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Isles Sign Nathan McIver


Finally, the big signing we've been waiting for!


Revisited: Free Agent Defensemen

With Dennis Wideman signed in Calgary, the pool of available unrestricted free agent defensemen continues to thin. What should the New York Islanders do?

CBA Negotiation Quips From Fehr


Decent overview of what we can expect the players to ask for, but of course the revenue percentage is going to be the sticking point. Worth checking out for the classic Bettman picture alone.

Tavares Loses Cover Vote


It's Pekka v Grioux in the finals. Go Rinne!


And With the Fourth Pick, The Islanders Select...

Similar to last year, there is little consensus about this year's draft beyond the first pick, with even that in dispute. Rather than try and read the tea leaves as to who goes where, let's see who...


The New York Islanders and The Rebuild

A look at other successful rebuilds such as the Los Angeles Kings implies one thing for the New York Islanders and their fans: Patience, and still more patience.

Botta on Rosen


I'm not sure what this is. It doesn't seem like there is an article anywhere to go with this. It's bizarrely like one of LHH's FakeBotta tweets. I'm not sure what would make him tweet this. Or why.

Check out the cap hit on Jeremy!


If you think Scott Gomez has a bad deal, wait until you see this one!

Wild Finish to the 69-70 Season


With the jostling for the final playoff spots heating up, here's crazy story my pops has mentioned to me a few times over the years. If you think Capuano has employed a crazy empty net strategy, wait til you read this.

Matt Donovan - An Oklahoma Kid With NHL Potential


Nice interview piece at CopperNBlue on Matt Donovan.

Kukla Speculates on CBA Changes


Floats some interesting ideas, including some talk about the "anticipated lowering of the cap ceiling and floor, and widening the gap between the two."


LHH Soma

Times are getting tough here as each of us slowly reaches his or her personal breaking point. Obviously the season didn't break how we'd hope, so here's something to take the edge off and nurse us...

Did Scott Gomez Score?


Not Isles related, but hilarious.

Feeling the Brooklyn Heat?


Mangano tweets, "I ask the public to be patient. We will announce a new plan soon to show how we intend to keep the #isles" Mmmmmkaaaaay?


Looking Ahead: Free Agent Defensemen

2012 might bring a better class of free agent defensemen than we've seen in a while. Will the New York Islanders be able to strike and find the upgrades they need?

Buy Ken Morrow's Miracle on Ice Jersey!


Morrow's jersey from the 1980 Olympics is up for auction. via yahoo

Winter Classic 2013


Red Wings/Leafs at The Big House in Ann Arbor. (via yahoo) pr*j#cts All-Star roster


"The final four spots all went to guys who would be the lone representative for their clubs. Evander Kane, John Tavares and Jarome Iginla may not have the same numbers as a few of the guys left off the list, but Iginla is a legend, while Kane and Tavares are rising stars in this League."


January Schedule

Will 2012 be kinder to the Isles than 2011 was? We can only hope. January should offer a decent chance to get started off on the right foot. Due to popular demand (ok-it was just Ozzy), the poll...

NHL Realignment


Looks like the radical four conference plan has been approved (as rumored it is the old Patrick Division + Carolina).


De(ad meat)cember Schedule

Given our failure the first two months, I'm going to assume the poll was too close to pr*j#ct%ng, so I'm going to ditch it. Instead I'll just do the overview of what we're facing the next few...



Really, really funny idea from Pension Plan Puppets.



No, not that one. Can the Isles make a jump in the standings this month after a rough first month? After reading about the difficulties faced by teams more than three points out of the standings at...

Tavares Second Star of the Week


Kessel took top honors. Guess they penalized Tavares for not following his dream to be a Maple Leaf.

Lightning Tesla Coil


I'm sure a bunch of you have seen this already, but I have to say this is even cooler than when the Isles unveiled the only smoke shooting scoreboard in the league.



So we're two games in with a split so far. I know everyone here is hoping for a fast start, or if not a fast start, steady play that avoids any sort of streakswhichweshallnotname. October should be...

Nino and Gillies on IR


Staple tweets. I don't remember Gillies getting hurt. Is this an "injury?"

Third Jersey Not So Bad?

At first this incredibly bad design was rumored to be the new look, but now Uni Watch is hearing that it's more sedate than that. I'm guessing it will still be black, but maybe it won't be so Fisher Price embarrassing.
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