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Big time San Antonio spurs fan since about David Robinsons 5th season. I love and admire the franchises work ethic. I flat out cant believe how humble and workmanlike these guys are ( except TP , everyone knows hes a cocky bastard who wouldnt pass the ball if evas life depended on it . *) In fact, i dont know if id even still be into basketball if it wasnt for the inspiring way the spurs franchise carries itself.

If the franchise ever turns into your regular run of the mill corporation that hires punk crybaby , overpaid, selfish athletes, i may stop watching basketball alltogether. So i savor all of these spurs basketball seasons...win or lose.

I live in Tucson Arizona but im from Chicago. Never rooted for the Bulls, because approximatly one third of the worlds population was rooting for them in the jordan years.

I love Spurs basketball and also like pro football and mixed martial arts.

*just kidding about Tony.

A Fan Of...

  • NBA San Antonio Spurs
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Manu WILL Be Playing MORE Basketball This Summer


Manu WILL Be Playing More Basketball This Summer. My feelings on this in the comments below.

Pop Sure About Future, Duncan Hedges A Bit


Pop: "I don't feel tired. I mean, I'm tired today, but I mean in general. I'd like to continue to coach," Timmy:"I don't have any plans on doing anything," Duncan said. "I'm going to figure it out when it comes. I'm not saying I'm retiring. I'm not saying I'm not retiring. I'm not saying anything. I'm going to figure it out as it goes. I've always said if I feel like I'm effective, if I feel like I can contribute, I'll continue to play. Right now I feel that way, so we'll see what happens." I think Timmy is talking about beyond his current contract, since he is obviously still extremely effective.


May 30th Playoff/Loser Thread


Simmons: "What If This Is OKC's Last Shot?"


Nice piece by Simmons, though he completely contradicts himself at the end. He basically expounds on the defferential nature of the sidekick to the superstar and how its necessary for a pairing of two elite stars to work. Then he basically says Westbrook and Durant's current arrangement can work. Written just one day before the injury to Serge Ibaka, the article is potentially prophetic (it remains to be seen if the Spurs will do their duty)


May 15th Loser Thread (With A Terrific Poll !!!)

In the time of chimpanzeesI was a monkeyButane in my veinsSo I'm out to cut the junkieWith the plastic eyeballs,Spray-paint the vegetablesDog food stalls with the beefcake pantyhoseKill the...

Kevin Pelton On Spurs Record Against Top Teams


The following is an excerpt from a January 17th ESPN Q/A session with analyst Kevin Pelton. Elten (NY) The spurs has been struggling in the games against the top teams in the NBA this season. Are they still a true contender for the champion titile? Kevin Pelton (3:24 PM) We talked about this a few weeks ago, but if you run the numbers as 538's Neil Paine did at Basketball-Reference when the Heat were having similar issues against elite teams three years ago, there's nothing that makes those games more predictive as far as the playoffs: http://www.basketball-reference.com/blog/?p=8811 Kevin Pelton (3:24 PM) And, of course, that Miami team dispatched of Boston and Chicago in the playoffs fairly easily before losing in the NBA Finals.

Batum Thinks He Should Be An All Star

LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Lillard are virtual locks to be in New Orleans playing on that Sunday. So when asked Saturday night if he feels like he deserves to be an All-Star, the small forward didn’t hesitate to give you his thoughts. "Yes, of course," Batum said to CSNNW.com. "If they have to pick one small forward behind K.D. (Kevin Durant), I think it should be me." Why? "Because of the numbers that I have and the way I play with this team," he responded. "I got two triple-doubles and I should have about five or six. And we’re 31-9, maybe the best team in the West so far. I think it’ll be tough to get three All-Stars because Damian and L.A. are going to be in it. And our coach, too. But I deserve consideration." Did we really almost draft this asshat? Glad we didnt.

Alamobro Goes To San Antone

Hello people. I have been blessed with the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of San Antonio this summer. I will be there from June 8th to June 12th. If you would like to meet up...


Loser Thread, Saturday, March 23rd

"This is a good team that just for whatever reason can't collectively mentally get stimulated to [play hard] every time," D'Antoni said after the Lakers wasted an 18-point first-half lead. "I told...


