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Whitaker: Lillard Shot Gets 5/5 on Horry Scale


"I took some heat earlier this season when I gave some shots lower grades than you guys felt some shots deserved. My rationale was that the moments weren’t as large as they would be late in the season or in the postseason. Like tonight. . . . So yeah. I briefly thought about giving this shot 6 Horrys."

Grantland: Lillard Tops Playoff Power Ranking BEFORE Game 6


"[W]ith all due respect to [Tony] Allen, nobody’s had a better first round than Dame Lillard. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t play defense and sometimes takes horrible pull-up jump shots. Watch him for an entire game and you will forget all of that. Whether he’s drilling pull-up 3s or blowing past people for floaters at the rim, he has a special knack for just breaking people’s hearts. "I don’t really believe in the clutch gene," my roommate was saying Sunday night. "But man. Dame Lillard makes you wonder." He’s been doing this all year, but the playoffs — and Houston’s horrible defense — just amplify all of it on national TV. So a league full of stars officially has another one, and he’s got two chances to finish off Houston this weekend. That means this section is either the greatest jinx ever, or Lillard’s playoff debut is about to get even more ruthless. To be continued..."

NBA Stats: Full-Blown Analysis of Lillard Time


Summary: Lillard is the only player to rank in the Top 5 in every clutch metric (ahead or behind, last five minutes or last 10 seconds). Insane.

Insider: Damian Lillard is King of Clutch in Playoffs


"Damian Lillard has been the king of clutch, according to the site's win probability added measure. According to the clock, score and who has possession, there is a win probability associated with every possession in the game. Lillard has lifted that win probability more than any player this playoffs, according to's metrics. By looking at plays that end a possession either by a shot, free throw or turnover, Lillard has registered a win probability score of 1.08, which means that, piece by piece, his possession-ending plays have cumulatively lifted Portland's win probability by more than a full victory in this series. LaMarcus Aldridge checks in at No. 2 on the list with 0.96 WPA, just ahead of Dallas vet Vince Carter, Houston hero Troy Daniels and some guy named LeBron James."

BBallBreakdown: Lillard Tops List of Best Scorers in NBA (Not Named Durant or LeBron)


Awesome breakdown of how Lillard is already a man among boys in the NBA. LA also makes an appearance. If articles are more your thing:

Amico: Scouts Compare Damian Lillard to Isiah Thomas


This is the first time I've heard the Isiah Thomas comparison for Lillard. Unfortunately, I can't say I saw Zeke play, so some of our old-timers will have to chime in on the accuracy.

Amico: Lillard Most Impressive Summer Performer Since Durant


Obviously, Lillard is not Durant, but this is the second time he's been tagged as the "most impressive" since Durant—first was his PDX workout, now Amico on his summer league performance.

Eggers: What's to like about Damian Lillard? How about everything?


LAS VEGAS — Outside of No. 1 pick Anthony Davis of New Orleans, who is playing with the U.S. Olympic team, all of the top selections in the June 28 NBA draft have been on display at the Las Vegas Summer League. None has been as impressive, however, as the Trail Blazers’ Damian Lillard. Lillard was at his most spectacular in an 84-78 victory over Atlanta Thursday, going for 31 points and seven assists and only three turnovers in a 32-minute masterpiece that had scouts from throughout the league singing praise. "The best player I’ve seen at summer league," said one NBA executive, who asked not to be identified. "He’s not going to be a great player — he already is one," said a scout from another team. Read the whole thing...

Amico: Lillard and Leonard Among Most Impressive SL Debuts


@SamAmicoFSO: Three most impressive summer debuts by rookies: 1. Damian Lillard; 2. Jared Sullinger; 3. Harrison Barnes, Meyers Leonard, Andrew Nicholson.

Freeland Agrees to 3 Year, $9 Million Deal w/ Blazers


@iwhittell: as per reports in spain, Joel Freeland has agreed a 3 year $9 million deal to play with NBA Trailblazers next season. great news @johnhollinger: Re: Freeland: >3 yrs after draft 1st rd picks no longer subject to rookie scale. Blazers signed him with cap space.

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