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No patience for even the worst team?

After the Cubs lost their game on Sunday I wasn't too upset over the fact they lost. In fact I was pretty much used to it already. What really bothered me was Lopez laziness which caused two...

OT: East Coast Fans: Chicago Food is coming!


I know this is off-topic and anyone in Chicago won't fully understand the necessity of this post. The restaurant renapoli opened up in greenwich CT and offers authentic Chicago Italian Beef. For best of my knowledge, this is the only place that serves it. It has had such success in Greenwich that all of their restaraunts in NY and CT will start offering Itlalian Beef as well. I'll be blunt when I say it's not the best, but it's also not just trying to be an imitation. They seem to know what they're doing...just they can improve upon it. I call out to you, my fellow displaced Cubs fans to have the Italian Beef and share it with your friends. If it catches on, we can start having Italian Beef, Vienna Hot Dogs and maybe just maybe Deep Dish Pizza on the east coast! *As a member of BCB for 5 years I swear I do not work for this restaurant nor am I doing this for spam. If you live outside of IL then you understand what its like to not get your food. I think it's a very important message to share on a Cubs fan board.

Al Bundy is Steve Bartman!


We spoke about this line from a 1987 episode of Married...With Children a few weeks ago. I found the clip and wanted to share it with everyone. It's funny and very scary at the same time! However I think if someone could write that 16 years before the event happened how can you not laugh but say "wow"!


Ten Years since 9/11 and Cubs are in NY

I was planning out my schedule for Cubs games I want to go to this year. Being that I live in CT, I really hope Cubs are better than we are projecting because for the first time in a while, East...


OT: Which city is deserving a baseball team?

I was reading the post below about 25 years for the Royals and how some teams just can't draw fans no matter how well they play (aka Rays). So I thought it would be interesting to discuss which...

Theriot's first plate appearance as a Dodger and dropping F-Bomb on ESPN.


Theriot's first plate appearance as a Dodger and dropping F-Bomb on ESPN.

Jake Fox Designated for Assignment


It's interesting that he actually started a bunch of games as catcher for the A's...something I think the Cubs only did for a few innings. Too bad he didn't have as a strong of a start to the season as he did for the Cubs last year.


Cubs American Idol on TWIB

I'm not sure if its being repeated on MLB Network or syndicated elsewhere this week but "This Week in Baseball" had a fun feature on the Cubs during Spring Training. It highlighted Ryan Dempster...

Maybe Cubs just need some Situational Training


If you haven't seen it yet, this is a funny video with David Wright and Mike "The Situation" from the Jersey Shore.

3-D Baseball?


While the article talks about the Rangers game (hockey not baseball) being broadcast next week in 3-D, how long until we get some baseball? I get cablevision and I'm intrigued to see what hockey will look like in 3D. I can also tell you that ESPN is currently part of the 3D channels offered. Could it be possible opening day will be in 3-D?


OT: Need Clarification: CitiField gets Chicago Dogs?

Ok, being that many of you are from Chicago, this post might not be for you.  However for all of us out of staters, I heard from a friend and trying to find clarification (looks to be true) that...

Silver Slugging Z


I'm surprised no one has posted this yet (or I'm too blind to find it on the site!)


Being a Cubs fan has its perks

So I got pulled over for missing a stop sign. In my defense it was covered by bushes and really couldn't see it. The cop saw my license plate which had Cubs in it. He felt bad I was a Cubs fan so...


Did your family see/hear the Cubs win the World Series?

As we're heading towards the World Series and the 2010 season, we're going to hear the saying that it's been 102 years since the Cubs won the World Series. Yes it gets old and if you're like me and...


Slightly OT: Congrats Kerry Wood

With the season ending tomorrow, I think it's worthy of congratulating one of the Cubs most popular players in the last 10-20 years. Kerry Wood officially went an entire season injury free with no...

No leadoff spot for Soriano in 2010


Lou confirmed that Soriano will not lead off in 2010. There will be competition for the spot.


Top 10 Reasons I'm not watching Friday Night

Okay, so I'm frustrated like everyone else and I've made a pact to myself.  Tomorrow is Friday night, I want to have fun and not waste the evening watching the Cubs despite if they win or lose. T...


