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Chris Paul to join ranks of other divas?

Seriously? Chris Paul figured out that Gerorge Shinn is a scum of the Earth owner that has done nothing to get that team closer to a championship aside from locking him down for 4 more years, and that makes him a diva? Shinn taking on Okador tied up too much salary to allow them to do anything for the next few years. What a moronic statement. Who wouldn't want to get away from an owner as sorry as Shinn? If you read through the comments to this article...I had to add my .02


"The Trade" as I watched it...

I thought I would continue James' thread since we are getting up in number of posts...Takes forever to get down to thenew stuff.  Now I'm typing just to get to 75 words.  Personal opinion...I...

How much does ESPN love us?

I mean seriously...Okafor has been gone a season...could they take a sec to put Gerald Wallace, our all star, on the main page? Maybe this is a hint of what is to come... Wait for it...



What WILL Michael Jordan do?


Just kidding

This just in... The following players are now coming out of retirement and will be at Training camp this year with the Bobcats: Larry Johnson Anthony Mason Muggsy Bogues Tony Delk David...

Yeah...I'm that bored... Here is an after and a before pic of Ajinca...VERY obvious to me that at...


Yeah...I'm that bored... Here is an after and a before pic of Ajinca...VERY obvious to me that at least 50lbs has been put on...of muscle. Best part in D league was after adding the weight...and playing well enough to earn an all star bid...and injuring his finger...he continued to work out with weights and maintain conditioning... This Frenchman is going to give everyone a pleasant surprise...


ESPN Trade Machine

I hate it when I get mind wanders aimlessly... I sometimes rosterbate...   I even use ESPN's trade machine...for example: ...

We want the draft...gotta have that DRAFT Y'ALLL!

Something like this hits the fan ant there isn't rosterbation fandemonium here? What gives guys? Shout it out...what draft pick we looking at and what player(s)


What might this mean for us?

Samuel Dalembert

I wish we could have traded for Dalembert... Maybe Diaw and Graham

Bravo to you Tyrus Thomas

WE NEED THIS GUY HERE NEXT YEAR! This is the kind of people we want on the team...oh...and he can play some ball too!

What a warm fuzzy feeling this can give us...NOT!!!

and this is how we have our 'Cats in the news while not playing in te playoffs...


Legend of Players for Rosterbation Purposes

Just trying to get straight in my head just how many players we have talked about trading for, trying to sign and trade for...just stright sign or re-sign, etc... Felton T. Thomas Kevin...


NBA's Stankiest Players

Did we make the cut?

I do believe that this is why the NBA has gotten so bad

Roger Murdock knows what he's talking about...and I completely agree with him...

Stepping Up

Our All Star...Watch the 7-9 second mark. Saw this the other night and no noe mentioned it. Nice to see a Bobcat in an NBA commercial...


Michael Jordan Press Conference

OK...SO I'm sitting here watching this press conference...listening to the Qs...Listening to the As.... You know...In a way, you really got to stop and think...MJ just bought a team with a 150Mil...


Bobcats Sign Larry Hughes

Snap analysis of the Bobcats' signing of Larry Hughes.

You've got to be kidding

Any chance we can release him? Like a damaged goods clause...or Lemon law...

Trade robs depth at point

I don't know why this bugs me so bad... We traded 2 guys. 1 was a PG we never used and the other was a combo guard that was streaky. So they call that robbing depth at PG...I see that we loosened the juggernaut at SG to some extent, we went from 3 to 2 at PG...and PF went from 1 to 2...and we picked up a PF/C also... Maybe I'm just in a bad mood... Don't call it a "robbery" at the PG...Call it an opportunity for the other guards to actually play at position


Cats vs Cavs continued

Let's keep it rolling I have to type 75 words to keep it going so I am typing as fast as I can We don't want a lagging MSC3K Bobcats edition, so everyone come here I like this team I like this...


D-League All-Star Game

Bored this Saturday? I am.  I'm watching the D-League All-Star game.  I would offer this as a chance to sit and blog about the game...but I have no clue who any of these guys are.  I know it...

2010 All Star Gerals Wallace: Neve forget that this is what he does and how he shold start being...

2010 All Star Gerals Wallace: Neve forget that this is what he does and how he shold start being on the All Star team from now on


Bobcats Sale?

Rumor is that there's been a development in the potential sale of the franchise.


One of the Baddest Mo F^krs in the game

 And he brings the team "UNITY" If he's not on the All Star tem this year...He might just have to lay down a little "G-Force"


Charlotte Bobcats on FIRE!!!

Go to NBA.Com and read about what they are calling the bst team in the league right now.



Anyone watching ESPN2?  Bobcats are getting MAD PROPS!!!! Jalen Rose called us 5th best in the East MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR props to Gerald Wallace Major props to Stephen Jackson and Raymond Felton...


I can't believe no one has said this...

We were all about possibly signing AI.  We were all about getting more points... So... Would we be all about unloading some long term money for T-Mac?   I know...a G/F Another combo guy.... ...

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