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Andy Liu is a student at UC San Diego but grew up in San Francisco, where his love for the Golden State Warriors has grown to new heights as the team has descended to newly low heights. You can find his work at the school newspaper, Bleacher Report and as a newly minted Golden State of Mind member. Misery loves company and there's nothing in the world like watching Andris Biedrins shoot free throws.

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Warriors; same ole stuff


Well, this is annoying.

Two potent offenses meet; only 1 play their style


The Golden State Warriors shoot threes at the best clip in the NBA. They didn't fare so well against the Houston Rockets.

Q&A with Bruce Bowen on Dubs vs. Rockets

I was lucky enough to ask the former all-world defender Bruce Bowen some questions about the big game between two of the Western Conference's most talented team.

The absence of Andre Iguodala; a video breakdown


Warriors - Andre Iguodala = not good.

Andre nearing a return; "same chapter as trainers"


Andre Iguodala is talking and acting like a man ready to play, but understands why the trainers are holding him back.

Warriors start slow



Warriors don't get the Raptors in the second half


Same start, much more logical ending.

Douglas practicing; Iguodala traveling


Douglas practicing; Iguodala traveling; MJack on Jermaine; Bogut on his health

Curry arrives as a clutch scorer, kind of


The Golden State Warriors engage in a high-scoring affair with the Sacramento Kings, harkening back to the Don Nelson days. The difference? The coach, here, now, and in the future, wants to stick...

The Return of Monta Ellis

The Return of Monta Ellis

The Golden State Jermaine O'Neals escape NO


Jermaine O'Neal turned back everything possible and led the Warriors to a one-point victory against the New Orleans Pelicans. Luck? Who cares.

Bogut suspended; player reactions; JON back?

The Golden State Warriors are searching for answers, and healthy bodies, for the upcoming road trip.

Warriors play horribly, lose horribly

BREAKING: Post-ups don't work for this team.

Warriors lose Iguodala; Bogut somehow healthy

Oh, and they lost. To the Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant-less Lakers. Fun Friday night.

Warriors win 102-88; Jermaine O'Neal goes down


The Warriors start fast and knock out the Jazz with a late second half run. Rinse, repeat against bad teams. ANDRIS BIEDRINSSSSSSSSSSSS didn't play.

The D-League vs. Overseas Basketball: A Decision

For some, it's an easy decision. For others, it's one that can decide a career.

Warriors blown out by Grizzlies 90-108


Golden State struggled both on offense and defense, losing to Memphis 90-108. The Warriors turned it over 17 times and missed 2 free throws. That seems bad.

Warriors lose to Spurs 74-76


The Golden State Warriors, sans Stephen Curry and only scoring 74 points, lose to the San Antonio Spurs by two points. If you saw that coming, you're lying and but give me your best lotto guess...

Warriors on pace for 61 wins and 61 blowouts


The Golden State Warriors take down the once 3-0 Sixers and improve to 3-1, with a date on the road against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday.

Warriors beat Kings 98-87 without Mike Malone


The Golden State Warriors were sloppy at times but flashed enough greatness to finish off a blowout. That made sense as I typed it, I swear.

Last words and thoughts on the Dubs


Last words and thoughts on the hype train known as the Golden State Warriors

Warriors blown out by Blazers; time to worry


The Golden State Warriors, sans Harrison Barnes and David Lee, lose to the Portland Blazers 90-74. Is it time to panic? is the loss of Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry too much to overcome? Did Andre...

Stephen Curry is the third-best SG in the NBA

Because he's a guard. That shoots.

Andrew Bogut gets real on contract extension


Did you really think Bogut was going to forget about the Warriors' pursuit of Dwight Howard? Lol.

Warriors thank Utah Jazz for Biedrins/RJeff


Warriors thank Utah Jazz for Biedrins/RJeff, subsequently blown out

Warriors undefeated in Klay Thompson (starter) era


Warriors undefeated in Klay Thompson (starter) era; Barnes injured; Seth gets Jeremy Lin treatment

Warriors lose, Curry dunks, rest of team is skinny


Did you know that Andrew Bogut can dribble a ball up the court? Sort of fast?

The preseason's preseason: on perceptions


The preseason is set to begin. Against the Lakers. Who start Chris Kaman and Nick Young. On expectations.

A somewhat exhaustive team preview


A look around the team and some of the key questions and some answers for the upcoming season. How does Andrew Bogut's health count for the team? But most importantly, whether the new additions can...

Optimism, reservations of the W's offseason


Things got weird. And awesome.

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