basically, based only on the scale of points, we would have to give up practically all our picks and we would still be short. For the 25th pick (720), we would have to give up our 2nd (450) 3rd (210) and 4th (80). Moving up to the 10th pick is probably very unlikely, but I could see it being worth it if we were able to get PP if he drops to 7th, and somehow either walk away with Dareus or Quinn. Moving up to the 25th is more likely, but it would cost us 3 draft picks. A move up to the 25th spot would only make sense if the FO really likes a QB prospect like Kaepernick and are afraid they'll miss out on him in the second. I could also see a move up if there is a second CB prospect that they absolutely love. I know many people here prefer to hoard picks, but who would have to fall for you to pull the trigger on that 10th or 25th spot?

Kobe fined $100k for using homophobic slur!

4 The youtube link is a video of last nights game and shows the clip where he was caught on camera saying what he did. He was addressing the referee after being slapped with the technical.


Your Laker Look-A-Likes!

So I thought a fun post would be to show the wonderful people at SS&R what our Lakers like to do on their day off! First off we have Andrew Bynum aka. Bynumite!     via When he...

Sasha the Machine will put up 30 only when he feels like it!


That is one bad ass. I'll score 30 points when I feel like it and you know what? I never fucking feel like it.

Online sports streaming sites have been seized and shutdown


A lot of the sites that we usually post for others in game threads have been shut down like atdhe, ilemi, and firstrow to name a few. Obviously this is not for the benefit of the public as they might claim for shutting down these sites but rather just another way for the networks to continue to maximize their profits. Unfortunately this is right before Super bowl weekend but I was able to find the new atdhe site that is not U.S. domain based and therefore usable for streaming needs. I'd recommend using this one simply because it's safe.

P Willis and Justin Smith going to the pro bowl!


Willis is a starter and Justin Smith is behind Suh and Ratliff. Unfortunately VD got beat out by Jason Witten and Tony G.

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