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Halo Coaching Staff Must Go

A friend of mine who is just as fanatical about the Angels as I am said to me, "And who the hell is Jim Eppard, anyway?!" He was giving me his opinion as to what the Angels' Organization should to...


Jim Edmonds- My Dad's Favorite

     I know my Dad had many halo favorites over the years, but Jim Edmonds is the one I remember most because he was my Dad's most recent favorite and the one we liked most to tease him about.  ...

Your Lunch-Time Laugh


Very funny stuff about the Rangers and Nolan Ryan from The Onion. Enjoy!


What's Wrong With the Angels? BUTTERCUP

Is the Angels 7th inning theme song "Buttercup" to blame for their losing ways? An examination of the lyrics leaves no doubt.

OT, But Ozzie Guillen's Got a Beef Against MLB


Does Ozzie have a point? As crazy as the man is, I think he might.

Are Granderson and Chamberlain Headed for the Door?


Interesting article at ESPN. Do you agree with ESPN writer Andrew Marchand's assessment of the situation created by the recent pick-up of Kearns and Wood? (I apologize if this fanshot does not come out correctly, it's my first, and if this topic has already been addressed.)


An Angel Fan's Assessment of Pinstripe Alley

     First, let me state that I do not troll, so this post is not intended to incite any anger or hatred. What caused me to join this site was the apparent blogging war between HH and PA which...


Trade Rumors And What Tim Mead Had To Say Saturday, July 3rd

I would have posted this sooner, but I've been away in Sacramento this past week and just got back. If this is old news, I apologize in advance.  Saturday, July 3rd I was fortunate enough to be a...


Are You At All Pissed Off By The Way Charlie Steiner And Rick Monday Call Radio Games?

Let me begin by stating the facts: I am an Angel fan, not a Dodger fan. However, I am a native Californian and will, therefore, root for the Dodgers when a Dodger win does not conflict with my...


A Plea to Improve the Stadium Tour

My father, who had followed the Angels since they were a part of the old Pacific Coast League back in the 30s and 40s, had always dreamed of making a visit to every major league stadium in the...

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