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Where Will We Be In The Rebuild At The Start Of Next Season?

Please anticipate moves, trades, and promotions from the minors and then count yourself an optimist, a realest, or a pessimist regarding the team's chances for making the post season next year. P...


A CBA Stoppage And The Isles

No Fan wants to miss part or all of the up coming season. However a lock-out might hurt our team less than most others. - Why? 1. The majority of experts do not believe we are a play-off team...


Is It Hockey Or Rugby? - The Scrum in The Crease

We can all remember a few seasons back when there were even more reviews of goals then there is now. It basically concerned the rule that the puck must proceed the shooter into an already recently...


Trade Poulin/Nilsson + Pick For Top Pair D

WHY? 1. We have a desperate need for a top pair big young stand-out Defenseman which probably cannot and will not be addressed by the RA route because of the historic reluctance of top players to...


Can The Isle's Make the Play-Offs With This Realignment?

The Islanders play in the toughest division in the NHL. NYR, PHI, PIT, are big market teams and [NJD spend like they are!] The result is that these four organizations appear to be set for the next...


Why Are We LHH Addicts?

I'll admit upfront that its a sex substitute for me. Others will contend that its an excuse for putting off taking out the garbage,- your own personal admissions can be shared with everyone else in...


Josh Bailey..... A Work In Progress?

A lot has been written about Josh Bailey since his storied pik by Garth Snow several years ago. He is certainly a very nice young man with good skating and defensive ability. Much was also expected...


Its The Goals Against..........Again!

Frank Frisch, the famous baseball player for the Cardinals said it best along time ago "Oh- those bases on balls". Although the analogous situation doesn't pertain in hockey, for the sake of the...


Should Nabokov Be Dealt At The Trade Deadline?

The NHL Trade Deadline is Feb. 27th at 3PM EST. Nabby is no longer young, but at the same time he still has a few good years left as a back-up goalie for a contending team. Rumours have it that he...


Is "The Old Mark Streit" Back?

Is it possible this early on to make any meaningful determination? [Only 10% of the season has been played]. A projection of this season's stats over a full season compared with 2009/10 show that...


Is It Time To Juggle The Lines?

The Tavares line has accounted for the vast majority of the team's points in the first 7 games. Cappy has been reluctant so far to break up our one successful unit, concentrating instead on fine...


Tell The Coach Your Strategy For A Fast Start

It looks like Coach Capuano has the hand Garth Snow has dealt him unless a last minute surprise big trade is made. Please make suggestions to him for the best tactical decisions he can make to get...


2011-2012 My Projected Eastern Conf. Final Standings

1)BOS, 2)WAS, 3)PHI, 4)PIT, 5)TPA, 6)NYR, 7)BUF, 8)MON, 9)NJD, 10)TOR, 11)FLA, 12)NYI, 13)WIN, 14)CAR, 15)OTT Please state your views - I wish I could be more positive about our favorite team,...


Be Part Of A Wang/Snow Conversation

Here is your chance - just pose a question(s) for Garth Snow and or Charles Wang and provide an answer to your own inquiry or better yet to others' questions. No topic is off limits.Here are mine: ...


Boston Victory Proves Again that Goal and Defense Comes First!

For the Islanders,these two areas are the most suspect. While our rebuild proceeds,and our forwards have become lethal scoring machines - the other side of the game lags. Unfortunately defensemen...


What Should Be Snow's First Move?

We have discussed the draft at length and the Isle's possible choices. These selections will have great implications for the team's future and continuing rebuild going forward. However, if you...


In 2012-13, In Which Division Will Winnepeg Play?

In 2011-12 the new team must continue to compete in the South East division. However after the next season they are sure to move. Below is my new alignment based geographic and rivalry...


Can Rule Changes Make The NHL More Popular?

For many sport's fans, hockey seems too much like soccer - not enough scoring. While many children play school soccer, many fewer attend professional games later as adults. The fact that hockey is...


How Can The Isle's Improve Their Goals Against?

With few exceptions a team must score more goals than it allows over the course of a season to make the play-offs. The last time we qualified for the post-season was 2006-07 when we were...


What five decisions does Snow need to make in the off season?

Yes there are many more than five that need doing, and we all have strong opinions about this. So if you will prioritize your choices to the top five, with all the input I hope for ,we will...

CBS radio 880am this morning says Nassau legislature is considering bill to back bonds for new...


CBS radio 880am this morning says Nassau legislature is considering bill to back bonds for new NVMC. Can anyone confirm?

CBS radio 880am
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