Who's on left?

To take a line from one of the greatest comedy routines ever "Who's on First", tonight's game was one of the most interesting scenarios I've ever seen in baseball. A sport that truly defines every...

Cajun Connection and more on TWIB


Cajun Connection and more on TWIB

Just wanted to pass along that Cubs are featured on TWIB. I saw it being played when I was at the gym. Theriot and Fontenot are featured along with Koyie Hill (didn't see this part of it but I'm sure it's about his hand procedure). While I'm certain you probably missed the episode on local markets, it should be repeated on MLB Network tomorrow.

Our lone All Star Game Representative

Well the National League All Star Game representatives have been chosen and Ted Lilly is our lone representative on the team (and only starting pitcher from NL Central I believe). Personally, I...


Some good news - ARam to start rehab games

  According to the Chicago Tribune Article Aramis Ramirez should start his re-hab stint this Thursday if batting practice goes well. They state he could be back next week for the Atlanta Braves...

Adam Greenberg resurfaces again


I just wanted to share this with everyone. I live in CT/NY so I don't see very many Cubs games. However I went to an Atlantic League game near me and sure enough one of the players was Adam Greenberg! I didn't have a program or anything so I did some research tonight and sure enough it's the same guy who had one at bat with the team! I know...random, but I had no place else to share this and it's an interesting "Where are they now?".


When do we point fingers at Gerald Perry?

I'm not one to complain about the teams performance, say we should bench a player, trade for a player, etc.... However, some of these batting averages are getting alarming. If it were one player...


Soriano and The Miz have confrontation.

Anyone who might have been at the Allstate Arena or saw on TV witnessed ex-reality star and now WWE wrestler, The Miz confront Alfonso Soriano who was ringside for the event. The Miz began his...

Peavy vs. Harden Tuesday


So Brewers/Cubs is a big series this weekend but anyone else excited to see how Peavy/Harden pitching matchup goes Tuesday? This is my first game at Wrigley for the year and I'm personally excited. With all the rumors on the web, do you think a majority of the Cubs fans at the game will be aware of what might have been in the offseason? Night games can get rowdy, should be interesting!

My favorite Cubs moment at Wrigley Field was September 2006 when Rich Hill through a complete game...


My favorite Cubs moment at Wrigley Field was September 2006 when Rich Hill through a complete game shutout. We were on the verge of losing 100 games that year. This happened to be the very first time I saw the Cubs win at Wrigley Field (I was 0-42 before). I'm just bringing this up because the fans at Wrigley that day were excited and enjoyed a baseball game. We weren't winning a division, we weren't winning even 70 games that year but it was a really fun day. I'm not saying we're doomed to fail this season. It's only April. However I just want to remind people on here that it's not the end of the world if we lose. Try to enjoy this sport. *I know its a small sample size of fans who are frustrated right now but at the moment you're really taking up 95% of the enjoyment on this site so take a breath and perhaps choose an alternate activity than watching the Cubs tomorrow. Just a friendly suggestion.

Wrigley Field Memorablia at Target outside IL


Just wanted to pass along to any out of staters like myself that Target seems to be selling Wrigley Field Memorabilia pretty inexpensive. They had at my store in Stamford CT randomly a gigantic framed Wrigley Field poster for $30. I've seen similar and smaller pictures for over $100 online. They have this matted photo of the Wrigley Field marquee that says "Cubs Win" in it for $30. It's really cool. I linked to, not sure if they're selling them online but if you're at a target I'd look for them.


New Cubs Headshots

I noticed today on that all the players have their 2009 headshots up.  I remember last year everyone enjoyed discussing and laughing at some of them.  Chad Gaudin definitely wins craziest...


Try to watch NL Best Plays on MLB Network

Never did a fanshot but wasn't worth a whole posting. Try to check out on MLB Network the NL Plays of the Year. They have a lot of Cubs stuff in there and a few great moments from Aaron Miles. ...


Cedeno avoids arb

 I didn't see anyone else post this but Ronny Cedeno officially agreed to a one year deal with the Cubs for $822,000.  While we've heard he's most likely going to be traded, he will be a cheap...

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