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And the 2013 FIR Pool Winners are...

ablesser88 and kcNYI! That's right, we had a tie. Since this is the NHL, ablesser88 and kcNYI are now required to participate in a shootout and report the results back here. Apparently people love...


Early Player Deployment

It's only two games so it doesn't mean a whole lot, but I thought I'd put together a quick recap of how Capuano has deployed our players. Numbers via the super cool Forwards Lines ...

2nd Annual 1st Isles Roster (FIR) Pool

A little play on the FIG Pool, let's see who can guess the Isles opening night roster.

Streit Gone


I'm sure Dom has a post going up as I write this, but on the off chance he doesn't, Staple says Streit is gone, saying, " The Islanders are believed to have made a three-year offer for the same $4.75 million per season that Lubomir Visnovsky accepted on the eve of the trade deadline (Visnovsky's deal is for two years), but Streit is looking for north of $5.5 million per season." Streit is crazy if he thinks he's getting that.

Scouts and Other People


As I'm sure the draft talk will pick up over the next couple of weeks, this is an interesting piece about scouts, and people who report on prospects, and the difference between the two.

Game Four DC Meetup - CANCELLED


Due to general lack of interest, tonight's game watch is off.

DC Playoff Game Watch


Paint the face! Come on out! We're headed back to 51st State for Game 1, Wednesday April 30. Link to the bar above. Near the Foggy Bottom Metro. Parking is pretty easy nearby on K St. Bar specials: HAPPY HOUR SPECIALS (4-7PM EVERYDAY): $3.50 BUD LIGHT DRAFTS; $3.75 BUD & BUD LIGHT BOTTLES; $3.75 AMBER ALES; $4 YUENLING DRAFTS $4 RAIL DRINKS; $5 SMIRNOFF DRINKS; $6 SELECT MARTINIS $3 PBR Drafts during ALL New York Hockey games! $4 CORONA 8PM-CLOSE! $4 BEER OF THE MONTH, 8PM-CLOSE! ALSO $6 FOOD SPECIAL

DC Game Watch


Wondering if everyone in the DC area would be interested in another meetup. I was thinking Thursday night against Toronto would be good, as we could bond over our hatred of Darcy Tucker. 51st State seems to be a good fit, unless others have suggestions.


On the Subject of Coaches

Just some quick food for thought based on some numbers I came across this morning. Robert Vollman, who writes at ESPN, Hockey Prospectus, and his own site, Hockey Abstract, recently did some...

What Else Would $550 Million Buy?


Sorry, I'm just fasciated by the publicly-built arena debates, and this piece at Copper & Blue is amazing.

Economist Calls Edmonton's Arena Deal "Among the Worst in Canadian History"


It's tough the Isles are leaving Nassau, but this is a good reminder that it was a sound economic decision to reject paying for a new building. (Of course it was an unsound decision to reject the Lighthouse project, but that's another story.)


And the F(irst) I(slanders) R(oster) Pool Winner is...

It was a tight race, with three entries tied at 20, until the final entry tallied a 21 making OzzyFan the champion. Congratulations Ozzy, the blessings of Bossy will be upon you until the crown is...

More Viz-Nasty


Bill Daly, the N.H.L. deputy commissioner, said in an e-mail message Monday, "We had further contact with the K.H.L. today, and they continue to assert that Visnovsky will be ineligible to play in K.H.L. games without the Islanders’ consent." Ilya Kochevrin, the K.H.L.’s head spokesman, said in an e-mail message Monday that the matter "will be decided tomorrow." The Islanders confirmed Monday that they had neither suspended Visnovsky nor given consent for him to remain with Slovan. Visnovsky told a Slovakian newspaper, Pravda, on Monday that he wanted to stay with Slovan because of "family issues," but he conceded that the Islanders had a right to be upset with him.

Another Non-Believer


Check out this mope who thinks were going finish last in the division again. He thinks our goaltending is a weakness! Does he even watch the games?

Pronmans's Top 50 NHL Prospects


Isles have 1 in the top 10, 3 in the top 30, and an honorable mention. The rest of the division totals 3 in the top 50 (plus 3 honorable mention). Hopefully these guys can get us on their level sooner than later.

