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Soccer's Big Takeover


Some stunning statistics here. 10% of Americans are avid soccer fans first and foremost (NFL: 25%, NBA: 14.4%, MLB: 19.9%). The researcher projects global soccer to grow 3-4 times bigger than it is now, and MLS's fanbase to triple, all within a generation. Most importantly? Soccer is the second biggest sport among kids. The future is bright.

Apparently soccer can be dangerous in Iran. Especially when someone throws an explosive device...


Apparently soccer can be dangerous in Iran. Especially when someone throws an explosive device onto the pitch.

The Designated Player: Sympathy for the Devil


This week's The Designated Player, from Graham Parker, is a fantastic look at new general manager of the Professional Referees Association, Peter Walton. I definitely recommend the read, if North American refereeing is a topic of interest for you, especially if you enjoy witty digs at Ricardo Salazar.

USMNT vs Jamaica Gamethread: Sep 11th edition

The USMNT takes on Jamaica in a key 2014 World Cup qualifier, on a very significant date. Come discuss the game in our gamethread.

What makes Klinsmann’s set-up different is that he’s throttled back from the openness of the Bob...


What makes Klinsmann’s set-up different is that he’s throttled back from the openness of the Bob Bradley years, and shied away from the balance of the Arena years. Defensive-minded players crowd the midfield, sending a simple message: "We dare you to beat us from the flanks." Mexico took that dare, attempting 39 crosses in the 1-0 loss; a year previous in the Gold Cup final against Bradley’s U.S., they’d attempted only 10. Yes, El Tri dominated possession both times, but against Klinsmann’s scheme they didn’t really trouble Tim Howard until the altitude took its toll in the final 10 minutes.

What is American Soccer?, from the new soccer magazine Howler by Matthew Doyle This fantastic article breaks down the story of the U.S.'s tactical development from 1990 to today, and really is a must-read ahead of tonight's match. Can Klinsmann get it together? Is the U.S. forever destined to be a defense-first, counter-attacking team?

Why your smart device can't get WiFi in the home team's stadium - Jon Brodkin, ArsTechnica


This featured article gets into the nitty gritty of WiFi and Cellular connections at sports stadiums around the country. Stadiums are working to keep cell phones online and WiFi available, but they might not be able to keep up with the demand. Gillette stadium offers an app to those in premium seats that gives streaming video from multiple camera angles of the on-field action and access to NFL Red Zone. The SF Giants have a "race" that is powered by fans shaking their phones (??). There's also plenty of technical information for geeks who are interested. As more people live-tweet/blog games, and legends like #SonarFeed are born, will data prove to be a great compliment to the on-field action, or will it be a great distraction?

Critical Mass: The importance of crowds for sporting interest


What explains why the Olympics are so enjoyable and popular and why a soccer match is so fun? The crowds. Once there is a critical mass of fans, go ahead and try to not get caught up in the...

Chelsea and PSG at Yankee Stadium: Among the mugs


An interesting look on what a neutral friendly is like at the grand old Yankee Stadium. The writer finds the American "obsession" with kits to be strange (especially ones for teams that have nothing to do with the game), calls it the "Mexican wave" (AHEM) as it apparently is known outside of the US, and talks about how Hazard disappeared during the game while PSG impressed.

On Friendlies: Storylines, not Scorelines


The scoreline was not particularly flattering, but that's not what mattered about last night's friendly between the Seattle Sounders FC and Chelsea FC. It was about the storylines: Roger's...

Sounders Vs. Chelsea | Recap, Stats, Quotes


Sounders FC vs. Chelsea FC | Recap, Stats, Quotes

Now, therefore, I, Dow Constantine, Executive of King County, do hereby proclaim July 18, 2012 to...


Now, therefore, I, Dow Constantine, Executive of King County, do hereby proclaim July 18, 2012 to be Roger Levesque Day...

King County proclaims today to be Roger Levesque Day It's great to see Roger getting recognition by the wider community. Dow Constantine mentions Roger's charity work, his goal celebrations, and the many other things he has given to the Sounders. Today truly is all about the #48seconds. (direct link to proclamation)

Letters from Shanghai


Yes, they do actually play soccer in China. Yes, it is almost as exciting as it is here. Aging euro-stars that aren't performing up to expectations? Check. Fierce rivalries complete with epic trolling? Check. All-Star team at the bottom of the table? Check. Interestingly enough, they may actually have a hooligan problem. Drogba hasn't started playing yet, but it is only going to up the ante when he does.

Alliance Council voting is open again!


Log in with your account number and password to vote for someone to be on the council. More information on the process and what it means can be found here.

