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All Of My Worries Asked!!!!!!!!!!! Part II

Are the ravens better than us? Do we have any advantages over them? Will Ray Lewis devour us.  Can we make it to the Super Bowl? Is Randy Moss going to give up on us. Will the defense play...


What about the Playoffs............... Im Back!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXTRA EXTRA

Can you people tell me about the playoffs. Do we have the strength and goodness to make it to the Super Bowl. I am not sure will it be a repeatof 2007. Please help me have confidence that we can...


Tom Terrific (Part 2)

Okay lets get this straight. People who were giving other QB's more credit than Brady are absolutely wrong in many ways.


Tom Terrific

Some people hate Tom Brady. Others love him. And some don't care. But in my opinion Tom is the best QB ever to play the game of football.


The Saints Are Probably The Hardest Game So Far

I think we will have to concentrate on getting our cornerbacks ready for this game coming up against the Saints.If not they will dumb against the Saints wide-recievers. Im not saying that we cant...


Sebastian Vollmer Best Injury Fill In so far on the O-line

In my opinion I think Sebastian Vollmer has done a good job protecting Brady. He came in on minutes notice and is starting to get noticed more in the games we have played. I think Vollmers standout...


The Jets Will Have To Pressure Tom Brady To Come Close To Winning.

I think if the Jets want to have a good game this Sunday against us they will have to pressure Tom Brady and play double coverage on Randy Moss. If not we will have a repeat of 2007 against the...


Stop Hatin On me Please!

 I dont know why All of you guys are insulting me. I am just trying to state my opinion. i know i shouldn't have guessed about the game between the colts and i wont do do that anymore. but i admit...


Worst loss Since Super Bowl

In my opinion this is the patriots worst loss since the superbowl. they were playing good football. the colts did to but i dont understand how we let them come back to beat us. Sebastian vollmer...


The Defense of the Colts Doesnt matter.

If they are playing horrible teams that offense sucks, i think they would have good defense. if you dont please dont fuckin comment on my blogs. so yall are actually giving them credit when they...


Colts are OVERATED

Its obvious. look how many points the colts are letting there opponents score on them. Now look at ours. Yeah they are 8-0 but look who they are playing. they are playin easy ass teams. so of...


We Dont Play Around

the patriots were excellent. my little buddy who said we were horrible against the run you were wrong that faggot backup quaterback should just be made a damn runnin back. randy moss made 2...

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