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Toronto Star/Damien Cox Hilarity


Apparently written before the details emerged, it is equal parts disbelief and derision.


Martin or Haley?

It seems like there's a chance that only one of them will be left standing if El Nino comes to pass. If it comes down to just one of these guys making the active roster, who do you like?   Sorry,...

2009 Draft - Tavares Most Productive Forward


Great post over at Copper & Blue looking at the productivity of forwards from the 2009 draft. All three forwards we took are in the top 33 when looking at PPG NHL equivalencies, which is impressive given that draft was focused on defense and goalies, with Lee and Cizikas going pretty late.

PD Ranks top fights of past year


Nothing from TEH RECKONING, but the Gallant/Rechlicz battle is pretty amazing. Both guys basically punch themselves out.

Winnipeg Jets


Looks like it will be the Jets after all. Nice they could work that out.

TSN's Final Rankings


1. Nugent-Hopkins 2. Larsson 3. Huberdeau 4. Landeskog 5. Couturier "This is not a subjective analysis of who TSN believes will develop into the best prospects or the order that they should be taken. It's not a scouting report, per se. It is a more objective numerical ranking based on the consensus of opinion gathered from 10 NHL scouts, a barometer of where we think a player is most likely to be taken in the draft."

Jerkface on Isles


"New York Islanders: 'Isles re-sign feisty Gillies.' Feisty is one way to put it. 'Intentionally thuggish' and 'a legitimate danger whenever he's on the ice because he will try to kill you' and 'therefore perfect for this low-rent organization' are others." I know it's not worth the trouble, but Lambert just keeps resetting the bar for being a Lemieux.


Draft Cards

Let's lay them on the table. The one consensus that seems to be growing regarding this draft is that there is no consensus really regarding any pick. Sure, most people have RNH going #1, but even...

Interesting Look


I think I got to this via the Bruins 2011 Draft Watch site. Normalizes the scoring for junior players. More Couturier love, and who's Blake Coleman?

A little off topic, but I'm sure most of you grew up with Gallo as a big part of your life....


A little off topic, but I'm sure most of you grew up with Gallo as a big part of your life. RIP story here


2012 Free Agents

I think we're all resigned to the probability that the Isles won't make much of a splash in the free agent market this year (in part because there isn't a whole lot of water to make waves in). But...

Paging Mr. Wang


At some point he's going to start paying guys, right? The worst of any North American major sports, nestled right in between a couple of Italian soccer teams. This actually seems hard to do in a sport with a cap floor.

12 Of The Year’s Punchiest Hockey Fights, Evaluated By A Boxing Writer


Two separate entries for TEH RECKONING, but this one is pretty hilarious: 8. Rick DiPietro vs. Brent Johnson, Feb. 2: Johnson skates in and throws a left hook right over DiPietro's extended right arm, knocking him out cleanly. That extended-arm defense only works against amateurs. Pros will always take advantage of the way it leaves your face open. Cover up in your shell next time, DiPietro. Stick that right jab, don't leave it hanging out in front of you like a goddamn lance. You're not a Knight of the fucking Round Table. You're an unconscious hockey player.

Tomorrow Night


Word just down from the league. The Islanders' lottery balls have been suspended indefinitely, effective immeadiately.

Leighton on Waivers


Any chance Garth strikes again? I'm doubtful as Leighton isn't particularly good and is due 1.5 next year. Have to think some playoff team might snag him just to force the Flyers to keep rolling out Bobrovsky and The Water Boy.


Standings/Lottery Tiebreakers

In the interest of my personal Larsson-watch I took a quick look at the Isles potential tiebreaker situation with regards to FLA and OTT and it looks like we are in decent shape. 

Man Games Lost


Not anything we don't know, but I didn't know just how commanding our lead was.

Haley to Have Hearing


via Strang. The league wants to review the fight at the horn. We have entered the realm of the absurd.

10 Games for GIllies


via Strang. Total nonsense, but not surprising.



Check out the games since TEH RECKONING. And they say fighting has no place in hockey! Wonder if Wang is changing his tune on that (if those reports were true at all). Also, I never realized this, but even if the Isles sold out every game, they would still land in 21st place league-wide for attendance. Those newfangled arenas sure can hold a lot of ham hocks!

Trade Deadline


Trade deadline is looming, but never fear Islander fans. We have a roomy $56,150,622 in cap space as we gear up for the playoff push! Forget the rebuild, let's load up on bloated veteran contracts and make a real play for that 8th spot and a first round exit!

Interesting Stat


You might have missed this if you couldn't cut through the hyperbole on The Other Blog, but it's pretty impressive considering he lacks anyone the caliber of St. Louis or Malone: The following, courtesy of an email from Drew B. (more famously known as "Tavares" from Islander Mania), is a stat comparison of the first 40 games of the sophomore seasons of Steven Stamkos and John Tavares: Stamkos: 40 games: 21 goals, 16 assists, 37 points Tavares: 40 games: 18 goals, 15 assists, 33 points


Islanders By the Numbers

  (I've seen something like this somewhere else, but I don't think I've seen one for the Islanders, here or otherwise. Apologies if this has been done already.) Using a combination of Hockey...

Tickets in the River


This is how low it has gotten for us this year. Maybe we can throw Wang in the river next.

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