Bring Back #TheTrialist


#TheTrialist has been playing more like a trialist. Perhaps that is harsh, but a fall from form is likely a large part of the Sounders' struggles this year.

Eddie Johnson's career revival with the Sounders shows that EJ7 is not who you think he is - Sporting News


A fantastic inside look at how Eddie's time with the Sounders has gone--what motivates him and has kept him in the starting 11. Having had the pleasure of meeting EJ, I can say that Brian Straus's take is same is mine: The EJ7 you think you knew from all the media before is not the same as the one the Sounders have now. And if you needed a higher endorsement here's what Brad Evans had to say: "He put his head down and worked form day one. Extra fitness with (fitness coach Dave Tenney), extra everything. He really wanted to battle and earn his place in the lineup. He had the right state of mind and still does."

Brian Schmetzer was Interviewed for Impact job, "ready to take next coaching step"


Brian Schmetzer apparently interviewed for the job as head coach of the Montreal Impact (which went to Jesse Marsh), which is news to me. Not surprising given Schmetzer's history as USL coach and current job assisting Schmid, but it would certainly be a significant step up for Brian. Adrian Hanauer also seems resigned to Schmetzer likely leaving eventually, stating that "he'll be a tremendous head coach in MLS someday."

MLS Live And Xbox Live: A Match That Must Be Made


XBox, MLS and Sounders FC can have a broader relationsihp than just a kit/pitch sponsorship. With the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, the SEC, and UFC all involved on modern digital entertainment systems...

A League of Roleplayers


Games like League of Legends are soaring in popularity, and they share at least one key similarity with soccer: roleplaying. A fun, semi-serious look at how roles can be defined across genres.

Touting "economically viable, sustainable model," USL set to debut women’s pro league


Charles Boehm reports for The Soccer Wire that the USL is set to put together a professional women's league, the "W-PRO" (homepage with a little animation). This is obviously fantastic news for us Sounders fans, as Seattle has become home to seemingly half the U.S. National Team (Seattle must be one of those "other places around the globe" Boehm refers to). However, there does not appear to be any indication of which teams exactly would be joining the W-PRO, though the W-League website is advertising franchising opportunities. Hopefully, from the ashes of the WPS we can finally have the strong women's league that our players and fans deserve.

The Emerald City: An Embarrassment of Riches


Celebrate what you have while you have it.

Do Luck And Griffin III Mean Anything For Soccer?


RGII has been sculpted as a quarterback for nearly a decade already and is expected to compete at the top level immediately. MLS players at the same age aren't specialists and are generally fringe...

I found Ramos's attempt


I found Ramos's attempt

Sounders Women!


Sounders Women!

OT: Yachting Reality Show


This show sounds awful, but I would still be very entertained to see Joe Roth send a group of Sounders players to the show.

Ianni's Tough Step Pays Off


From Matt Gaschk, Ianni reports that a major part of his offseason regimen was... seeing a sports psychologist? It has indeed paid off so far, as Ianni has been an integral part of the Sounders' last two wins. This is the flip-side to Parke's frustration, and the three-way CB battle this year looks like it will be even more heated than last year.

Reserve match against Whitecaps liveblog at SoundersFC.com


It's the 20th minute, but no score yet. Matt Gaschk is providing the live blog. Follow along there and here.

Steve Kelley: To win titles, teams have to gamble during the trading season


Steve Kelley takes, in my opinion, a very accurate perspective of what the Sounders are doing, and just how big of a gamble this is. It's not about Fucito v. Montero, it's about Fucito & Montero et al. v. Eddie & Montero et al. "In their three seasons here, the Sounders really have had only two players who consistently were willing to make runs for Montero — Fucito and Nate Jaqua. Both are gone. When they made those runs, Jaqua and Fucito pulled centerbacks away from the goal and created space for Montero to work his magic. With space, Montero is as lethal as any player in the league. But will Johnson be as willing to run for Montero as Jaqua and Fucito were, or in his quest to impress national coach Jurgen Klinsmann, will he be all about goal scoring? Will he come to Seattle because he wants to win games, or because he wants to win a spot on the national team?"

Video from Eddie Johnson's first day at training. A few key takeaways that seem to be constantly...


Video from Eddie Johnson's first day at training. A few key takeaways that seem to be constantly overlooked: Ezra Hendrickson (assistant coach) played with EJ with FC Dallas and Chris Henderson (technical director) and David Tenney (fitness coach) both coached EJ in Kansas City. Eddie was far from unknown to this coaching staff. And he seems fit already, scoring at least two goals in short scrimmages today. Just keep all that in mind while continuing to evaluate this trade.

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