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User Blog

It begins...


I own this story

But can these hotshot blogger/journalists give credit where credit is due? Hell no. As the day ended Thursday, even Woj had nothing. Cavs talked w/ agents Thursday on players designed to...


Ever seen an entire website have a full-body seizure?

Bulls fans, you have no idea what’s about to happen to you, and your beloved Blog-a-Bull. James Fredette has come to town, maybe you’ve heard of him. Shooter. Former college player of the year....

Eff it, let's take a flyer on Lamar Odom


As long as he brings his sisters-in-law and not his wife, it's win/win. Shaq! Get on this!

Ranadive...Mastrov...The Big Aristotle


Mr. Amick introduces us to our newest, wallfloweriest minority owner.

Reviews of Self-Help Books by Professional Athletes: Lawrence Funderburke edition


"Even for dedicated NBA fans, Lawrence Funderburke is the answer to only very difficult trivia questions. The sweet spot of Funderburke’s career—actually basically his whole career, discounting a sojourn in Europe and a blink-length cameo for the Chicago Bulls—was from 1997-2003, when he played 15 minutes a night for the Sacramento Kings to provide hustle, rebounding, and a breather for All-Star forward Chris Webber. Even though the Kings were usually a playoff team in that era, the cowbells jangling from humble, raucous Arco Arena through to bemused television audiences across the nation, Funderburke never contributed to any of the things that make the NBA sexy and awe-inspiring. Since his childhood Funderburke has been able to do things on a basketball court that the rest of us can only do when we are deep in REM. But against the best competition in the world, his contributions on the court were as glamorous—albeit as essential—as a faucet, function dwarfing form." An oddly entertaining read.

Labor Day, Labor Agreement


But wait, there's more...



So, I dunno... I took a look at Sonics Rising today for the first time. I hadn't really had any interest, and there were plenty of people on here passing along quotes, and I figured, why bother? ...

"We are not affiliated with Chris Hansen," says STOP's Chris Hansen


Everything's coming up Milhouse.

Seems legit


I'm certain Darrell Issa and vaguely anonymous Orange County types have Sacramento's best interests in mind.

Ray Ray is here to stay


Love the signing, hate the rhyming. Damn, I did it again.

$534 million just ain't what it used to be.


Just loaded with gems, this. For the fifth time in four years, he’s listed his 13,789-square-foot country club estate located at 27 Eagles Landing Ln, Las Vegas, NV 89141. After purchasing the property for $10 million in 2007, he first attempted a flip in 2009 for $14.9 million. Now with a slightly lower asking price, the home is still 8,404.6 percent more expensive than the median Las Vegas home and 923.5 percent more per square foot. It’s also more than the Maloof family spent on the entire Fiesta Hotel in ’94, when they reportedly bought it for $8 million before investing in The Palms casino resort. The Maloofs’ success began with distributing rights to Coors Beer in 1937. From there, the family built an empire in real estate, sports and entertainment. 70 years of family success flipped on its head in a decade by these clowns... Hey, Mr. Ranadive! How'd you like to buy a home in Vegas designed by Frank Lloyd Wrong?

Carl Landry Returns


Welcome back, Top Hat!


Between a Reke and a Hard Place

The first real challenge to the new ownership has arrived, and it's a legitimately difficult one: To match, or not to match? Four years, $44 million dollars, a figure that's pretty much...


Hope for the best!

Plan for the worst. As with all other Kings fans, I share the excitement of having new ownership. Smart ownership. Ownership that isn't dependent on selling enough $10 beers in order to break...


So, you've decided to keep your NBA franchise

But what now? It's important to savor the moment, but you can't rest on your laurels, because there is important and immediate work to be done. First of all, Northern California natives are going...


This organization is officially a shit show

One or the other of the Department of State or the NBA needs to declare the Sacramento Kings and Whaterthefuckitis Arena as a failed state, guilty of crimes against humanity, with no discernible...

Jerry Buss Succumbs To Horrible Lakers Season


Because "too soon" is for candy-asses. A good basketball man, condolences to the family.

A dent in our righteous indignation?


An interesting perspective from Deadspin on the events that led to the last move by this franchise. I wasn't paying a lot of attention in 1983, but could those of you who were here and aware comment on how accurate the story is?

The Maloofs may linger, not unlike a rotten egg & broccoli fart.


Things are definitely looking up, but KCRA is reporting an interesting scenario where the Dingus family might end up, ah, hmm... I think the late, great Earl Weaver said it best. (Language is "colorful" and may be unsuitable for truck drivers or Quentin Tarantino)


Oh! Cousins isn't depressed, he's stressed about losing.

He can't be depressed! He's not moping around on the court in his bedroom slippers or lying in a fetal position clutching his University of Kentucky jersey. I don't claim to be an expert,...

Kings players buy tickets for underprivileged youths


It's a nice gesture, but haven't these kids suffered enough?

Powers Boothe to coach Lakers


Sue me, I think he looks like Powers Boothe.


Smaller Market, Bigger Heart

Let me tell you a story about a city by a river, a city that is one of the smallest to host a professional sports franchise, where budgets have been slashed, and fans were being held hostage by...

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