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From a Fantasy Sport Perspective...

Is it time to drop Ridnour and pick up Flynn?  I'm not really that knowledgeable of the Timberwolves so I was just hoping for some insight as to how the playing time may be distributed for the next...

Does Larry Brown Care About Winning?


The obvious answer is yes.  You don’t win over 1,000 games of anything without wanting to do so.  Why then, does Larry Brown insist on making decisions that seem so antithetical to winning?  Well,...

Tyson Chandler: WTHF?


I don't have too much to say today, but I do want to know what happened to Tyson Chandler?  Tyson, I know that you're healthy now, but you were supposed to be healthy last season as well.  I'm sure...

My Foray into Fantasy Basketball


As with most movements in popular culture, I came a little late to fantasy sports.  I didn’t relent to the draw of fantasy basketball until a friend of my insisted that I join a league just prior...

Boris Diaw is the Anti-Garnett


A friend of mine, a friend trained as a psychologist, once said that "we’re all screwed up; successful people just find an area that suits their pathology."  That’s a cleaned up synopsis of an...

Bobcats Democracy


What would the Bobcats look like if fans made all the decisions?

Manufactured Points


The metaphor of "manufacturing" points, however, speaks less to intelligence and more to will. The value of free throws is obvious, and Jordan was simply doing what he always did. He was refusing...

Rosterbation with a Twist


Stephen Jackson or D.J. Augustin? Boris Diaw or Nazr Mohammed? Who should go in the Bobcats' next big trade?

Garnett's a Jerk. What Else is New?


I generally believe that any excuse to hate Kevin Garnett is a good excuse, but I have to say that this guy is dead on. Here's a good read for a good afternoon.

Sins of the Past


Sins of the Past: The Bobcats are paying for past roster mistakes.

Hoop Porn


Hoop Porn: take some time to revel in your favorite hoop moments.

And the Winner is...


Announcing the winner of an impromptu caption contest.

A New Voice


Rufus on Fire welcomes a new contributor.

What better way to spend a lazy holiday afternoon?


What better way to spend a lazy holiday afternoon?

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