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User Blog

If Vintage NBA Draft Evaluations Had Actually Been Accurate


Some draft-related levity with only one day to go.

UPDATE: More info on potential trade w/Rockets


Having IT backing up Lowry sure as hell would help avoid the complete breakdown of the offense when IT sits. It's not the position we need the most, but it's a real upgrade.

Larry Ellison knows how to get his money's worth


If no one will sell you a basketball team, you can always just buy 98% of one of the Hawaiian islands. The Maloofs, on the other hand, lost 98% of their casino, and have inquired about developing a gymnastic camp next to the leper colony on Molokai.

Heat rediscover their 2006 winning formula: The old 8-on-5 power play


I think the article is generous saying LeBron hit Harden only twice. I counted four separate off-arm clear-outs.

The Heat may be contenders, but their bench stinks


Winning doesn't make this type of adversity any easier to bear.

Maloofs release statement RE: Kahane/ThinkBig


"Wild accusations cannot mask the financial calamity which would have befallen the City of Sacramento had the parties proceeded on a railroad arena project that made no economic sense." As ever, boys: DIAF.

He's not wrong, but Chris Lehane needs to shut his piehole.


Grantland: NBA Trade Value, Part 1


Good stuff! Tyreke Evans: When somebody makes a documentary about the 2011-12 Kings, it's either going to be called The Sacramento Black Holes, Tyreke Takes It Himself or Wide Open: The Chuck Hayes Story. And the trailer is definitely going to have Paul Westphal or Keith Smart screaming Norman Dale-style, "What did I tell you guys? I want no passes before every shot! You hear me? NO PASSES!" "I would rather marinate my testicles in sulfuric acid than put Tyreke Evans on this list."

Beer bottle to the head? Averted!


A very apt, and perhaps NSFW-language story about pro franchises told by someone who is related to a very funny man. Ye with delicate sensibilities may want to pass on this one.


Credit Where Credit is Due

A lot of people deserve kudos for today's agreement, KJ, Commissioner Stern, and yes, even the Maloofs. Of course, there are so many more, Carmichael Dave putting a local (if radio) face on the...

You stay classy, Jason Whitlock


See? You don't have to be an anonymous crank on a blog to be a trolling douchebag.

Compressed For Your Viewing Pleasure

"If a small decline in the quality of play is the price we need to pay to get a shorter, denser, more action-packed season each and every year, then I’m all for it."

I think the mayor had better hurry up

This afternoon, The Sacramento Bee released the results of a poll of 400 Sacramento residents, mostly dealing with Kevin Johnson's performance in office, but there were also a couple relating...

In the Spurs, a Model of How to Play

"San Antonio’s offense isn’t always incredibly prolific, but there’s a reason the Spurs always seem to come up with that much-needed basket to tilt a game’s momentum: their offense, above all, excels in forcing defensive players to make difficult decisions." An interesting lesson not only for when the Kings have the ball, but also for when playing defense.



That is all. That is enough.


This is not an advocacy to trade him (NaATTH)™

At some point, people need to step back from their emotions (and the ledge), and consider what is going on.Assuming what Westphal has said about Cousins' trade demands are true (and I'm inclined to...

Finally, accurate draft pick evaluations for 2011-2012

Derrick Williams, PF, Minnesota Timberwolves Immediate contributor and starter, huge wingspan, efficient scorer. Post effectiveness may be limited by lack of wingspan or ability to get into arena to play.

Who could possibly argue?


He's made some mistakes, but not about this.

Brad Miller has microfracture surgery

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