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Yes, you can hate and respect your rivals at the same time.

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I'm finally going to a LIVE game!

My wife and I are going to the 49ers/Rams game at Levi's this year. This will be the first time I have gotten to see the 49ers, or any other NFL team for that matter, live. We already have the...

My first attempt at a Madden Photoshop


Some obvious mistakes, but I think it's OK for a first time.


The Colin Kaepernick disgruntlement thread.

It is time for the lovey-dovey pie in the sky talk to stop. Niners Nation will find any reason to think that the 49ers got the best end of any deal. Perfect example: Colin Kaepernick. Yes, he can...

E.J. Manuel trained with Colin Kaepernick


Manuel was quoted as saying, ""The biggest thing for me was improving on situational football and being smarter". Looks like Colin is becoming someone for other QB's to look up to.

Remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice

Today is Memorial Day; a national holiday that represents the start of summer and is celebrated with days off, barbeques and spending time with family and friends. Most importantly, it is a time...


49ers Roster, Breakdown: Quinton Patton

Reading some of the 90-in-90 breakdowns that our wonderful Niners Nation writers are doing, I decided to try something in a similar vein. Be warned: I am in no ways near as talented at writing as...

Aldon Smith eager for truth to emerge.


Aldon mentions he needs to control his situations better, and that fatherhood is changing him.


And the winner of the Niners Nation First Annual Predict The Pick is...

Nobody! That's right. No one. In fact, there was only one mention of Jimmie Ward, and that was by Micky Pain. Micky Pain thought he would be a day 2 pick. My favorite pick was Robert...

2014 NN first round 49ers pick prediction contest

Fooch's Note: Alright everybody, it's time to predict the 49ers first round pick. We'll use this FanPost for this particular prediction contest. If you want to change your pick between now and...

Quinton Patton Highlights


Someone actually made a video! Thanks to TallMall33 (whoever that is) for making it.


Random rant post.

I'm blaming mcwagner for getting this song stuck in my head. However, feel free to rant at me, the song, or whatever you want to rant at. Let's get this out of our systems. Rant away my fellow 49er...


Aldon Smith: What should his punishment be?

There is a lot of talk about suspending Aldon Smith for 8 games, the season, cutting him, etc. Now, here is what he has done. DUI with a charge of knowingly possessing an illegal firearm....

49ers and Ravens planning a scrimmage together.


I actually like this idea. Teams have similar philosophies.


Branded as "petty, spoiled, and little".

I am posting this as a response to Branded A "Bandwagon" Fan. First, let me say a little about myself. I'm not very football knowledgeable, even though I've made strides over the past two years. I...


The General's Battlewagon: Meeting FA (Or why we should NOT draft a WR in the first!)

Greetings fellow bandwagoners, and welcome to the chaos of free agency! There is a lot of talk about how we should move up and grab a WR in the first or even grab a free agent WR to complement our...


My first mock draft with analysis and some salary cap stuff thrown in.

I know many of you have seen too much of this stuff, but I wanted some honest feedback on my first attempt at this type of thing. I have no problem with being crucified for my choices, just let me...


One final "real" perspective on the Harbaalke issue.

Anyone sick of this issue? I mean, ready to throw your computer out the window and blame everything on EBNF sick of the issue? Yeah, me too. However, to increase everyone's level of bile, I...


The truly true truth about Harbaugh and the Browns...really!

Earlier today a rumor was reported by Florio of Pro Football Talk that the San Francisco 49ers nearly traded Jim Harbaugh to the Cleveland Browns. This then caused quite a stir, with Ian Rapoport...

Ron Rivera concerned with PI consistency.


I agree with Coach Rivera. All I want is consistency.


Will Jerry Rice challenge Quinton Patton to "The Hill"?

Earlier in the day today I was reading What's the Craziest thing you would do this offseason? As I was reading, I read about LMJ's tween and read a reference to A.J. Jenkins. I checked out twitter...


The General's Battlewagon: Meeting #NFCCG

Quinton Patton. Why are we so fascinated with him that we have created a bandwagon to follow him? By most stats Patton hasn't wowed things as a rookie. Before his foot injury he had one catch for...


What is your weird game superstition?

Game superstitions exist. Harbaugh is wearing cleats. I don't go into our game threads. Some people have lucky t-shirts/jerseys/underthings. Some play that song that has "I don't want to wait for...


The General's Battlewagon Meeting #11: Divisional Round

Greetings, hello, and welcome fellow Bandwagoners! First of all, WHAT A GAME between Green Bay (now honorary inductees into the NFC West) and San Francisco! Hats off to Green Bay. During that...


The General's Battlewagon Playoff Edition: Meeting #10

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed our Week 17 victory over a very tough Cardinals team. I KNOW you all enjoyed what the General did! Heck, even Fooch had...


The General's Battlewagon: Slap Hands All Around!

Welcome fellow bandwagoners! I didn't get to watch the whole game (they were playing the Seahawk game where I live) but I got to watch the final drive. So, I'll keep this short and sweet, and make...


Merry Christmas everybody!

This has been a great year. We have a great community in Niners Nation, we have a rival fanbase that is just as fierce as we are, and we have had some great football. I am foregoing the Bandwagon...


The General's Battlewagon: Meeting #9

HARBAUGH, ACTIVATE THE GENERAL! Ok, now that I go that out... Greetings fellow bandwagoners! This week I posted a bit earlier than normal, since I had a little time now that my finals are done. I...


The General's Battlewagon: Meeting #8

Ladies, Gentlemen and assorted others, welcome to the General's Battlewagon meeting! Hopefully last week you were able to get to know that rookie WR that we are so hyped up about so much just a...


The General's Battlewagon: Meeting #7

Greetings fellow Bandwagoners! Today’s meeting is going to forego the usual rah-rah stuff and talk a little about Quinton Patton. EastBayNinerFan posted his draft bio yesterday, and after...

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