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Carl Landry or Malcolm Thomas?

So we are arguing what the Bobcats should do in Free Agency. I. personally am pleased with all that has been done so far. I think we got a god deal on Haywood, and Sessions is the PG we needed to...

T-Rob/Drummond Workout in Charlotte

Guys, this was one of the longest articles I've written over at Trade Street Post. I was hoping i could draw some commentary from it, but due to the fact that I posted it so late last night, I fear that it may get swept by the wayside. Please check it out and share your thoughts on it here or at Trade Street Post. Thanks.


Is there a snowball's chance in...

...Charlotte that we would even think of trying to sign Gerald Wallace back? Let him retire a Bobcat?


Hey...why not... free agents go...anyone interested in Allen Iverson?

Byron Mullens Interview @ Trade Street Post

Check it out guys, and feel free to comment at TSP. We think he may answer additional questions you may have from our site...


Gilbert Arenas?

Thoughts? We needed a combo guard? Think Silas could flip him into a basketball player again?


No Boris, NO!

When they talked to Boris yesterday about playing center, Boris responded with, " I may have to gain some weight..." NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Kwame Brown?

Maybe it's just me, but does anyone else find it odd that his name has not even been breathed anywhere in the news? I've kept a watch for him...and nothing. Seems odd to me.


Rudy Fernandez/Corey Brewer

Would we want either one? Both? Neither? Mavs want to move them to clear cap space... Just thought I'd mention it.


Today's Headlines

Chris Broussard: Sources say Brandon Roy to announce medical retirement due to degenerative knees, possibly as soon as today Twitter Chris Broussard: Sources say Dwight Howard will ask Orlando...


Dominic McGuire?

Anyone visited Anyone else noticing Dominic McGuire in like most of the photos, in the background? Lord don't let him be roster filler...


Tyson Chandler to Golden State

4 years - $60 million?!?!?! Discuss... I'm shocked


Fly Wade 2

Quick comment...I am sick of the Fly Wade 2 commercial popping up every time I get to the site...and I have to close it just so I can log in. That is all


Trade Suggestion

OK, as I check and check and check for Bobcats news, I sometimes stumble upon things that make me wonder. I do not believe that we make any trades or MAJOR roster moves this year, but what if

Enjoying the Silence?

So, could players and owners get something done without the media swarming them?


What do we want as RoF members, NBA fans, Americans, humans being?

My apologies guys, but I just needed to know how it is sometimes...

Want to think beyond CBA negotiations?

Over at Trade Street Post, we want to look beyond this lockout and the negotiations, and we have put together a suggestion that could possibly be one of the most exciting events ever hosted by the NBA. Go on...take a look Comment freely at TSP and here alike!

Trade Street Trio

This is the latest interview we have conducted over at TSP. Go ahead and get to know a little bit about DJ "Dubz" White.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Just wanted to share the latest from Trade Street Post. We even reference Rufus on Fire in this one and link back to it. Man I wish the lockout would end.


David Stern has the flu

I have reason to believe that the 2PM meeting today will have the ability to move along smoother than before, mainly because David Stern won't be sitting there. Thoughts?


Federal Mediated CBA Agreement Chat

Hop on in here guys... Let's talk CBA and the 13th hour

It's Do or Die

Followup article to Bruce's previous article on the lockout, CBA, David Stern, and all things hindering the Bobcats taking the floor. Welcome back Emperor Stern

Let's Discuss David Stern to be enlightened? Anyone missing the wise words of one ourdaywillcome(Bruce)? I know I have...and what better way to get that daily dose, than reading what can happen when Bruce does a little research. Yeah, you see the topic, now dive in folks!


Matt Carroll

Trade Street Post is going to have Matt Carroll as the next player on the Trade Street Trio. I'd love to see what kind of questions you would like to see asked. Remember, I'm only asking 3...

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