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Offseason Upgrades

Check out this quick and easy chart I made about our roster turnover: Position Departing Player Incoming Player Right Tackle Jon Runyan Stacy Andrews ...

"You look at his hands, his ability to catch football, he didn't drop footballs." -Andy Reid, on...


"You look at his hands, his ability to catch football, he didn't drop footballs." -Andy Reid, on Jeremy Maclin, also talking about his current WR corps.


Brent Celek Mocks the First Round!


"And no, we don't need a tight end," said Celek.

Eagles Among Best Drafters


5. Andy Reid (coach) and Tom Heckert (general manager), Philadelphia Eagles "It's hard to argue against their accomplishments. Together, they have been to five NFC Championship Games and one trip to the Super Bowl. Reid and Heckert work for an owner, Jeff Lurie, who loves to study the draft, and the two have won him over with how they operate. Few franchises work the draft better than the Eagles. They are one of the best in the league at gaining compensatory picks, which are awarded by the league for departed free agents. The Eagles are also one of the best teams in football in making trades for draft choices. Reid and Heckert are two of the most forward-thinking evaluators in the league because they are constantly looking for players to replace aging starters."

Sheldon Brown's Predicament in a Nutshell


"At issue is the contract Brown signed in 2004, an extension of his rookie deal that all told put him under contract through 2012. He got a $7.5 million signing bonus, which at the time seemed adequate compensation for signing super-long-term. No one foresaw the extraordinary salary-cap growth the 2006 CBA would foster, though. This season, Brown, the only remaining defensive starter from the Eagles' Super Bowl XXXIX team, will play for $2 million, somewhere between one-fourth and one-fifth of what the other starting corner, Asante Samuel, is scheduled to make. Of course, Samuel got that money by not signing early and hitting the free-agent market, something Brown did not do."

2007 and 2008 1st-Round Trade Downs


So, to summarize, the Eagles received the following players for those two first-round draft picks: Jason Peters, Stewart Bradley, Trevor Laws, Quintin Demps, Mike McGlynn and Kevin Kolb and, as the Eagles see it, gave them flexibility to take Brent Celek and DeSean Jackson.

Friggin' Hilarious!


We all like to mock draft, but this guy seems to take the cake. I hope this was a joke (and he also got the Peters thing wrong): "Don't trade of Peters, he led the NFL LT in sacks. Trade Detroit D. McNabb and get their 1st (trade to Denver for Dawkins and 2 first rounds). Trade 10th plus a 4th, 5th 6th and 7th for their #1 (Jason Smith). Trade K.C. #28 for Tony Gonzalas. Trade a 4th for Garcia. Use the picks for (1) B. Cushing :(2) Ray Mausakuga; (3)B. Pettigrew;(4) A. Mack The second round for D. Robinson, D. Brown, M. Unger. This will give the Eagles 6 of the top 50. It is a start. to solve the "red zone"

Peters Analysis


"In addition to fortifying the Eagles' running game, Peters' acquisition should benefit quarterback Donovan McNabb and the team's aerial attack. Peters has the ability to go one-on-one with the NFC East's top pass rushers (DeMarcus Ware of the Dallas Cowboys and Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck of the New York Giants), and that should free Philadelphia to use more five-man routes in the passing game. Moreover, Peters gives McNabb added confidence that he can fully work through his progressions without worrying about being nailed from his blind side. This could result in more big pass plays as the Eagles incorporate more five- and seven-step drops for McNabb and deeper routes for receivers into their game plan."

Jay Leno: Do you think Kevin [Eubank]'s Sixers can win in the playoffs? Charles Barkley: Kevin...


Jay Leno: Do you think Kevin [Eubank]'s Sixers can win in the playoffs? Charles Barkley: Kevin said he wants to play the national anthem at one of the games. I told him to make sure he's there by Game 4...


Indulgent WR Nonsense

I really don't want to be one of those guys who spends today yapping about how the Jason Peters deal is BAD (?!?) because it prevents us from getting a marquee WR...but allow me to entertain that...


Evaluating the 2006 Draft

A look back at the Eagles 2006 draft

"It’s still not at a point where we say we’ve got to come out of the first two rounds with a run...


"It’s still not at a point where we say we’ve got to come out of the first two rounds with a running back," Heckert said.

