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QBs and the Draft

Now that we're after the combine, things seem to be coming together with consensus evaluations for the draft, with perhaps one glaring exception. It seems that nearly everyone expects Bortles and...


A Guest Monday Perspective

GN NOTE: I think this is a good post and maybe it is best to get another perspective on this Monday afternoon. So I'm bumping this up to the cover. Enjoy and I encourage more bourbon drinking,...



Yes, this is another one of those "how do we rebuild this team" posts. I'll start of by saying: I really have no idea. A lot of you follow non-Twins baseball and the minors and scouting and the...


You Can Breathe Slightly Easier

The Minneapolis City Council passed the Vikings' stadium bill in a preliminary vote, 7-6. The final vote will take place on Friday.


Don't Get To Comfortable (in your new stadium seat)

Folks, the game appears to be afoot in the Minneapolis City Council. One councilmember, Betsy Hodges, reportedly a stadium opponent, seems to have added an extra committee meeting. The report is...

Just to Torture Folks


The governor says he still has hope for getting a stadium done this session, but if not, he'll move on to try next session, saying: "It probably will be a better bill, and maybe a better location and better result" Better bill and better location? Might Arden Hills be back?


Stadium: Minneapolis Community Meetings

Mayor R.T. Rybak has scheduled two community meetings on the stadium issues for today and tomorrow. In the words of the Downtown Journal: The meetings are scheduled for 7:30 p.m. tonight at the...


Hoops Season In Review

GN Note: I bumped this to the front page and to the top. Good season review from amiller. Having given my thoughts on our young Gophers early in the season, I thought I'd look back at those...

Waiving The City Charter


According to MPR, the state routinely waives city charter provisions: "There have been at least 22 state laws passed since 1982 that overrode some section of the Minneapolis city charter, according to John Stiles, a spokesman for Mayor R.T. Rybak."


Silly Question

In reviewing the bracket (pdf) for the B1G tournament, I had a silly, and, as is not unusual for me, hopelessly optimistic, thought. As everyone knows, we are the 10 seed and face the 7 seed,...

Yet Another Surprise Stadium Bill


In addition to the one from Rep. Hamilton, which Chris reported on earlier, Sens. Chamberline, Wolf and Han (a vocal opponent of expanded gaming) have introduced a bill that would pay for limited infrastructure for a stadium with a ticket surcharge. It seems Han expects the stadium to be mostly privately funded. Lester Bagley's already said no.


Meanwhile, In Minneapolis

The Strib is now reporting that an announcement of an agreement among the Vikings, the city and the state to build a new Vikings stadium on the east side of the Metrodome could come today or...

Trevor Pleads No Contest


To the Florida assault charges. I thought he entered a diversion program to deal with them a long time ago, but something else must have happened. It sure seems like having this unresolved for three years would raise issues with his right to a speedy trial, but I guess he thought it was best to get it resolved.

Draymond Green Injured


No word yet how seriously, but knee injury is never good to hear. I wish him the best, but this could really shake up the conference if he is out.

Stadium Meeting Is Done


Here's the Strib's write-up, with video of comments from Zygi. Sounds like there was incremental progress but little definitive decided. At least Zygi says he's "optimistic" and "excited that we're getting closer."


Linden Ave & the Basilica

There's been a bit of confusion about the proximity of the proposed Linden Ave. stadium location and the Basilica (I'm told the Pioneer Press said it was 300 feet away). I was in the area today,...

SI Mock Draft


Has the Vikes drafting Kalil and Cleveland trading it's two first round picks to the Rams to select RGIII. Given that the Rams and the Vikes are not likely to draft a QB, I'm not sure why Cleveland wouldn't just wait to pick him at #4, but apparently in this projection the Rams were able to spark a bidding war.


Making A Plan

It seems to me that a lot of the disagreement around here on questions like whether to trade Jared Allen turn on a lack of agreement about the team's prospects and future. Some see nothing good...


The Front Seven

It seems that some around here, like some of the smarter sports writers in town, are clamoring for a change from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense. I thought it would be worthwhile to take a look at the...


Pink Hearts, Yellow Moons, Orange Stars, and Green Clovers

With the renewed possibility that our Vikings are back in the hunt for the first pick in the draft, some are again enticed by Andrew Luck's charms. While it's unlikely that we will end up on top...


Questions Of The Week

I started out today planning to expand on last week's evaluation of Sullivan. After all, last week's post was so persuasive and influential that the Vikings went out and extended Sully's contract....


The Sullivan Controversy

Some weeks ago, in the midst of a conversation about our needs on the offensive line, I promised that I would grade out Sullivan for a complete game. I haven't had a chance to do so until this...


While I'm At It (more stadiums)

I guess I might as well take a look at the other two talked-about Minneapolis sites too. I'll give you a preview: I do not like them, and I do not think they compare well to the other options.But...


I'm Just Spitballing Here (on Stadiums)

So, I realize that I'm some sort of traitor/heretic/antichrist or something around here for not being immediately enthralled with the sheer superior awesomeness of the Arden Hills stadium site (woo...

Star Trib Wants to Sell to Vikes


For those who like stadium conspiracies, the Star Trib wants to sell its land near the Metrodome to the Vikes, including the two buildings and the adjacent surface parking lots. This could be an interesting development for a downtown stadium that combines these five square blocks with the current site.

Zellers Still Washing His Hands


The Strib has a article, citing the Daily Norsemen, about the heat on Zellers on the stadium question. He responds by absolving himself of all responsibility for leadership on the question.


Eat More (Bucknell) Bison

With credit to the Barn Yard's bovine inhabitant (and Chik-fil-a) for the title, here's my overdue review of player performance in the first real game of the year. GopherNation provided a good...


Gophers vs Vikings (hoops)

I thought I'd give a quick rundown on my evaluation of our young Gopher Hoops squad after a rather lackluster performance against Augustana in the final exhibition before they start playing for...

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