Pool: Who makes the Isles roster?

Make your guess on what the Islanders roster will be for their first game. Submit by Friday.

Lockout Petition


Demand a season, or promise no games in 13-14. I don't go to many games as it is, but I've already decided I won't see any this year if there are any. And I'm willing to skip next year as well. The worst part is, I was planning on ponying up for GameCenter this year, but that's off the table as well.

Guessing not in time for the holidays, but looks like you'll be able to get a Bern Tavares jersey...


Guessing not in time for the holidays, but looks like you'll be able to get a Bern Tavares jersey soon.

NHL lockout: Owners shouldn’t underestimate the Fehr factor


I sometimes have issues with Tom Boswell, but this article cuts to the chase in a pretty sharp way.

NHL Owners and Claims of Losses


Interesting piece that throws out some interesting numbers about the Panthers. Basically, the owners seem to be full of you know what when it comes to the losses they report. It's also interesting to note in the wake of last year's referendum that promised the County all this revenue, the Panthers had a similar deal with Broward County and the county has ended up with bupkis. See: I know a lot of you are/were angry that people voted that down, but the evidence against that proposal being a good deal for Nassau residents is pretty strong, and this adds to it quite a bit.

Fake Islanders in Fake Second Place


Fake Nabakov had 2 fake shutouts to be First Fake Star of the Week. At least there was no fake November disaster.

Another layer behind the lockout


Interesting look at another force driving the lockout. I’m sure this must seem like a wild coincidence: four lockouts in fourteen months, affecting three of the four major professional sports leagues of this country. What are the odds? Actually, they’re very good. This is not merely a case of four sets of labor negotiations that have tragically broken down. This is a conscious, industry-wide strategy. A law firm called Proskauer Rose is now representing management in all four major men’s sports leagues, the first time in history one firm has been hired to play such a unified role.

Kirill Petrov


Just a little update on the other Kirill. Looks like he's off to a solid start this year with 3G and 2A through 11 games. And based on the most recent box score, he seems to be playing second line minutes. Update: Apparently we'll be able to watch him tomorrow night on ESPN3.

Some Guy Might Buy the Isles


Not sure who he is, but apparently he played for the Isles at some point. Allegedly he wore #16. Anyway, I guess he might be interested. Be nice if somebody else bought it anyway. Coverage of Last Night's Event


I was wondering how would approach the lockout given their position as being the official trumpet of the owners. Seems like it was easy-they buried the story in the sidebar, and managed to avoid using the word lockout in the article.

CBA Talks Today


Some quotes from Bettman: ''We're not asking for a rollback,'' Bettman said. ''We have said that our proposal - the one that is time-sensitive - would have a phase-in, and while it contemplates the possible reduction in player share, if you use our estimates it would be under 10 percent. If you use the players' association's estimate on revenue growth, it would actually be seven percent. ''When you factor all of that in, it seems to me that having a work stoppage and damaging (hockey-related revenue) long term really doesn't make a whole lot of sense.'' ''What we would be prepared to do now to make a deal before there is extensive damage is not the same that we will be prepared to do in the event we get to a point where we have suffered the damage,'' Bettman said. ''We looked at their proposal. It was clear that there wasn't very much movement at all - if any. A little bit around the edges. ''We said we have to try something different which is why we tried to simplify the approach and focus on the percentage.'' Am I totally desperate, or is there reason to be guardedly optimistic about this?

Can city life be exported to the suburbs?


Not to pour more salt in the wounds, but I didn't want to be the only one to suffer through reading how wildly successful the suburban town center (just like one Lighthouse Project) has been down here in the DC area. If only we had this article and a time machine!

NHLPA Counter Offer


Some promising stuff in there. I guess we'll find out just how badly the owners want to break the union. As an Isles fan, I really liked the sound of this part: The NHLPA also proposed expanded revenue sharing to help financially struggling clubs, which could reach more that $250-million per year. "In essence, when you boil it all down, what were suggesting is that the players partner with the financially stronger owners to stabilize the industry and assist the less financially strong ownership groups."

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