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Big time San Antonio spurs fan since about David Robinsons 5th season. I love and admire the franchises work ethic. I flat out cant believe how humble and workmanlike these guys are ( except TP , everyone knows hes a cocky bastard who wouldnt pass the ball if evas life depended on it . *) In fact, i dont know if id even still be into basketball if it wasnt for the inspiring way the spurs franchise carries itself.

If the franchise ever turns into your regular run of the mill corporation that hires punk crybaby , overpaid, selfish athletes, i may stop watching basketball alltogether. So i savor all of these spurs basketball seasons...win or lose.

I live in Tucson Arizona but im from Chicago. Never rooted for the Bulls, because approximatly one third of the worlds population was rooting for them in the jordan years.

I love Spurs basketball and also like pro football and mixed martial arts.

*just kidding about Tony.

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  • NBA San Antonio Spurs
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" They ( San Antonio ) played real physical...They out-toughed us. "


Zach Randolph says the Spurs ( Yes THESE Spurs ) played physical and out-toughed them. It even sounds like Bonner had a hand in the effort. San Antonio held the Grizzlies to 43 % shooting and will need alot more of this to stay afloat without Parker, who went down in the same game with a fractured right hand.

Big D N P for Romaju


Mase played a whopping 6 minutes in the game before last and didnt play at all last night ( all this despite Finleys departure ) Do you guys think Pop is going to make an example of him for requesting a trade ?

Harvey : Victory over Thunder takes a backseat to games real meaning .


Buck tells what it will take for the Spurs to have any success in the postseason. The article truthfully defines last nights game. A win against the tired, short-manned Thunder....and also a showcase of the Spurs greatest hope.

Ilgauskas.....could it hurt ?


The guy has all of the Spurs signee prereqs. Hes over 40, foreign, no tattoos and in the twilight of his career. He could take theos 2 minutes per game if nothing else. All kidding aside, he sounds like a guy Popovich fantasizes about. A veteran bigman whos able to spread the floor. He would be usefull to San Antonio. 10 bucks says Pop is going after him hard behind the scenes ( it sounds almost like a bromance, doesnt it JRW ? )

Cavs land Jamison


While Im not crazy about the undersized, poor rebounding Power forward, Mike Brown seems to find effective minutes for all of his players. This should help them out depth-wise. Even if it doesnt work out, they lose nothing. Big Z has fallen out of the rotation as of late. ( Unless of course Shaq gets inured. ) I really think this might be Lebrons year. But not because of this trade. In the east ,the Celtics are in need of an odometer rollback and Orlando isnt the same team they were last season. In the West, the Lakers Kobe Bryant is accumulating many small injuries and Bynum has to remain healthy. ( And Fish is about as ripe as Findog )


Friday night loser thread.

  I dont expect many if any people to show up for this thread. Its already 915 pm Mountain time, and its already 1116pm on the east coast. ( God knows what time it is in other countries ) Jump in...


Poll: What is wrong with the Spurs ?

[WVATS]:  It seemed appropriate that we ought to use this for our Tuesday Night Loser Thread. There can be no denying the Spurs mediocrity as of late. San Antonio hasnt been able to beat any...


Proposed Lineup

          Someone recently suggested that Tony should come off the bench.      IMO, the reason Manu comes off the bench rather than Tony is his style of play. While Tony is unquestionably a better...

Chad Ford thinks Spurs can beat Lakers


You can add Chad Ford to the small list of people who ( GASP ) actually think the Spurs might beat the Lakers this year. In addition, an "opposing NBA team scout" picks the San Antonio Spurs to win it all. God, I'm getting excited as the regular season draws near. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2009/basketball/nba/spurs.scout/

Blair: Spurs gain is NBA's loss


Finally, an article stating the obvious. I'm surprised there's not many more. They are coming I'm sure.

David Robinson and Dwight Howard chat ( Hilarious !)


A little known but factual account about a chance meeting between David Robinson and Dwight Howard....( Hilarious )


Poll: what should Manu's permanent nickname be?

Manu needs a nickname.


Amusing Random news

 Marginally entertaining news ahead...


Stephen Jackson, more than meets the eye ( or ear ).

   Im not going to try and defend anything Stephen Jackson has ever said, or done.( Actually , maybe I am going to defend Stephen Jacksons words and actions.)


Gasol trade revisited....

Gasol trade revisited...

Bowen love.


Aschburner breaks it down and shows Bowen some love.


Poll: Should the Spurs trade for Captain Jack ?

This topic has been covered over the course of the last few days by PTR as well as at another dedicated spurs website,  http://www.48minutesofhell.com/  .However, there has not been a poll. Please...


Manu interview....

          Hey guys, i lifted this alleged Manu interview off of spurstalk. The interview is in Spanish, and the spurstalk member has attempted a translation of the first question regarding Manus...


Witnessing Greatness

Just wanted to share my only experience to date watching the Spurs play live. Hopefully this will change sometime in 2010.


One persons explanation for Blairs absence...

Im not touting the credibility of this report....but its at least one persons explanation regarding Dejuan Blairs absence in game two of the summer league......contained in the chat are these words...


You must root for ORLANDO, because....

“chuckle” ….poor cavs…… Though i really believed the magics success against cleve in the regular season was no fluke….i still picked them to beat orlando in 7… This does not look good for...


Duncan/Russell excerpt

Hey guys. Sorry about the lack of content in here. I just really wanted any and all spurs fans to see this excerpt from the Duncan and Bill Russell interview, scheduled to be released tomorrow in...


Terrible Tragedy births Incredible Inspiration

 Hello. I dont have anything cool to post about the san antonio spurs on this post, and I hope youll forgive me. All i wanted to do was tell you to read a little bit about the story of...


Camby falls through. Good or bad?

        Hello peeps . Was wasting more time on the net today and stumbled upon a post by Buck Harvey The spurs were supposedly near to reaching an an agreement with that other Los Angeles team to...


Erkel....or Wade?

Anyone catch Dwayne Wade on the cover of si.com NBA page? He is dressed like Erkel , i shit you not. Go look. And if you know how to link a pathway to the picture, please do so on a comment....   ...


Carter to Spurs noise wont stop...

Guys, there is a new story on si.com created at 8am et today saying a Carter for Mason , Hill , Bruce and Fabio deal is a very real possibility..im starting to get anxious here. ( and i dont think...

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