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Call me Jon. 29 years old from Buffalo, been a cub fan for 23 years now as I grew up watching Harry Caray and Steve Stone call games on WGN. Pleasure to meet all of you!

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2009 Cubs Can Of Worms Nominees

Like many of you, I really enjoyed Al's offseason series "The Cubs Can Of Worms", in which he conjured up memories of failures past. In hindsight, it gave me a good chuckle and brought relief that...


A Cubs Fan's True Responsibility: A Rebuttal

Yesterday, this fanpost was posted by BCB reader copingwiththecubs. I found the post very well written, and while my kneejerk reaction was to scream "Fairweather Fan!!!", I have read it a few times...


Lou: From Manager Of The Year To...?

I feel the need to write a post about this, as I have been very stubborn in my support of Lou Piniella. I have excused his seemlingly disinterested attitude as "trying to be a calming influence", I...


Aaron Miles: Yahoo's Reality = BCB's Perception

So while I was stuck at work today I was watching the game on Yahoo! since Gameday wasn't working for me. Notice Aaron Miles' season average as he strolled to the plate for his at bat in the 7th....

Laughter Is The Best Medicine: Nintendo's re-enactment of our beloved Cubbies' play today at...


Laughter Is The Best Medicine: Nintendo's re-enactment of our beloved Cubbies' play today at Colorado. Let's go get em tomorrow!!


The Story Of Ken Hubbs

In light of Randy Wells' stellar rookie campaign, I decided to do a little research to see if the Cubs ever had back to back ROY award winners, and as many of you can guess, I was stunned and...

Brewers Sign Corey Patterson


Maybe this is karma for all of Ryan Braun's antics. Enjoy, Brewer fans!

Brewers Acquire Felipe Lopez


Solid leadoff type guy who can play 6 positions. Batting .305 this year with 6 HR, 25 RBI, and 6 SB. Now that the Brewers have Lopez and St. Louis acquired DeRo, I think it's time for us to improve.

MLB Extra Innings Free Preview: 7/16-7/22


Just in case anybody didn't know, MLB Extra Innings offers a free preview every year for the first week following the all-star break. So, if you don't get the package and don't live in the Chicagoland area, you have no excuse not to watch the Cubs in Washington this weekend. Happy viewing!


OT: Fenway Park to host 2010 NHL Winter Classic

Following last year's success at Wrigley Field, the NHL has decided to hold the 2010 Winter Classic at Fenway Park in Boston, where the Bruins will host the Philadelphia Flyers. After holding an...


Analyzing The Second Half

3.5 games back with 76 games to go. When you really think about it, it's a very small deficit that can be overcome with solid play and a second half more consistent with how this team is expected...


Done Being Patient With Soriano

I am fully aware that Alfonso Soriano is an important part of this team, specifially the offense. Why he is penciled into the lineup every day, though, is beyond my understanding. Let's take a look...


Energy Guys Needed - Sam Fuld Anyone??

OK, so it's no secret that the team has been struggling for the better part of this year, and I've heard many of you share my sentiments that team seems to be lacking energy and fire. (and yes,...


Blogger Upsets Ibanez Over Steroid Related Post--Thoughts?

Today on ESPN's Outside The Lines, a blogger from was in the studio to discuss this article he had written 2 days prior. The article, while filled with statistics and very...


Baseball Oddity - June 8th edition

Randy Johnson, one start after this 300th career win, has made a bit of personal history yet again. In tonight's game against the Marlins, he went 5 innings, giving up 7 hits and 3 earned runs. 3...


Game Threads

Since I joined BCB last year, I've enjoyed very much meeting fellow Cubs fanatics and sharing insights, ideas, and concerns. Recently, I wanted to try enhancing my BCB experience by joining in-game...

Maybe Neal Cotts isn't so bad after all!


Maybe Neal Cotts isn't so bad after all!


120 games left: what I'd do

After our current 7 game losing streak, we sit at 21-21 with 120 games left, and only 4.5 games behind the Brewers pending tonight's game. While I am not one of the many "ledge jumpers" here, I do...


Odd Man Out?

This was discussed briefly today in Al's postgame recap, and he seemed to have the same thoughts as I did about Scales possibly staying on the roster and Gathright being optioned (or released, or...


Cotts DFA Pool

While tonight's game was relatively stress free, it was not ideal to have to use Marmol with a fairly comfortable 5 run lead. Marmol was brought in, of course, because our L(n)OOGY put 2 of little...

Cubs 30 in 30 on MLB Network 3/10 5:30pm Eastern


Just in case anybody wanted to watch this and didn't see that it was on tomorrow. Let's see where the new network predicts our Cubbies to finish in 09!


USA advances; who else misses DeRo?

Watching the USA convincingly move into the second round of the WBC last night, I couldn't help but feel bittersweet watching Mark DeRosa come up with a bases loaded triple, and become part of...


Slightly OT-Fantasy Baseball

My annual fantasy league consisting of friends and coworkers has its live draft this weekend. I feel like I have a strategy in mind in trying to repeat as champion, but I respect a lot of you in...


For Those Of You (Us) Who Had Bad Luck Yesterday

At least I can take my fifth straight year of VWR agony with a sense of reality, and with a smile to boot. I, like many of you, was disappointed yesterday to not get tickets for either opening day...


Interesting 2008 Pitching Analysis

Check out this interesting pitching analysis of the 2008 season. Whether you're a fantasy geek like me or just a sucker for stats, I really think this graph tells you all you need to know about the...


Name This Moment from 2008

As pitchers and catchers reports tomorrow, I can't help but to be excited about the 2009 season. All week i've been thinking about baseball, and specifally some of my favorite moments from the 2008...


Thoughts on Fukudome in WBC?

I've read a lot of posts and comments this season regarding Kosuke Fukudome's second half struggles. While some think it was a product of culture shock, others thought it was due to the longer...


BCB Dictionary, Part II

I don't know how many of you are aware that Al has put a permanent "BCB Dictionary" on the site, but in looking through it I noticed that it hasn't been updated or added to in quite some time. I...


Rich Hill to the O's

Per Gordo's twitter, Rich Hill (out of options) was just sent to the O's for a player to be named later "once McPhail sorts out his roster". What a sad fall from grace for this once promising...


Padres re-sign Mark Prior

here's the link. Prior, once the golden child and the hope of our franchise's future, has not pitched in the bigs since 2006 with the Cubs. Prior will earn a modest $1M if he pitches in the majors...

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