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A cat story Junk Drawer with Blazers and Doodles, el 13 de agosto de 2014

When we got Otto we thought he was a she. In fact, his first name was Lupe, and we used to call "her" Lupita. He was so young that we had to feed him with a nursing bottle. Picture here My wife...


Bits of JD-7-26-2014

Telmo Pieper discovered a box of his childhood drawings and decided to see what would happen if the doodles had the opportunity to grow up. The result: a series titled "Kiddie Arts. via i...

Victor Claver in the Spanish National Team list for this summer


Some young players have been invited, including Abrines, Diez and Hernangomez

Zach LaVine


Vertical´s jump.


No player drafted with the 22nd pick has ever won a championship.

Steve Kyler: A fun draft stat -- in 30 years, no player drafted with the 22nd pick has ever won a championship - every other first round pick has. Twitter @stevekylerNBA - Guess who has been...


JD of the Basketball Movies

The Junk Drawer (AKA JD AKA Trail Mix, AKA OTF is the place for true off-topic conversation and people's random thoughts.. if you have a one-off thought, consider posting it here. Feel free to say...

Sergio (Rodriguez) & Sergio (Llull)


Sergio (Rodriguez) & Sergio (Llull)

Los Blazers


Blazers wear Los Blazers warm ups as the NBA celebrates the growing support of NBA fans and players across Latin American and U.S. Hispanic communities.


A case for Victor Claver

I´ve recently seen several comments from players and coaches praising Claver for different reasons, but I think they haven´t talked about the main thing, which is his screening ability. Both in...


The School for Robinsons.

One of the greatest stories of this summer was the Blazers trading for the Rocket Thomas Earl Robinson, who´s now playing for his third team in two seasons. He´s one of those players early...


Junk Drawer of the Insects-12-25-2013

I spent all summers of my chilhood and teenage in the country, in a house with a big garden full of trees and flowers . There were all kind of insects in the garden, and I liked ants and...


Blazers signature bad plays.

I find funny how some Blazers have (had) those signature bad plays they go to with some consistency. There´re some that are a little bit common somehow, for example Sergio´s flat threes and...


Junk Drawer 12-7-2013

I have some pictures I´ve got from the internet and I´ve decided to match them with Bedgers who commented in our last JD. This is the ressult: Norsktroll: via Tyler: ...


Passing the ball in the JUNK DRAWER

The Junk Drawer is the place for off-topicness. Everything goes in here, except for discussion of the Blazers, or anything else on the main page. To get things started, the poster of the junk...

Success isn't the key to happiness.


Success isn't the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.If you love what you're doing and you work hard you will be successful.


JD-/29 A sports week-end for Spaniards

Spain vs France in the Finals for the women eurobasketball championship (6-30, 11:00am Pacific Time). All the information here: France is the host team and the favorite one, but you never know...

Batum in the list of French players to play in Slovenia Euro Championship (9-4 a 9-22)


There´s the preparation games schedule and also the first 5 official games France will play.


Terry Stotts, a coach who understands his players.

I think so, not that I couldn't be wrong. I've seen him taking care of his players, even the last ones on the bench (he never sent a player alone to Idaho, for example, always a pair), and I...



Way to get better today crew! @nicolas88batum @WillTheThrillB5 @JoelFreelandPDX @MeyersLeonard11 @Victor_Claver #RipCity

David Vanterpool ‏@Davidvanterpool

Junk Drawer of ACB basketball-6-20-13

Real Madrid - FCB Regal 79:71. Real Madrid claimed the Liga Endesa title. They overcame FCB Regal in the decisive fifth game of the championship series. Rudy Fernandez (198-SF-85) scored 15 points...


The Daily Doodle Junky-5/9/2013

I have always liked board games (especially chess and monopoly), cards and strategic games (especially wargames). And I´m now playing a new strategic game in tumblr, the objetive being to promote...

Kostas Papanikolaou: Rising Star Trophy winner


There´s video too: He has one year left in his contract in Europe, with a NBA by-out, probably too expensive to make it worth to exercise, so I expect him to go to the NBA in 2014. I think the Blazers don´t need to bring this next season another SF rookie whom they have to give serious money so he can pay his buy-out. They probably prefer to get him free from a Euro contract first, giving him one more year to develop in Euro while they try to know what they already have in Claver and Barton.


JD of the flyman 4/29/2013

I think there´re players who have natural skills regarding either or both reading plays/situations and visual speed, and I think those two are not talked as much as speed, shooting, hustle, length,...


Junk Drawer for 4-13-2013

via A successful marriage has probably the best possible cost/trouble versus satisfaction/happyness ratio ever. You get a friend, a lover, a partner... all in the same body. We...

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