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A link about the Giants Secondary vs. GB

I posted this Link in the Asomugha thread but noticed that it's no longer on the front page, so I'm coming here.


A question from a NY Giants Fan

  How goes it guys?  Just a quick question and I was hoping I could get an honest answer(s) from the folks here.


The Aftermath

Well here we are....the day after.  I have been trying wrap my mind around Sunday Nights' game all day....with little to no success. Blow-out losses are never an easy pill to swallow but I guess...


My Updated 53 Man Roster

I was waiting until the 3rd pre season game before I did this. Too bad I'm actually more confused now than I was a couple weeks ago, yet oddly enough much has remained the same?! Anyway, here...


Whats the deal with Matt Dodge?

Seems like he's under a microscope and I'm not exactly sure why. Monday could have been better, yes, without a doubt.  BUT...I thought a lot of things could have been better on Monday.  How about...


My 53 Man Roster

I would wait to do this, but I just don't see much changing in the new few weeks.  However, there is one position that IMO could still be up for grabs and that's WR/KR.  I'll explain below.


What is going on here?

I know it's probably been discussed in some of the threads, so I apologize if this is overkill. I just heard some report that none of the Yankee Players showed for Sheppard's funeral?  Is this...


Am I taking Crazy Pills?

I've been monitoring my twitter account throughout the morning and I'm reading some interesting tweets coming from our Beat Writers in regards to some comments being made by Kevin Gilbride. In...


A good read....

http://www.profootballnyc.com/2010/05/n y-giants-legend-mark -bavaro-speaks-to.ht ml   I came across this.  I think it's interesting.  I didn't find it on my own, I didn't write it, I just found...


A comment from a Giants Fan...

well some of you may remember me.  I was here about 2 months back asking about Kirk Morrison.  I remember you guys were telling me that you all wanted R. McClain but would never imagine Al Davis...


A Question from a Giants Fan

How's it going guys?  For those that don't know, I'm a die hard Giants Fan and have been trying to get as much info on your Middle LB Kirk Morrison as possible....I've posted questions in some of...


NY Giants 53 man roster...

Being that it's 5:41 on Wednesday and my boss is out all week I thought I would use my down time to throw a quick post up. For those that don't know... Ed threw up a post of a projected 53 man...


Who's the best Cornerback in football???

I'm new at this whole Fan Posting routine but it's now 5:29 on a Friday and this last hour of work is killing me.  I brought this up over at Ed's site and it brought in some responses so I figured...

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