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PSU Unlikely to Lose Accreditation


"Judith Eaton, president of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, said Tuesday that it's highly unlikely Penn State will end up on probation or lose its accreditation."

Middle States Issues Warning


We were talking about this in the "Good News!?!?!" thread - the accreditation body, Middle States Commission issued a warning. We pretty much just have to show them we have taken corrective actions and should be fine.

What?!!? We can feel more than one emotion?


Really great article! "I can hate everything Sandusky did with every fiber of my being while I continue to be proud of the traditions that make us Penn State. And I can do all of that at the same time, so don’t insult my intelligence by suggesting that if I support Penn State or decry what’s been done to Paterno’s legacy that I don’t care about the suffering of Sandusky’s victims. We are Penn State, and we can multitask with the best of them."

NCAA ready to announce penalties against PSU


Um, don't they have to wait until Erickson responds to the charges? WTF is going on?

Breneman and Hackenberg Fully Committed


This is a great read!! I've been impressed with these guys (including Bench) from the beginning, but watching them on Twitter and articles like this - just so great to reaffirm.

We Have a Committee Folks


I kinda like Russ Rose as a member. I can only imagine the interviews 'grumble grumble grumble'!!

Favorite College Female Athlete - Blair Brown


Um, so I have no idea if anyone posted this before, however it's worth resharing! Everyone's favorite VolleyBall Girl Blair Brown is up for Best College Female Athlete at the ESPY's! GO VOTE!!!

JoePa's Retiring............Just Kidding!


Really good article discounting the rumors that JoePa is retiring after the Outback Bowl.

Kapinos to Steelers


Kapinos was picked up today by the Steelers! I love Danny Boy but I am hapy about this!

No 1 PSU falls to No 2 Stanford


For some reason, this hurts more than the boys losing today. But I'm not too concerned. We'll get the 4th straight Championship at the end.

A Price for JoePa?


Mostly just love for JoePa, but the end is where is gets interesting. JoePa does leave, it really sounds like they are going to stay inhouse for new coach... "If we go outside to hire a coach, we know what Mack Brown of Texas makes [$5.1 million] and we know what Nick Saban [$4.7 million] of Alabama makes," Kaluza said. "So, is that where we'll need to be? Probably. And that figure doesn't even include the assistant coaches. "If we stay inside and [defensive coordinator] Tom Bradley is the new coach, then we can probably keep things a little closer to where we are now." Kaluza said Paterno rarely has used the university's jet for recruiting purposes, but that could change, too, if the university hires a coach from the outside. "If a new coach comes in, he's going to want to be on the university jet all the time, going here and going there to see these high school recruits play their games," Kaluza said. "Every time he hops on that university jet, it's going to be another $6,000 or $7,000."

Texas Tech Suspend Coach from Bowl Game


Texas Tech has suspended head coach Mike Leach following a complaint from a player and his parents regarding his treatment of the athlete following an injury. Do you think this will improve MSU's chances of winning or not?

This American Life: #1 Party School


NPR did a piece from Penn State one football weekend about Student Drinking and of course #1Party School.

Megan Hodge 2009 AVCA POTY


The Durham, N.C. native became Penn State's fourth four-time All-American. She has earned First Team accolades all four years of her career. She is a two-time Big Ten Player of the Year, earning the honor in 2006 as a freshman and 2009 as senior. This is the fifth straight year a Penn State student-athlete has been the league's player of the year Because we are awesome.


Questions on a couple plays

I hate to bring this up, but I had some questions re: the debacle that was yesterdays game.  I was (un)fortunate enough to score some tickets, so I missed some explanations that was probably given...

Fortt Knows His Lines


"They say in Happy Valley that if God wasn’t a Penn State fan, why is the sky blue and white?" Fortt said. "Who am I to argue with God?" A Nittany Lion for only two days and Fortt has been fully converted. Good Job.

Fortt Knows His Lines


"They say in Happy Valley that if God wasn’t a Penn State fan, why is the sky blue and white?" Fortt said. "Who am I to argue with God?" A Nittany Lion for only two days and Fortt has been fully converted. Good Job.

Linebackers Get Paterno's Attention


Joe Paterno said yesterday that Bowman had failed two random drug tests administered by the team. I'm not really sure how I feel about this now. I guess I'd want to know when those tests were, but I'm leaning, though it hurts to say this, Bowman should be off the team. How many chances do you give someone?

DO NOT OPEN THIS AT WORK!!!!! Afroman: Pimpin' Pennsylvania This is just...

DO NOT OPEN THIS AT WORK!!!!! Afroman: Pimpin' Pennsylvania This is just fan-freakin'-tastic! Enjoy!

Tomlin is a Mad Genius

Watching the Safety in the Fourth Quarter, I was going insane.  That's when I first started to get a little nervous about the game.  And I was more than a little annoyed at Hartwig (who had the...


Tomlin Coach of the Year

Tomlin is Coach of the Year  according to the Post Gazette!   Fans vote Steelers' Tomlin coach of the year Thursday, January 29, 2009 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Mike Tomlin, who has led the...

This is a group of kids from Harmony, PA and it FREAKING ROCKS!! GO STEELERS!!!


This is a group of kids from Harmony, PA and it FREAKING ROCKS!! GO STEELERS!!!


A Convo Between A Pitt fan and I

My Uncle, a Pitt fan, was harrassing me during the game yesterday.  I thought I would share the convo with everyone here for it's beauty... conversation took place via text during halftime. U...


Another LA Times Smack Article

That will certainly happen Thursday, when they will play for a fourth consecutive January in a stadium down the street, against a team from a conference with no juice, in a game that has zero...

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