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Big time San Antonio spurs fan since about David Robinsons 5th season. I love and admire the franchises work ethic. I flat out cant believe how humble and workmanlike these guys are ( except TP , everyone knows hes a cocky bastard who wouldnt pass the ball if evas life depended on it . *) In fact, i dont know if id even still be into basketball if it wasnt for the inspiring way the spurs franchise carries itself.

If the franchise ever turns into your regular run of the mill corporation that hires punk crybaby , overpaid, selfish athletes, i may stop watching basketball alltogether. So i savor all of these spurs basketball seasons...win or lose.

I live in Tucson Arizona but im from Chicago. Never rooted for the Bulls, because approximatly one third of the worlds population was rooting for them in the jordan years.

I love Spurs basketball and also like pro football and mixed martial arts.

*just kidding about Tony.

A Fan Of...

  • NBA San Antonio Spurs
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May 14/15th loser thread.

Drop in and speak your mind. Lyrics to the song "big empty" by the Stone temple pilots, below.


Has the Lakers title window expired ?

  I initially thought the Lakers just needed some rest in order to get back in contention. They had played well into the finals for the past three seasons. But when you tally how much rest they...

Lakers Humilistroyed/Bynum is an a$$hat.


The thing I found most interesting about this piece (written by Lakers writer Andy Kamenetzky) is that this is actually the third time Andrew Bynum has committed such a dangerous and cowardly foul.

Woj breaks down the Boston/Miami series thus far.


Things are not looking too great for the Celtics.

Pop, it-is-time.


Pop, it-is-time.

Popovich "Buzzer-beater should not have counted"


"You can’t do that in 2.1 seconds," Popovich said of a play that involved an in-bounds pass from the baseline under the Spurs’ basket, two dribbles, one pass and a shot. "The clock didn’t start until after one dribble and back in his hand, and then the clock started. There was no way that it was good. But that’s the breaks of the game, and it’s what happened. It’s not a referee’s call. The clock started slow." There is no use in crying over spilled milk. Still, if there is a coach in the NBA who should know about incompetent game clock operation, its Gregg Popovich.


Saturday 3/26/11 loser thread

Song lyrics after the jump, feel free to BS about whatever you would like.

Dwyer: Duncan could be out 4 weeks.


Dwyer gives his perspective on Duncan's ankle, and states Timmy might be out for up to 4 weeks.

Game #64 Preview: San Antonio Spurs vs. Detroit Pistons

Game #64 Preview: San Antonio Spurs vs. Detroit Pistons - Spurs look to rebound against Detroit

Harvey: (Insiders say) Parker MAY be out for LESS than two weeks.


This is music to my ears. I don’t think there’s any reason to doubt Buck Harvey.


Saturday evening/night loser thread ( Poll too, EXCITING !)

  You know why your here, so just do it. Some nice lyrics below by the red hot chili peppers, an awesome song titled " I could have lied"


Thursday night/day loser thread

Hello guys, girls and insomniacs. Please feel free to drop in and discuss whatever you would like. Below you will find the lyrics to the Doors song "Crystal ship", a really nice tune from one of my...

Ludden: Fish could only wave his finger


Not Ludden's best writing, but still a relevant subject.

Hollinger: "Spurs/Celtics would be the best finals"


The last couple of years, I have suspected Hollinger is a Spurs Homer. In a preseason article, Hollinger had the Spurs ranked higher than anyone else did on the ESPN staff. http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/preview2010/news/story?page=Predictions1011-Spurs In his latest chat, Hollinger says he " doesnt know why the public has deemed the Spurs boring, because they are a fun team to watch" ( Question # 23) http://espn.go.com/sportsnation/chat/_/id/36571/nba-with-john-hollinger " If the Spur and Celtics played a series today, San Antonio would win " (Question # 16) "The Spurs have to like their chances against Los Angeles, provided they are healthy" (Question # 26) Also, just how big of an anomaly was the Spurs/Celtics game earlier in the season? Boston shot 61%, the highest percentage San Antonio had allowed in OVER TWENTY YEARS. You have to like the odds against Boston ever shooting that percentage against the Spurs again. http://espn.go.com/nba/recap?id=310105002


Sunday night loser thread.

I will now attempt a heretofore unknown trick...cutting and pasting so as to avoid the dreaded 75 word minimum the PTR program requires to be written after the jump in order to allow a FANPOST. The...

Ludden: The Lakers can still beat anyone


Something of a haphazard article that doesnt really concentrate on one thing. Anyway, I do not agree with Ludden, If the Lakers make it to the Finals, Boston will summarily destroy them. Los Angeles was lucky to beat the Celtics last season.

Mysa: (Pop) All that glitters is not gold


Sit your happy asses back down, the Spurs havent accomplished JACK and Greg Poppovich knows it all too well. See if you can pick out the major typo in the article. Heh.


The road is about to get a tad rougher.

The road is about to get a tad more bumpy.

Mysa.com : Byron Scott defends Flagrant on Splitter


I know a coach should always support their players, but to even try to defend this cowardly flagrant defies logic. You cant help but think any other coach in his right mind would have admitted it was not a good idea. Instead, Scott attempts to dismiss the flagrant as something less then serious by harkening back to the old days when " it wouldn't have been a foul". What a tool.

Tony Wants a Piece of The Jazz


Tony wants a piece of the Jazz (not that kind of piece, you pervs). I have never heard Tony say he wants to get revenge on a team, its a little edgy, and I kind of like it.

Love nets 31 rebounds. Yes THIRTY-ONE.


This is not a typo, Love amassed 31 rebounds against New York earlier this evening. Just as impressive was the fact he did it in only 41 minutes of play. I dont care if it was against the Knicks, I dont think I could get 31 rebounds in a triple overtime game against a bunch of 4th graders.

Wojnarowski dissects the Heat


Wojnarowski mercilessly, yet accurately puts the Heats young season into perspective. OUCH .


Late, late Sunday night loser thread.

Late night musings from an ER xray room in Arizona.   Note: I dont actually expect anyone to chime in, its much later everywhere else. And I have to keep typing in order to be able to post this. ...

Breaking news


This just in, the Spurs are actually taking the early regular season...seriously. Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you, but read this MYSA article for proof.


The most important factor this year will be..

    Assuming everyone remains healthy  for the entire season, the most important factor this year will be..Greg Popovich.He has no excuse, this is the best team the Spurs have had since the 2007....

A Dime Mag ode to Tim Duncan.


Worth reading though there’s really nothing illuminating here. Just the fact he’s getting press in Dime Mag (a publication known for zeroing in on only the most popular ballers) is news. The Duncan piece starts on page 54.

Jesus, that didnt take very long...


Wade limps out of his 1st preseason game with a hamstring injury and 48 minutes later... the Heat are no longer his team.

Is there ANY greater compliment to a player?


Scope the first few answers to the question posed by this blog .. What Player Do You Absolutely HATE, But Would LOVE To See On The Phoenix Suns?

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