Encouraging News About Tony Parker, Poll Included

And now for some encouraging news about Tony Parker, he seems to be on the fast track to recovery. "All-Star point guard Tony Parker literally took his first steps on the road to recovery from a...


Thursday Night Loser Thread

Alice In Chains Down In A Hole Lyrics Bury me softly in this womb I give this part of me for you Sand rains down and here I sit Holding rare flowers In a tomb... in bloom Down in a...


Game 6 Keys To A Game 7

Hack keys to victory below. Please share your thoughts and your own keys. #1. Stop trying to hurry the pace early. Move the ball around instead of forcing the issue. Evidently, Pop told the...


Saturday May 26th Loser Thread

Hydie ho. In honor of our impending series against OKC, lyrics to the played-out, yet classic "We will rock you" by Queen can be found below. Enjoy.

Vintage Artest


Just one of the gems he dropped in this interview... "I like this team," World Peace said. "You look at the team, you all saw some of the amazing things we did. OKC, we had those guys beat fairly easy. Fairly easy we had those guys beat, but that's the difference between a team that's been together that added Derek Fisher, and that team has been together so they knew exactly how they're playing together in the fourth quarter, versus a team that hasn't been together."

ESPN:"Lakers Are Done"


The Espn heads think the current core of Lakers is done contending, they give a great argument at the end. Before reading this, I personally thought they could retool and come back strong, but they just dont have the drafting savy and marketing skill of a San Antonio office to help them stay relevant. Barring a home run acquisition of someone like Dwight Howard, I agree that this core is done contending.

Stephen A. Smith BELIEVES


Someone alert the presses. Stephen A Smith has said the Spurs .... Have no weaknesses. Says he was wrong to pick against them. Can not be beaten. Are only defeated when they beat themselves. Will beat OKC. Will probably win the title. Will probably beat Miami (barring a simultaneous, superhuman performance by Lebron and Wade for 4 games, like they had the other night, but WITH Chris Bosh) Please get your personal effects in order, Pounders. 2012 is here.......

Spurs/Clippers Game 4 May Be Delayed


Game 4 might be delayed, depending on how long the hockey game takes.

Harvey on Stephen Jackson


Jack is back and shows a glimpse of what he was. Read this too http://blog.mysanantonio.com/spursnation/2012/03/18/five-quick-takes-why-jackson-showed-something-by-joining-his-team-saturday/

Simmons on Lin and Lebron


Interesting tidbits in the first few mailbag questions that Simmons answers. Lin has the big apple in the palm of his hand. Imagine what Lebron could have accomplished.

Pryzbilla Eyeing Miami or Chicago (Big Surprise)


Pryzbilla expected to jump on either Miami or Chicagos coatails later this season.


Spurs Defense Under The Microscope

Lets go ahead and acknowledge the elephant in the room known as the Spurs very poor defense. Admittedly, Last night was a step in the right direction. While the Spurs defense faltered badly at the...

Kevin Love squares off against a Sumo Wrestler (Really)


Absurd, and proves nothing, but its worth watching.

Sheed Considers Comeback


I dont think he would come to San Antonio, but its interesting to note.

Simmons, "Lockout has become personal"


The not-so-subtle signs that the lockout has become personal have been present for some time now. Simmons breaks it down. Things do not look good.

WTF is wrong with Lebron ? Simmons offers up an explanation


The rumors and speculations are flying. Is Lebron just gassed? Did Delonte West sneak into Brons momma’s hotel room the night before game 4? Has his confidence dwindled while watching D-Wade go FULL ON Jordan in this series? All of the above? Simmons offers up something tasty and In my opinion, the most accurate explanation I have read so far of how someone so enormously talented, could all of the sudden turn in a performance like Brons in part of game 3 and all of 4, (after demolishing the leagues #1 defense just one round ago). Good read.

The REAL reasons why you should Hate Miami


Here are the logical reasons why you should despise the Heat.

Mbah a Moute scouts the remaining superstars.


Thought some of you guys would like this. Alot of members here have a woody for Luc, too bad they would never trade him to the Spurs. I like how easy he makes some of these covers sound.Still, its interesting to hear his gameplan.

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