Heckert Speaks

Great TO Headline


"I honestly feel very good about the way I conducted myself in three years in Dallas."

Reggie Brown's Future


"WR Reggie Brown, once the 36th pick in the draft [ed: actually 35th], has fallen from starting split end to fifth — or lower — on the Eagles’ depth chart. But it might not stay that way. Team officials have made sure to praise the way Brown handled his demotion after getting hurt last season, and there’s a chance he could re-enter the mix if he bounces back in offseason workouts."

Eagles and Knowshon Moreno


"Knowshon Moreno said that the Chargers and Eagles showed the most interest in him at the Combine." This should make many among us happy.


Who's It Going to Be?

Last year most of us, and most mock drafts and analysts, did not anticipate the Eagles spending their first draft pick on a DT. We had Patterson and Bunkley, added Klecko in the offseason and our...

Cutler a Redskin?


How would you guys feel about facing him twice a year?

Les Bowen and BGN


From Igglesblog's interview with Les Bowen. Q. What's the Les Bowen morning round-up of newspapers/ web sites? Which web-only sources make the list (beside IgglesBlog, OF COURSE)? A. For other papers, I go to an aggregator,, which has NFL stories from around the league. I look to see what you have up and what's on bleedinggreennation.


The Future is Kolb

John Harbaugh says Kevin Kolb is the real deal.

Read Between the Lines...


"Throw in the 12 picks, and we can do anything we want," Heckert said. "We can probably get up as high as we want or we can sit there and pick who's there, but we have enough ammunition to do anything we want."


49ers Mock Draft

Hey guys, my name's Ajay and I'm a regular over on Bleeding Green Nation, the Philadelphia Eagles SB Nation website. We are doing a whole 1st round mock draft and I opted to pick for the 49ers. I...

The Difference a Fullback Makes?


"This is a team that was one game away from playing in the Super Bowl and a guy like Leonard might make the difference. That's why he chose Philadelphia." - Leonard Weaver's agent Think...with a real fullback what might've happened in the games against Chicago, Washington, and the Giants?

Eagles Interested in LB Angelo Crowell?


Anyone know anything about this guy?

Who Would You Rather Have Had?


"Now, for just a moment, it is time to pay tribute to Thomas and all that he meant here. Prior to his arrival in 1998, left tackle was a revolving door, a sieve, the most visible part of a not-very-successful effort to build a quality offensive line by prior head coaching regimes. Then Thomas came along as the 11th pick in the '98 draft. I was at a draft party the day he was picked, in fact, and the fans booed the selection because they wanted wide receiver Randy Moss, who eventually went to Minnesota later in the first round."

"I have one of the best left tackles in the game, he just plays right guard." - Andy Reid


"I have one of the best left tackles in the game, he just plays right guard." - Andy Reid

I was reminded of this quote by a poster on the Inquirer Eagles forum, but I've heard Reid say it before. Interesting to think about.

Eagles Roster


I know many of you have a miiiiiild distaste for one Garry Cobb, but he made an interesting point in this post. A month or so ago Andy seemed pretty confident that he was going to resign both Tra Thomas and Brian Dawkins. As of today, neither play is on the team. Gobb says this shows that Banner's really calling the shots; after all, he was the one on WIP defending them. Or was it possible Andy was just lying? Or that the negotiations went haywire? Your thoughts...

New Verb: "to cobb"


I didn't know where to put this. But since people are already using it, I thought we should add it to the official BGN lexicon: to cobb (v, tr.) "to string together words incoherently in a Philadelphia Eagles-related blog post" as in "Sean Jones had three very straight very productive years in Cleveland". The poster "cobbed" this sentence. Named after famed Philadelphia sports blogger and former linebacker Garry Cobb. Action invented by Jason B and term invented by BGN poster Baron Dainer Von Tresvant.

Peter Orszag


Just listen to 30 seconds of this with your eyes closed. Does he not sound EXACTLY like Cole Hamels?

Lito Gets a New Deal


If he's expected to start, it's almost certain (barring injury) that we got a 2nd and a 5th for him. That's what Shockey got for the Giants. Pretty good value, IMO. And that 2nd next year will be nice...

Devil's Advocate: Getting Rid of Dawk


12 passes defensed and 2 INTs in the last 32 games...

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